Saturday, March 9th, 2002: There's a word used to refer to people that love to make you suffer, even if they know they're doing it. That word is...well, I shouldn't say it because it's not a nice word, but it's two syllables long. First syllable is another word for donkey and the second syllable is the word used to describe the gap in the center of a donut.
The story begins when I find out that someone wouldn't be showing up for work this day, resulting in my boss telling me to fill in for him, on top of the regular things I do each week. Not an overly bad thing considering I've done it once or twice in the past. Not exactly the kind of thing I want to do, but in a pinch, I'll do as much as I could.
It quickly turned from bad to worse when my boss then tells me I have to do a certain accounting thing the same day, a task that takes me about 2 hours to do, as well as something else that takes me roughly 2-3 hours to do. So that's about 4-5 hours of my 8 hours gone right there, and that's not even touching my regular tasks and the tasks of the guy I'm filling in for.
All I could do is roll my eyes.

So I start with one thing, only to be constantly pestered by others to hurry up so they can get going. I just turned to them and told them to quit they bellyaching and relax.
When they kept on their pestering, I basically put it into neutral and went at an even slower pace, while all the time kept thinking "you want to be smartasses, I'll teach you a lesson."
I knew that if my boss came to me and asked what was taking so long, I'd have the excuse of all the extra work I was given and I only have two hands, now could I be in two places at once, so someone has to wait, whether they like it or not. My boss wouldn't be able to do a thing about that because there was nothing that he could do. What would he say? Go there and take care of them and have these people sit and wait? Or finish this task and let the others wait? Or, could he say the impossible and insist I leave half my body to take care of this task and send the other half of my body over to the other side and take care of that task?
Yeah, I finished what I was doing at the time and then headed over to the other one, all the while boiling inside with frustration and anger. So much so that I started to leave things in a difficult position for the next person who has to do the job so they can realize how bad the left it for me.
I smashed someone's popcan all over the floor on my way to the other task, not bothering to clean it up, and uttering swear words under my breath.

Anyways, time flew by quickly and I came to the decision that I'd only do the things I would normally do when I'm there and if there was time left over, I'd do whatever I could for the guy that wasn't there.

That never got done and I didn't care.

Finally being able to leave work and come home, I hit my bed in hopes of getting an hour or two nap in, but that went no where.
I just layed there, flip-flopping from side to side without one minute of sleep.

I knew then that it just wasn't my day.

How was your day?