Tuesday, May 25th, 1999: Realized I was completely insane when I got myself a copy of some album titled "Millennium". NOTE TO SELF:  didn't actually spend money to buy the thing so maybe there's still some sanity left in me.

Was "encouraged" to go buy the thing from this "wacky" girl on the west coast, figured she knew what she was talking about, but.....I'll leave it at that diary since I don't want to foul you up with nasty words.  I'll just say that they are no Britney Spears, that's for sure!  NOTE TO SELF:  if she ever saw this entry in my diary, she'd say "you're darn right, they sure aren't no Britney Spears".  How she could say such a thing?  I'll never know!   NOTE TO SELF (part 2):  fight those gastly groups that put down Britney and scratch those off my list of friend(s)  (there must be one friend out there!).

So I listened to the CD I don't claim is mine, at least in public diary but you know better,  NOTE TO SELF:  if I need a coaster I know where to find one.  and finally found out the names of these characters...Guido, Lester, Abdul, Oscar and the blonde haired one, Leon.  One thing for sure diary, you gotta love their names!  That's the only thing going for them!  Oh, and they were in town this past Friday, I accidently bumped into them on their way to their hotel, the Lovely Sheridan Hotel in downtown Toronto...where the service is number one and the cuisine is top notch!!  NOTE TO SELF:  you've never been in there and you don't get paid for free advertising, so STOP IT!! 

Anyways, Guido says to me "whoa, cool shirt!!", and blondie could only stand there with his mouth gaping open and uttering "ccccccan I gggggget onnnnnne of ttttttttttttthose?".....I just laughed in his face for about 45 minutes and finally said, "sure, take mine"....  NOTE TO SELF:  even though it's legal to walk around town topless, it's really meant for the women and not yourself you idiot!!  NOTE TO SELF (part 2):  don't ask women if the wouldn't mind me taking their shirts off in public, the slaps do hurt!   NOTE TO SELF (part 3): must make trek out to the Toronto Islands to check out the nude beach, but if all I see are fat, naked old men, like the ones that appeared in the newspaper, get the hell out of there in a hurry!!

Ok diary, this was a long entry, I think you need rest so I'll say nighty night and I'll see you soon, ok sexy?  NOTE TO SELF:  making a pass at the computer doesn't lead to a night of forbidden love!!