Ok, there are a few things that bug me while watching the show. I thought I'd share them with you because I know you must have the same thoughts as I do. Come on, you can admit it...I won't tell anyone. Honest!
  • Christine "Cricket, Bug, Mrs. Annoyance" Williams -- how many more years do we have to put up with seeing her on the show? We know her father is the creator of the show, but please...no more! I can't stand watching her anymore, simply because they're always making her seem like Mrs. Know-it-all or Mrs. Victim. This whole "I want a baby-I don't want one-Ok, I want one now-no wait, I don't want one-on second thought, I'll give you one because I want one again" is driving me nuts. I use to, and still do, roll my eyes when she appeared on screen and one or two times...ok, too many times to count...flip channels or mute the tv until she was gone, but I have to stick with it now since I'm recounting the show for this, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I was wishing the 3 month trip to Hong Kong would turn into 3 years and then turn into 3 decades and then...well, you get the idea.

    Please Christine, don't come back...I'm begging you!

  • Mary Williams -- Mary, get a hold of yourself! What Paul and Christine do is their own business...butt out of it for goodness sakes.

    I'm just sick and tired of always seeing her come on screen and constantly talk about baby this and baby that. I became annoying to that max after the first few times.

    I want a new car, but I don't go around stating that fact to my family every week. They're liable to throw me out of the house if I did that!

  • Phillip Chancellor -- what's the deal with him and the way he looks at Brittany? I don't get it. I guess the real reason is because he likes her and thinks she's some hot looking girl, but I just don't see it. She's not someone I'd trip all over and her attitude sucks big time. In fact, I think Rianna looks better than Brittany...heck, Esther could have a chance at beating her out too.

    I just hope the writers don't take his crush on her too far because it'd be pretty sad to see Phillip doing something bad, just to get close to her. Afterall, he's only what? 13 or 14? And she's 18? Even though she looks more like 30 to me, but I guess the producers think we'll overlook that

  • One character I'm glad to see gone, hopefully for good, is Danny Romalotti. I so hated seeing him pop up, mainly because he couldn't act, he can't sing (that "Rock On" sure smashed record sales, didn't it?), which left him looking like an annoying rich brat.

    I bet if you see him around now, he'll still have that Michael Jackson 80's look still happening, not to mention that hair which looks like something out of Grease if you ask me. Speaking of grease, I wonder how much he had to use per day to keep it that way. Yuck!

  • Malcolm/Olivia/Nate -- how many more times do we have to be subjected to the same dialog over and over and over and over again? Yes, we know Olivia wants Malcolm out of Nate's life...Yes, we know Malcolm wants to remain a father to Nate...Yes, we know Nate wants Malcolm around...Yes, we know Olivia wants Neil in every way...settle it already!

    The producers have a way of speeding up the aging process of the kids on the show, making them jump from age 3 to a teenager literally in an actual year, so it's not out of the realm of possibility to speed up this storyline. It's rather simple, bring back Dru or Callie and have Malcolm take off with either and have Olivia propose to Neil, since it seems like he won't ever do it and most likely will end up falling for Miss Perez, aka the loud-mouth Newman Enterprises HMO lawyer. It's kind of obvious he's going to be attracted to her once they start off on the wrong foot and constantly butt heads. It's like an unwritten rule in shows, those that argue and hate one another always end up in bed together. Go figure!

  • Larry Warton -- he seems pretty lame to me, especially considering he was once in prison and was "the man" around there. He tries to act all tough and revengeful, but it just doesn't work on the show, or more like on conservative daytime drama shows.

    What he's lacking is an edge, though I'm quite positive the producers and writers won't give it to him. He'd be more effective if some profanity came out of his mouth, but I'm guessing the producers are reluctant to use the bleeper sound on the show. It's a shame though, just a few bleeps here and there would go a long way in beefing up his "toughness" on the show