Wednesday, February 20th, 2002: So, are you enjoying these Olympic games? If you're from countries like the USA or Germany, then you'd probably say yes, but if you're from Canada, like I am, you might feel somewhat disappointed.
Well, it's not just because our athletes are failing to advance to medal rounds, or them finishing in places such as 12th or 26th. It's more due to seeing the athletes we are "expecting" to win and failing miserably. They aren't just losing out to better athletes, they are screwing up all on their own, by either falling down in speed skating or not finishing ski races because they fell or missed a gate, or wiping out in the preliminary rounds in freestyle skiing, or falling down in skating or saving their worst game for the time when it counts like curling.

What makes it even harder to swallow is seeing the success of others, most namely the USA, right in their own backyard too boot.
Up here in Canada, we've sorta come to detest anything American because it's always rubbed in our faces. It's like what Gretzky blew up about when he ranted after the Canada/Czech hockey game in the early round. Everyone loves to hate us in hockey because we're always perceived as being the best and they always want to beat us and root against us. The same applies for us Canadians when it comes to watching American athletes in any sport. We root against them.
It doesn't go over well when they actually succeed and win medals and run away from the other countries in the medal standings. We're the cold climate country...we're the ones that should be winning, damnit!
I guess it just means that we totally suck in everything :(
If I hear the U-S-A chant one more time, I swear I'll scream!
Ah well, nothing I can do about it. We just don't have the funding resources other countries have (i.e. USA), so when the athletes come begging the government and public for money, all we can do is say "sorry, the cash register is closed."
But hey, Kelley may not be able to win a gold medal now, but you're still the golden babe of the Olympics. And to you, Jennifer Robinson, you can do a triple axel for me anytime your heart pleases, ok cutie? To all you Canadian female speed skaters and lugers and skier, you're welcomed to wear those skin tight outfits in my home anytime you want!
To anyone else that isn't Canadian, screw you! Don't bother me...well, at least not until the Olympics are over.
As a last note, is it too much to ask for to have a sudden avalanche of positive drug tests, say 200-300 in the last week to overshadow these poor Olympics for me? That'd probably be the only highlight I'd have! HA!
Yeah, yeah, I know, wishful thinking...oh well, can't will 'em all...just don't freakin' lose them all either!

Olympic Rant Over.