Here's an introduction to this vast land we all call Canada.  It may not be up to encyclopedia standards, but what do you want from someone who doesn't know where Canada is? Oh wait, I live here...ok, scratch that.  What was I thinking? So, without any further delays, on with the show...
Want to know our nifty Canadian motto? No you say? Well tough, you're going to get it no matter how much you object.  If you really didn't want to know it and other stuff then why did you come here in the first place? You're lucky I'm not there or else I would have given you a pretty nifty backhand! (unless you were female, then I'd...ummmm...beg you to read this?).
Ok, motto: From Sea Unto Sea
click here to view map of Canada
Now aren't you glad you stuck around to learn that? Incase you're wondering why it sounds so lame, well here's some more knowledge for you...on the east coast, we have the Atlantic Ocean...on the west coast, we have the Pacific Ocean...but strangely enough, we have a 3rd coastline which seems to be ignored for some reason by our motto...to the north of us, we have the Arctic Ocean. (click image to view map)  Are they biased towards our northern climate or something? Time for a new motto if you as me, something along the lines of "Wish You Were This Big, Huh?", or "One Big Badass Country", or even "You Only Have One Of Those, So Protect It From Frostbite!".  They're all worthy of major awards, but I've kept them to myself...until now...Ottawa, here I come!

For our 2nd piece of information, how often do you hear "bigger is better"? Well, before you start thinking about something else, let me remind you that I'm referring to our size as in land mass...if you look on your map, shifting your eyes to the northern half of North America, low and behold, you'll find Canada!! I know you're saying to yourself, "whoa, look how big!"...well control your excitement for one minute and I'll tell you exactly how big we are.  We have a land mass of 9,970 610 km², making us the 2nd largest country in the world.  Who's number one you ask? It's none other than Russia.  But if they keep breaking away like they've been doing, we'll take over number one (that's if Lucian Bouchard doesn't get his lousy way and get Quebec to separate...to which I have to say, "Good luck Lucian").

Hey, thought you had it rough celebrating the New Year's with your entire country? Try being a national tv network in this country that wants to make everyone happy by ringing in each region's New Year's.  Why is that difficult? Well consider we have 6 different time zones from east to west.  If you had a drink everytime the clock struck midnight, you'd be drunk by the time the last one rolled around.
The 6 time zones are as follows (from east to west): Newfoundland time (they're out in nowhere so they have their own time zone, half hour ahead of the next zone), then comes the Atlantic zone, followed by the Eastern time zone, Central time zone, Mountain time, and lastly, the Pacific time zone.  It all totals up to a 4 and a half hour difference from Newfoundland to BC (British Columbia).

Want more? I knew you would be wanting more, so here goes...since I mentioned the coastline already, I forgot to mention we have the longest coastline of any country, not that it means much since no one dares to go visit the northern coast.  You'd have to be insane to want to do that...maybe that explains why I want to go see it!
So now we know about 3 borders Canada has, what about the one to the south? Glad you asked that because I was just getting to it.  To the south is good ol' USA.  The weird thing about our border with the US is that it's in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest undefended border between two countries.  What were the people in the US thinking? They must know that any day now, us Canadians are going to march down there and take them over! And where will that leave (as of January 12th, 2000) Mr. President, Tubby Clinton? Speaking of him, I think we need to see less of a certain 'horse faced' daughter of his...sorry Chelsea, Sox even looks better.  Ok, that was waaaaaaaay off topic! Back to Canada...

Are you one of those people that just can't get enough mosquitos and black flies? Well here's a place for you! Come to Canada and head up north, in the wilderness areas and you'll be in heaven.  That's not to say you'll find it a bad experience, only certain times of the years, like hatching time, it becomes the worst place you'd want to be.  But the majority of the time, it's so unreal up there...especially if you're a fan of nature and the outdoors.

It's a fact that, if flying over Ontario and Manitoba, you'll see more water than land...hard for even myself to believe, but why argue something you don't know about.  It's believable, especially when Canada boasts having approximately one seventh of the world's fresh water supply...so it has to be in a few lakes right? Plus, it's said that Ontario has so many lakes, it's not even worth counting...talk about fishing heaven...or mosquito breading grounds!

I just noticed that I've been mentioning provinces without even telling you the names of all of them.  So, here goes...we have 10 provinces and 3 territories...from east to west, they are...provinces: Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia...territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and the newly formed, Nunavut.

The most populated province is Ontario.  The capital of this country is Ottawa, Ontario.

Want to know the capital cities of each province and territory? If you say no then I'll kill you...if you say yes, then keep reading...

Capital City
St. John's
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Quebec City
British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Northwest Territories