Sunday, July 11th, 1999: Ok, I had this big long entry all done up, starting yesterday and continued today but I looked at it and decided to scrap it since it wasn't all that appropriate.  It wasn't the best weekend, maybe I was a little disappointed in some things and decided to turn the tables in a way.  All it did was leave me in a weird mood.  Oh well, what's done is done.

Enough of that, I need to twist and shout...'we think he's alive but the flies make me wonder why...', what's the deal with those lyrics anyways?  I tell ya, nothing wrong with the song, Lovesong- Sky, but weird visuals with that line!

Another thing happened, blew out my vocal chords again singing a song that requires someone that has high pitched ranges, which isn't me.  What a coincidence that it happens to be that same Sky song listed above...and what was even more weird was that I played the song earlier in the day something like 10-15 straight times.  NOTE TO SELF: Repeat after me...I AM INSANE... I AM INSANE... I AM INSANE

I think that's it for today, no joy in Mudville as it was a swing and miss weekend.  The entry wasn't as long as the one I got rid of but it's better than nothing right?