Wednesday, December 12th, 2001: Christmas is just 13 days away…what to get for people? That's the burning question on everyone's mind, not just mine.
So, I thought I'd try something different this year. I came up with the brilliant idea of posting the things I've either already picked up or in the process of getting for people. That way, if they object to something, it might not be too late to let me know, thus returning the item(s) for something else.
So here we go…in no particular order…

  • Blender ($26.99)

  • Maple syrup ($4.99)

  • Lego ($14.99)

  • Vacuum cleaner bags ($7.99)

  • Garbage bag ties ($ free)

  • Lettuce ($0.99)

  • Shuffle Demons cassette ($2.99)

  • Liquid paper ($1.49)

  • Socks ($4.99)

  • Cactus ($3.99)

  • Poster of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island ($5.99)

  • Coffee Crisp chocolate bar ($1.49)

  • Flag of Peru ($5.99)

  • Bre-X stock ($300)

  • 2 undischarged grenades ($ free)

  • 4 AAA batteries ($4.99)

That's my list so far. I'm not quite sure who's getting what just yet, but I still have 13 days to figure things out. Though, I'm willing to listen to anyone who wants to make a good case for him or herself on why they should get what.
And just to let everyone know, I'll take anything you want to give me! So send away!