Sunday, December 16th, 2001: Today, I thought I'd share a few more thoughts for the upcoming holiday season. With all the sad stuff going on in the world today, I figured this year of all years is one where we should be thinking along the lines of giving. So, in honour of that, I'm going to give...give you some advice that is! If you're looking to help the less fortunate, then by all means, send me gifts! I'll accept anything...and I mean anything! I accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), I'll take cash (no value is too small). It doesn't have to be wrapped, I'm not picky that way. Heck, I'll even accept Canadian Tire money! The most important thing is to give. Just think how happy you'll feel knowing you're giving and making someone happy.

Here's a few random thoughts/observations I've had over the past few days...

It's nice to see people trying to stay fit, especially when the days are getting colder and colder up here. I saw a guy riding a bike and thought 'wow, that's such a good idea', but somehow, I don't think the smoking a cigarette at the same time helps anything. Kinda defeats the purpose, don't ya think? Ah well, it's the thought that counts, right??

Don't you just hate it when people don't pay attention while driving, especially at a mall where there are people walking across the street in the parking lot and they're using a cell phone? There I was, walking from the car to the front entrance of the mall where this woman was on her cell phone, parked next to the curb by the entrance. I walked right in front of her car when she decided to pull away from the curb, looking straight at me. She almost hit me, but did she seem concerned? Nooooooooo. I was 2 seconds (and 2 more feet of her car driving) away from giving her front end a swift kick, smashing whatever I could, and not giving a **** what she thought. I was so tempted to tell her off, but contained myself and just resorted to a cold stare at her with a little mumbling in her direction.
It would have been in keeping with the Christmas season, where they say it's better to give than to receive.

Is it just the holiday season or are they making store mannequins more and more life-like? I saw this female one modeling a sweater and either the sweater was too tight or the mannequin was cold. It sure had me taking a double look, that's for sure!

I walked into a bookstore, The World's Biggest Bookstore, to be more exact, in downtown Toronto this past week. I was looking for two books and was fortunate enough to find them. It was my last resort as I couldn't find them in the other places I went to earlier in the day. Anyways, I ended up having a good 20 minute talk with one of the women there, Gail, about everything, from the books I was buying to Harry Potter to the Lord of the Rings series, to authors she recommends reading. It was totally unexpected, but pleasant. It left me in a good mood I must say.

I think I've shopped more this year than in any year in the past. I wonder what it is that's got me this way. Whatever it is, make it stoooop!! Of all the things I've bought, only two things have been for me, and neither of them was more than $30. So now you understand me wanting gifts??

What else...oh, just a couple of days ago we got ourselves our first snowfall of the year. The days have been quite mild for December...and November...and October...and...well, you get the idea. Even though it's melting at a good pace, there's still lots on the grassy areas, but the one thing I did quite enjoy about it wasn't the fact that I didn't have to shovel, but the way it clung to all the tree branches and covered all the pine/evergreen trees that line the streets. It was so pretty. It made me wish I had my camera with me, but sadly I didn't have it as I was on my way to work at the time. By the end of the day, when I got home, most of that had melted away. But there's always next time! Somehow I think we'll get another 2-500 snowstorms before next summer.

Girls with beach blond hair that have the darkest of darkest eyebrows are not attractive! Especially when their eyebrows can be considered singular...

Sales girls seem to be getting thinner and thinner every year, not to mention getting more and more stacked...and they're upper half never seems to move, no matter how much shaking and jumping they do! What's up with that?
The one thing I didn't need to see was this one girl, not to be mean or anything, but was in the range of 190 lbs, wearing the tightest of jeans possible, bending over and showing off her lace thongish underwear. Ummm, hello? Cover up please? Especially when you're working in a store that has lots of younger kids walking around in?! If it was a store like La Senza, then fine, you're attire would be appropriate, but come on. Speaking of La Senza, I noticed yesterday there's now a Junior La Senza store. That seemed rather odd and scary at the same time. For those of you that don't know what La Senza is, it's a sleepwear/lingerie store. I never thought they'd stoop to encouraging young girls to sleep in risque things. I didn't actually go in the store to know what they sell, but from the outside as I passed by, I saw racks of nightgowns and frilly, silky, lacey looking underwear. I don't know about you, but it just didn't look like things young girls should wear, well at that age anyways. Or am I just out of touch with the changing times?

Ok, enough observing for one day. I thought it'd be nice to leave you with a little Christmas story. Some of you may know it, others may not. Either way, sit back, throw another log on the fire, grab a blanket and enjoy...

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature (hey, what a coincidence!) was stirring, not even a mouse (that's because the bar was closed).
The snow gently fell, lighting up the otherwise dark night.
A gingle was heard miles upon miles away.
In the distance, a red glow was seen. As it approached, it became clearer and clearer what was afoot. A sled was being pulled by eight tiny reindeer. A voice was heard, chuckling and with play...on Dancer, on Prancer...on Vixen, on Bambi...on Tiffani, on Britney...on Lexi, on Cherri (sounds like a porn actress roll call to me!).
Stopping on the roof with all their might, out hopped a fat man, in a red suit.
Looking around, he proceeded to climb up the chimney and stick his foot in.
When that didn't work, he hopped down and used the front door.
Carrying gifts, large and small, he placed them under the artifical tree.
He paused and observed his surroundings, raiding the kitchen because he was hungry.
Once full, he laughed and his belly shook like a big bowl of Jello.
Looking at his watch, a Rolex no less, he figured he better be on his way. So up rose the man, and out the door like the wind he went.
He hopped the fence and took a leak, then into the sleigh and away they flew.
Staying silent the entire time, he finally spoke as he rode.
Merry Christmas to one and all, and a Happy New Year...have a ball!

Ahhhh, I love the classics. That was written back in the 15th century, but the author is still unknown. Hmmm, I wonder why!

Anyways, I'm sure I'll write something else before I take about a two week hiatus from all internet activities that will stretch through the first week of the new year, but should I not make an entry until then, let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's.
If that doesn't apply to you, then Season's Greetings...may you have a safe and happy time with friends and family.


- L. D. Kreature