Sunday, May 30th, 1999: Ok, so you're a computer right?  That don't impress me ya, got the keys but have ya, got the touch?  Now don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright.....ok ok, so I've got Shania on the brain....sue me!  Played a little beach volleyball today, minus the beach....minus the volleyball...ok so it was soccer, I figured beach volleyball sounded more exotic or something.  Sweat like a pig since it was roasting outside today.  NOTE TO SELF:  find out how much pigs actually do sweat since I have no idea they did much sweating at all, except maybe only when they're being fried up as bacon strips or something.

Also realized that my hero is now Crackers, the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken....go Crackers go!!

NOTE TO SELF: pick up dry cleaning on Monday. So now I'm sitting at the computer, drinking water....oops, make that 'wearing' water, and nothing to do except write this....

NOTE TO SELF (part 2):  don't go to cleaners on Monday since I didn't take any clothes to get idiot!!  NOTE TO SELF (part 3):  it's now 12:39am.  NOTE TO SELF (part 4):  that last note isn't going to mean a thing one minute from now you idiot!!