Wednesday, March 6th, 2002: It snowed! Ah, who cares...normally that's what I'd say to snow, but it did snow overnight and I awoke to a white blanket covering everything.
It wasn't too bad because you could see it melting as the temperatures were above 0ºC.
What was special about this day was the fact that a bunch of us finally let loose and ended up having an old fashioned snowball fight, all good natured by the way.
Any and everyone got involved, including some people we didn't know. It was such fun, taking me back to the days when I was younger and snowball fights were a daily thing on my way to and from school, both in the morning, lunch and afternoon.
Those were the good ol' days.
I remember the days when the snow on the ground was almost as high as we were tall, but we sure had fun, building snow forts, snowball fights, even the occasional throwing of snowballs at passing buses...yes, we were "rebels" back then!
It's days like this that makes you like winter, rather than the days when it's cold has hell (quite an oxymoron there) where the wind is blowing harder than Monica Lewinsky and shoveling snow was cause for fake colds.
As Edith and Archie Bunker would say, "those were the days".

Now for the down side of my day...

I had the urge to buy a DVD player for myself today. Not an expensive one, just a basic little one that I could use in my own room because it's next to impossible to use the one in the living room when I have the desire to watch something.
So I go to Futureshop, find a cheap one that had a warranty of 3 years, thought it wasn't a bad deal, picked it out and called the salesperson. He promptly told me it was out of stock and he wasn't sure when they'd get more. Could be over the weekend or in three weeks, who knows.
I wanted to hit him right there, but didn't because this was my typical luck.
See, anytime I see something either advertised on tv or in a flyer that I want, most often than not it's out of stock when I go looking for it.
I must have the world's worst luck, but then again, others might say "if it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all". To that I'd say "whatever".

I guess my DVD player will have to wait another day, if ever...