It seems to me like my Diary is expanding at an alarming rate, so much so that I've decided to slightly change the look/format from here on in to more resemble my original idea of what this diary should look like. More specifically, it's the design of the Diary Contents page (this page).
The diary will still contain the same great, original and fresh content, so don't be alarmed by anything.
All you have to do is sit back, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and read the accounts of my day-to-day life layed out here for your reading pleasure.
For those of you that have not been here before, here's a brief introduction to what you'll find in this section...
This is my diary of things I want to remember; not all are good things but hey, that's what a diary is all about right? NOTE TO SELF: use the computer for your diary because someone snooping around may find a book version and read it! Private thoughts aren't meant for others to read so this way, only those that have a password to get into these files will read this and since no one knows it, this will remain confidential!!
My sole purpose of adding the links here is to allow me quick access to my entries. Some may think it's for the general public, incase someone hacks in to this page, to make it easier for them to see it, but nooooo, it's a private thing, so therefore I don't expect "unauthorized" entry into here. If you've managed to make it this far, getting past all the hightech security measures I've put in place, including my vicious dog named Snoopy, then I wish you luck in going forward. Don't blame me if your mind becomes corrupted or you become disgusted with my life from the entries, that's the risks you're taking, so be warned!!