Monday, July 5th, 1999: I remembered something I forgot to include in my last entry, but who cares when I should have included it, if it looks like I'm doing something more often people would think I actually care about this site!  Anyways, the thing that I had to include is a no-no to all the guys out there.  See, if you go to a club and request a song or at home and call into a radio show to request a song for someone special in your life, rule number one...NEVER REQUEST THE SONG BY PROZAK CALLED "I'VE GOT A STRANGE DISEASE"!!  I think it leaves a bad impression.

Another thing, I've cheated on someone...yes, I've betrayed Compy by using another computer to create this round of updating.  I feel so ashamed, I mean what will he think about me tickling the keys of another, and this one named Claudia.  How do I break it to Compy that I want Claudia so badly?  I just don't know...I hope I don't let it slip that I'm in love with Claudia and have him feel like I'm abandoning my longtime friend for her.  Oh the dilemma of it all...only time will tell when I see him next!  NOTE TO SELF:  Wow, no notes to self this day...ummm, until now...what a moron I am!!

And finally, another joke that is just bad but funny at the same time.  I don't want to explain it to anyone since it loses the punch if you have to write it's all in the way it sounds so enjoy, I hope!

There was this chicken and an egg in bed, they were going at it pretty good until suddenly the chicken rolled over.  With sweat rolling down his forehead, he lit up a cigarette and started puffing away...the egg turns to him with a frown on her face and says to him 'so I guess that answers the question'.


NOTE:  if you can't figure it out yet, see below for a hint

Hint --> Just think of the age ol' question about eggs and chickens... <-- Hint

To view the hint, just highlight the area between the arrows.