The title says it all...why do you dislike me?? Below are those celebrities that get a bad rap, either from you or me or others in the world. Somehow I think most people will agree these people do belong here. Let me hear your comments, either yay or nay on my choices.

Hugh Jackman...I know he played a fellow Canadian in his movie "X-Men", but I just don't get the obsession with him. I mean, just look at him! Look at that face!

Jared Padalecki..."CuteDean" from the WB's Gilmore Girls. Can someone explain this to me? Why????? Deeeeeeeen....ugh!! Rory...find a new boy, please?

Ah yes, a Backstreet Boy. None other than Nick Carter. Now this is a mystery to me. I can understand young teenage girls going goofy for him, mainly cuz they're crazy, but those females out of their teen years, why?? What is it with this boy? I don't see it...never have and I doubt I ever will

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Don't be afraid to agree or disagree with anything! The world will still love you...unless your picture is found on this page. Only then will you have opposition!

Britney Spears...why do sooooo many people dislike her, yet on the other hand, has such a large following? Take a look at she someone YOU dislike? I guess there's no middle ground when it comes to her. I wonder if this will stick to her from now until the end of time