So many people to are a few more for you to chew on...

Alex McLeod & Paige Davis...the old and new at TLC, more specifically, the outgoing and incoming hosts of Trading Spaces.
I didn't mind Alex so much, though her combinations of mega push-up bras and tight shirts were annoying enough to hide my eyes. It made her look like she had two orange road cones stuck to her chest. Anyways, along comes the new host, Paige. I haven't seen her enough, but I've already heard the complaints about her and how stupid she acts, based on questions she poses to the designers.
Overall, I think they're both perfect for this paige! Haha...get it? Ahh, forget it!
Jessica Alba... the Dark Angel star...has been called everything, including fishlips. But why? I don't understand that one.
I've yet to hear a real reason for disliking her. Maybe it's all due to her having a cuteness factor.
But whatever the reason, I guess she'll remain one of those love 'em/hate 'em types.
Sarah Michelle Gellar...Buffy...Buffy... Buffy...what happened to you?
Whatever it was, it didn't have good results. This picture is from a promotional session for the 2001/02 season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Clearly, she looks like some vampire got to her and drained her blood and left her looking like a zombie.
She use to look good in the first couple of seasons, before she started looking like a twig.
I'm not the only one to think this, so she remains here until she puts a few pounds back on.
Christina Aguilera... do you dislike her? I don't. That probably leaves you wondering why she's here then, huh? Well there are a number of people that don't like her, but like her music.
There are those that thinks she's too skinny/boney, or dresses like a skank, or hates her hair (I did when she had that awful monster perm for the Lady Marmalade video), so that's why she's made it here.
Poor Christina...I'm still in your corner though!
Jessica Biel...another Jessica, only this one, the famous Mary Camden from 7th Heaven, deserves to be here.
She's the most annoying person on television to date. I can't stand seeing her fake acting on an awful show, and I'm not alone in thinking this way.
She thinks she's got the hot looks and could have any guy she wants...whatever. She's not pretty at all, she's got an ugly mouth, her hair looks dead whether or not she's sporting her nautral colour (that seems to change on a weekly basis), and she's got a heavy voice. It's one that's so not a turn on, even if she's naked (see photo on right) or trying to whisper sweet nothings to her boy, in bed, under the covers. All I can say is good luck to the unfortunate guy that gets involved with her!