Saturday, May 22th, 1999: entry #2, wow...a whole 2 days in a row entering stuff in my book!!  Must be a record for diary writers, that is if you minus Anne Frank, but what did she really know way back then huh?  I ask you that!  NOTE TO SELF:  don't answer that question, it's a trick!!

So, working again on a weekend and not getting paid, what a shame. NOTE TO SELF:  hire an agent to negociate some sort of salary, anything in the $3-4 million per year range will suffice....for now. Talked to a friend (I won't mention any names since there's only one friend I have!) and was told my t-shirt looked ugly.  NOTE TO SELF:  minus one friend from my list of friend(s).

Decided to go see the doctor, just for the heck of it since I missed him.  He told me I was pregnant.  What am I going to do??  I'm too young to have a kid.  What will my parents think?  Oh woah is me....

Got a call six hours later from my so-called "doctor" saying it was all a mix-up and that I'm not really pregnant afterall....just when I was getting use to the idea...oh well, maybe next time.  But he seemed really nice, offering free prostate checks...and with free home visits too!  Now isn't that nice of him?!?!  NOTE TO SELF:  he must be after something, just haven't figured it out yet.

Part 2 of my evening, went to a club and really got myself tanked up. NOTE TO SELF:  must stop drinking so much water, walking around in a crowded club with wet pants isn't a good thing.  Accidents do happen, right?  Met "Syd".....asked me to be his "wife".....told him to go shove it where the sun don't shine!  NOTE TO SELF:  NEVER use that phrase with someone who may be slightly gay and shows an interest in you!!

NOTE TO SELF (part 2):  go back and see doctor, ask about pregnancy.

I think I'm tired now, need rest....must sleep on side tonight....goodnight diary!!