January 12, 2001

  • Victoria, Nick and Sharon ponder Diane's choice for the baby's name. Nick and Sharon leave. Diane asks Victoria if she wants to meet her brother. Victoria tells her not to push it. Victor comes down the stairs just after Victoria calls Diane a conniving bi*#h. She repeats the baby's name when she sees Victor walking in the background just to get his attention. She says she has to set up things for the baby and asks Victor to hold the baby but Victoria steps in and takes the baby from her. She leaves. Victor tells Victoria her attitude serves no purpose right now. Victoria resents how Diane is walking around the place like she owns it. Diane comes back with a bassinet and takes the baby from Victoria and puts him to rest. Victoria leaves. Victor asks Diane if she gets enjoyment from her tirades with his kids. She leaves to get something and Victor goes over to look at the baby
  • Nina tells Harvey what her condition is. It's that she wants Tomas to sit in on the screenplay writing of her book. Harvey balks at it but Nina pleads with him to change his mind. Harvey says that he'll go along with it if she decides to sign on and work with the screenwriter and she can hire Tomas if she chooses. She asks him to alter it and put her name and Tomas' on the contract to make it look like she's not giving him charity
  • Paul and Tomas talk about what his problems are over being turned down for the movie deal. He questions his inability to write and suggests it has something to do with being together with Nina. Paul tells him that all of that started before he met Nina. He tells her that being with Nina has made him too relaxed and he can't get excited about writing now. A knock on the door; Nina is there. Paul leaves. Nina tells Tomas she's got some wonderful news
  • Ashley and Brad meet in the boardroom at Jabot. He reminds her of her appointment with the doctor to get the ok to resume normal husband/wife extra-curricular activities. Just as they were about to leave, Jill and Nikki come in bringing reports for them to go over. They also bring up the article in the paper about Diane's baby. Jill wants the scoop on Victor since Ashley, Nikki and Brad all have some sort of connection to Victor. Ashley gets upset and walks out. Ashley comes back but Jill is annoying everyone by constantly talking about Diane and the baby. Voices are raised in order to get Jill to shut up but it's Ashley doing it and everyone looks at her like she's still got a thing for Victor or something. Jill apologizes to Ashley, saying she didn't mean to lump Ashley with Diane and being a single mother. Jill and Brad go to a corner to discuss business. Ashley and Nikki talk. Nikki wants to know why Ashley got so upset. Jill says she's leaving and Nikki decides to leave too, before getting an answer from Ashley
  • Billy roaming around the Abbott house, runs into Jack in the dining room. They talk about Raul's visit and how he considered going back to volunteer, but Raul was there to discourage him from doing it citing Mack's feelings as being the reason not to go. Billy tells Jack that she's not the only one that was hurt, meaning he was also hurt from having to sneak around behind everyone's back. He also tells him that she's determined to have very little to do with Mack from now on. Jack is skeptical about his plans. One way for him do accomplish that, according to Billy, is to enhance his relationship with Brittany in terms of making more of a committment
  • back at the Chancellor estate, Brock enters the front door and sees Mack on the laptop. He complains about how cold it is outside. They discuss what happened at the shelter and why Billy backed out at the last minute. She tells him she's not sure why he did that and that he "claims" to have changed his mind but she has a feeling something else changed his mind. Mack makes a phone call to Raul and asks him to come over. Brock opens the front door to leave and sees Raul there. He invites him in and leaves. Mack gets into it with Raul over talking to Billy in getting him to pass on the shelter, saying it was the wrong thing for him to do. Mack tells him to butt out of her life and stop going behind her back with things like that. Raul leaves. Mack decides to leave the house and head over to meet Billy at the Abbott house. She tells him they have to be honest about things as she walks in
  • Cassie and Lisa (the babysitter) enter Crimson Lights to meet up with Nick and Sharon. She asks about the article and how she didn't know Victor had a baby. She's excited about being related to the baby but Sharon and Nick have cold looks on their faces. They plan a family outing and ask Cody if he can handle the place on his own for the weekend. He tells them it's his weekend off to attend a wedding, so Nick asks Carter if he will do it. Carter agrees. Sharon suggests to Nick that they should give the manager job for the Milwaukee shop to Carter. Rave drug kids come in and they discuss Nick supplying them with the ecstasy. One of the guys has doubts whether or not Nick will come through so the other suggests to him to go straight to the source, that being Nick and not Carter to make sure. Nick talks to Carter and tells him he's the man for Milwaukee but Carter isn't too enthused, saying he's made friends in Genoa City and isn't ready to walk away from them yet but will give him an answer in a day or two. Nick goes back and tells Sharon Carter all but turned him down but still wants him as he is his first choice. Carter makes a call to Warton, telling him about Nick's offer and that he'll think about it. Warton isn't impressed with his joking around. They talk about how they're getting close to having revenge on Nick. Rave guy approaches Nick. Nick asks him if there's something he could help him with and rave guy says there might be something

January 11, 2001

  • Brad walks into his living room to find Ashley laying on the sofa. She gets up. They talk about the legal notice being published in the newspaper informing the father of her baby she is filing adoption papers if no claim is placed on her. Ashley is worried Jack will see it and contact Christian about it but Brad tells her the chances are remote to none as it'll be appearing in the Miami papers, the location of where her cruise ship departed. Ashley gets the newspaper and see an article about Victor and Diane's baby
  • Nick and Sharon discuss their night before, most notably, her nightgown modeling session. Nick wants her to model it now but someone knocks on their door. It's Victoria. She comes in and lets them know about Diane and her baby being born. They talk about Nikki's reaction to the news and how calm she was. They all decide to go see Victor at the apartment to find out how he's doing. Victoria leaves. Nick tells Sharon how he's missed her and that they're constantly interrupted in their time alone
  • Baldwin shows up at the hospital to visit Diane bringing diapers. They talk about Leanna and her attempts to take pictures of the baby. She tells him about the document Victor brought for the paternity test. Baldwin offers her a referral to an attorney but she refuses. Diane tells him she has to pick a name for the baby and wants Victor Jr., but doesn't want to use it because it's already taken. Baldwin suggests using Victor's middle name, Christian, but Diane isn't so hot on the idea. Baldwin tells her to think about the impact the name might have on Victor. A nurse walks in and tells Diane she needs to choose a name as they're preparing the birth certificate for their departure from the hospital
  • Paul shows up at Nina's apartment upon her request. She tells him about Tomas' book being turned down for the movie and how they want hers. They talk about Tomas and how upset he is and how he just took off. Paul offers checking up on Tomas at his apartment. She asks Paul his advice on the offer for the movie and he tells her not to turn it down as it's a great opportunity. Harvey shows up and Paul leaves. Harvey asks Nina what her decision is as he's ready to leave town. Paul shows up at Tomas' and he acts a little hostile towards him in relation to the movie deal falling through. He talks about how it's better he didn't get involve in the movie, giving all sorts of negative reasons why he's better off. Paul and Tomas talk about their personal problems, how they both have heavy things going on and they can relate to each other. Tomas rants about how he looks at Nina and thinks "why not me but her?" We switch back to Nina's apartment and she tells him she's accepting his offer, but on one condition, but we don't hear what it is just yet
  • Meeting at Victor's apartment involving himself, Neil and Alex over the HMO case. Victor wants to go over the report so Neil and Alex decide to wait around so they can get a move on things. Victor compliments Alex on her work with the report. They discuss the case. Alex suggests to Victor that she wants to take it to court while Neil wants to handle it directly with the HMO and avoid the courts. Alex and Neil debate it as Victor listens on with a smile. Victor makes a decision right away, siding with Alex. She leaves to get the ball rolling. Victor tells Neil he's sorry he had to do that to him. Neil leaves and sees Alex waiting for the elevator. She asks why he didn't say hello when he was at Gina's, he gives her a vague answer. They both leave in the elevator. Victoria, Nick and Sharon show up at the apartment. Victor is happy. He tells them how he's demanding a paternity test and how Diane wasn't thrilled but will go along with it. The phone rings and Victor heads upstairs to answer it. Diane shows up with the baby and her driver and is surprised to see all of them there. She introduces Nick and Victoria to their new brother, Christian Victor Newman
  • Nate and Olivia having breakfast at their apartment. He's giving her the silent treatment as she's telling him about their weekend plans. As she gets up to do something, he sneaks off and makes a call to Malcolm at the studio. He tells him about the play Olivia wants to take him and pleads with him to join them. Malcolm tells her to put his mother on the phone. She comes in and takes the phone away from Nate. Malcolm tells her how he isn't being allowed to be there for Nate when he wants him to. They have words and she hangs up. Meanwhile, Phyllis is in the background, listening in. Malcolm tells Phyllis how hurt he is over Olivia's decision to freeze him out. She tells him how she saw him at Gina's with Alex and how he was having a good time but was feeling jealous seeing him with a new friend. When Malcolm asks why she didn't come say hello, she tells him she was with Jack and that they didn't want to interrupt his good time. She also mentions seeing Neil and Malcolm gets quiet about it. Malcolm tells her that Alex works for Newman and that his only reasons for being with her is to push Neil's buttons
  • Back to Olivia's apartment where we see Mamie come in. Olivia tells Nate that he isn't allowed to call Malcolm and that she made it clear to him that Malcolm isn't welcome in their weekend plans. Olivia tells Mamie she has a plan and it involves Neil as she sees him as the perfect father figure for Nate. Mamie tells her to act fast because Neil won't remain single for very long

January 10, 2001

  • Diane questions Victor's request for a paternity test. Victor points out the irregularities surrounding his sample. Victor brings in a doctor to explain to her the procedures to the test. The doctor tells her that he prefers to wait a week to do the procedure as not to put the baby to risk with his blood pressure. Doctor leaves. Diane tells Victor that if it's what it takes to prove the baby is his, then so be it. Victor pulls out a form for her to sign to make it legal, but she puts up objections. We next see Marissa visiting Diane in the hospital and asks why so much security. Diane tells her it's for the baby and Victor's idea for the paternity test. Diane acts confident the paternity test will come back proving the baby is Victor's and he'll not be able to walk away from him
  • Jack and Phyllis go to Gina's for dinner and we see Malcolm and Alex dancing. Phyllis is a little worried about being seen with Jack and Jack tells her she'll be put to the test because Neil just walked in. Neil talks to Gina and then is pointed in the direction of Malcolm and Alex dancing. Gina offers to set another plate for him at Malcolm's table but he passes and decides to leave. Phyllis suggests they go dance; Jack takes her up and they head out to the dance floor. Jack suggests that if Victor finds out she and he are out together, Victor will make her life miserable but she says she doesn't worry about that. She then tells Jack that Victoria suggested to her to use her relationship with him for information to help Brash & Sassy. She tells him how she's determined to win his trust again once again
  • Nick and Sharon are sharing an quiet evening in front of their fireplace. She's hardly wearing anything. He gets up, heads over to the closet and brings back a late Christmas gift for Sharon. She opens it and sees it's a very skimpy nightgown. He asks her to model it for him and she agrees. Someone knocks on the door. Nick goes to see who it is and finds Nikki standing there. She comes in looking for Sharon when she comes down from the bedroom wearing the skimpy nightgown and becomes all embarrassed seeing Nikki standing there. Nikki tells Nick and Sharon that Diane gave birth and that she found out from the news bulletin from Leanna Love. Nick asks her how come she's so calm about the whole thing. She says that after her fallout with Victor, she's had less interest in his life. Sharon and Nick tell Nikki that on her trip, they got the impression that Victor took their falling out hard and that he still has feelings for her. She tells them not to read too much into it and leaves
  • Nina tells Tomas that Harvey wants to make her book into a movie. Tomas give her false congratulations and she tells him how she thinks Harvey is making a big mistake and offers suggestions on how to get Harvey to change his mind. She also tells him that Hugh believes once Harvey makes up his mind, there's no changing it. Tomas gets upset and says he doesn't want any charity from anyone after Nina suggests once again they can change Harvey's mind. He tells her that he has to deal with it himself and is about to leave, but tells her he's not going to get drunk and end up in the gutter, then walks out the door
  • Mamie's babysitting Nate and he does a puzzle when Olivia comes in. Nate wants to spend the weekend with Malcolm but Olivia tells him that there's a play she wants to take him to and suggests Neil go with them when he gets upset and says he doesn't want Neil, he wants Malcolm, then walks away. Mamie tells her that there are so many women out there that want someone to be a father to their children but can't find that and here she's got Malcolm wanting to do that but she's refusing it. Olivia says that Neil would do right by Nate beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mamie points out that Nate loves Malcolm and that if she pushes Neil on him, he might end up hating Neil and perhaps her too
  • back at Gina's, Malcolm and Alex finish up their dancing and head back to their table. Malcolm suggests they hit a few more clubs to dance but she tells him that she wants to take things slow. Gina walks over and talks to them, then mentions Neil was there and then leaves. Malcolm wonders if Neil seeing her with him will affect their working relationship; she tells him that whatever she does is none of his business. Alex tells him that she's met Olivia but was surprised to hear she's Malcolm ex-wife. He leaves to get more wine
  • Over at Neil's apartment, Ryan is working away when Neil comes in. They talk about the offer he got from Victoria to stay at the ranch. Neil tells him about his encounter at Gina's with his brother and that he's worried about him. Neil gets into Olivia's problems with Malcolm with Ryan and how he's caught in the middle of it all. He also tells him that if he was having those problems, he wouldn't be out partying like Malcolm as if he didn't have a care in the world. Neil then starts thinking maybe Olivia is right in that Malcolm is not responsible enough
  • the doorbell rings at the Newman apartment. Victor answers it and sees Nikki. She's there offering support to him after hearing about Diane and the baby. He tells her he ordered the paternity test. They talk about the whole Diane situation including Diane's visit with Hope. He's concerned that Diane knows full well that he can't turn his back on the child if it's his. He has second thoughts about the paternity tests but Nikki tells him not to do that and trust his first instincts and go through with it and do what's right when he gets the results. He thanks her for coming by and her support and she then leaves

January 9, 2001

  • Nikki working at home when Victoria walks in. They talk about Nikki using Victor's study room for her work, for Jabot. Victoria tries to get Nikki to admit she's still devastated about Victor leaving. Nikki denies it and tells her there's no reason why she can't be happy about her job and keeping busy with it. She also tells her that Victor will never get over her investment in Jabot, so there'll never be a future for her and Victor again. They get into the Diane situation and Victoria tells her that Victor had the apartment bugged. Nikki thinks it's a good idea he did that. They turn on the tv and see Leanna talking about Diane's baby and Victor. Nikki had enough and turned off the tv. They talk about what Victor might do, ie. paternity tests, but Victoria suggests that Diane isn't going to all this trouble unless she's got that base covered
  • at the hospital, Victor walks in with a bag for Diane. She asks him if he wants to meet his son. He's taken aback by that comment. Leanna in the waiting room is pacing around when her cameraman walks in. They plot trying to secretly videotape Diane/Victor and the baby in the room when Paul's associate stops them. Back in the room, Victor says she has a beautiful boy when she corrects him and says "we have a beautiful boy". Dramatic music plays and Victor rejects her offer to hold him. Back out in the waiting room, Paul's associate tells Leanna that she won't be going into the room without a visitors pass. She questions his authority and he has Leanna ushered out the hospital. They pass by Diane's room and we go back into the room. Victor and Diane talk about Leanna. She denies any initiating of contact with Leanna by her doing. Victor leaves and Diane is surprised he's suddenly gone. Victor talks to Paul's associate, restating his wishes not to have anyone go into Diane's room. He then walks into Diane's room and tells her the guy outside the room is security for the baby instead of who he really is. He then tells Diane that he wants to have a paternity test done. She's not thrilled
  • at the coffee house, Tomas and Nina talk. He goes to get coffee when they run into Paul. She's suprised to see him and then at a lost for words when he says he's not going to Hong Kong. Nina asks Paul about what happened. He tells her what we already know. Paul gets upset with Nina as she's taking Christine's side in the whole thing. He walks out
  • Rianna and Raul at a table outside. They talk about Raul going to see Billy when Mack walks over. She tells them her tutoring went well but Billy decided to change his mind about working out of the blue. Raul wants to know why it's so important to Mack in having Billy there. She tells him he worked well with the kids and that he liked helping. She walks away and Rianna tells Raul that she can see Mack still has feelings for Billy. Raul starts sneezing once again. He decides to go home. Rianna goes into the coffee house to talk to Mack. She asks why Mack looks upset and suggests it's because of Billy. She doesn't say it was, just that Billy was looking forward to it and she couldn't understand why he changed his mind
  • Brittany shows up at the Abbott house; runs into Mamie. Mamie tells her that Billy is at the shelter helping the kids. Brittany gets sad thinking Billy left to go spend time with Mack instead of helping the kids when he shows up at the front door. Brittany gets confrontational with him over her assumption he went to work at the shelter with Mack. Billy defends his wanting to help the kids. She suggests it's only because of Mack. He tells her he still feels bad about hurting Mack but he decided not to go because Raul changed his mind. Brittany gets on his case for originally wanting to go for Mack, then changing his mind for Mack so she wouldn't get hurt, citing he's always doing things for Mack. Billy gets upset. He tells her that any feelings he had for Mack are in the past. They kiss. Mack shows up at the front door and sees them kissing inside. She turns away and leaves
  • at Newman Enterprises, we find Neil in his office. He gets up and makes a phone call to Malcolm when Alex shows up at the door and listens in. Malcolm hangs up on Neil. Alex walks in and Neil snaps at her, but calms down when he sees it's her. They talk about the case. Neil suggests they take the case to Grandville (HMO boss) and show him the case they have against them in hopes of having them back down and not go through with the case. Alex tells him no one else would know about the case if they go that route. He suggests she's doing this just for publicity and notoriety. Olivia shows up and Alex leaves in a huff. Olivia gives Neil a present, a bottle of wine. They talk about Malcolm and what she told him and suggested the coldness between himself and Malcolm is all her fault. Olivia justifies her decision to cut Malcolm out of her and her son's life with the same "he's unstable and carefree", but Neil defends his brother. She brings up Callie and Dru and what Malcolm did in those situations. Neil still tells her he thinks she's wrong in her decision. She walks out. He then tries calling Malcolm at the studio once again
  • Alex leaves Newman and heads to Gina's. She meets up with Malcolm for lunch. She tells him that she had a bad day at the office, including an argument. Malcolm asks if the person she had the argument with was Neil. She doesn't deny it. She gets upset talking about him and Malcolm decides they should stop talking about that and find something else. She gets up and whispers something to a waiter. The music changes, she takes off her sweater and asks Malcolm to dance. They hit the floor and startt getting down and boogie
  • Nina and Tomas head back to her apartment. They talk about Paul and Christine's situation. He makes a comment about them that Nina relates to their situation, about how it always hurts when you are hit by surprises and that she has something that will hurt him. She tells him she was talking to Hugh, their editor, and how about Harvey not wanting to turn his book into a movie. She offers sympathy to him. She then says that there's something else he should know but the scene ends, leaving it for another day

January 8, 2001

  • starts off with Raul visiting Billy at the Abbott house just before he leaves for the shelter. Raul is there to stop him and tells Billy to stay away from the shelter. Billy says it's all about the kids and how good it felt helping out but Raul suggests it's all so he could hook up with Mack once again. Raul tells him that if he wants to volunteer, there are other places. Billy suggests he's just jealous more than anything. Billy tells him all he wants is to be friends, nothing else because he already has a girlfriend in Brittany. Raul tells him how Mack had to go through lying to be with him and that she still has a thing for him and how he doesn't want to see her hurt if they hang around too much. Raul leaves.
  • Victoria and Ryan in her office when the phone rings. She sends Ryan away, leaving him with the idea that he can stay with her. As she gets off the phone, Tricia is standing in the doorway. She tells her she's looking for her, not Ryan. Victoria tells her that she knows about their new living arrangements where he'll be moving out. Victoria lays into her about her failed marriage. Tricia blames Ryan's attitude on her when Ryan walks in. He tells them both that he'll be staying with Neil. Tricia is relieved but Victoria doesn't look too happy. Tricia leaves. Victoria gives Ryan a cold stare. He asks her what went on with Tricia. She tells him not to worry about it because he won't believe her side of the story anyways. She tells him that Tricia is getting way out of control. She leaves
  • Nina and Harvey talking. She can't believe what he wants to do and quickly sends him away before Tomas could come out. Tomas comes out, talks to Nina. She tells him she has to go somewhere and leaves. She heads to the coffee house to talk to Harvey. She trys to convince him that Tomas' book is the one that should be made into a movie but he tells her it's her book he wants. He tosses around names of people he would like to see playing characters from her book but she doesn't want to hear it. He pulls out a contract to make it a movie but she resists. He assumes she has other offers but she tells him no. He puts the contract away, tells her he's staying at the Genoa City Hotel and will be leaving tomorrow so she has to make up her mind right away. He leaves. She pulls out her cell phone. She calls Hugh, her editor, telling him how Tomas will be so disappointed hearing producer guy, Harvey, doesn't want to do his book as a movie. As she hangs up, Tomas shows up
  • Victor is at the apartment. Just as he gets off the phone, Baldwin unlocks the door and walks in. Baldwin tells him not to attempt any physical harm. He also tells Victor that Diane is at the hospital, giving birth
  • Diane holding her baby at the hospital, talking to him when Leanna walks in all happy that she'll be getting her story. Leanna asks Diane to let the nurses allow the cameraman into her room but Diane says it won't happen until she figures out what Victor's reaction to all of it will be. Baldwin shows up in the room. They discuss digging up the dirt and exposing Victor through the media as it's the only way Diane will get what she wants from him. Diane says she doesn't want negative publicity until she finds out what Victor's reaction will be. Baldwin tells her Victor wasn't in a great mood finding out she's giving birth but that he'll be by to bring her clothes. She tells Baldwin and Leanna to leave. Victor shows up but doesn't say a word just yet
  • over in Milwaukee, Warton is calling Carter at the coffee house. Carter isn't happy he's calling there. Warton tells him about the rent due and how he hasn't received the money. Carter tells him it's a little difficult getting the money from Ryan. Warton hangs up on him. Tricia shows up at the coffee house looking for Carter. They talk. She tells him she went to see Victoria and that Ryan won't be staying with Victoria. He tells her they still have a plan and for her not to worry. He says that he has an alternate plan and that it'll cost $500 to work. She says she'll give it to him with the assurance it'll work. She kisses him and heads to the ATM
  • Ned and Mack at the shelter. He asks her about the Glow By Jabot House and how she participated in it. He leaves for a meeting. She picks up a pen and draws a heart on a piece of paper, then puts it down shaking her head. She then starts thinking back to before she and Billy were together and how he was showing signs of liking her and then tells her how he's been thinking about her a lot and when they kissed for the first time. She snaps out of it and Billy walks in. He tells her he can't stay today, that something has come up. He says he'll reschedule some other time. He tells her that it won't work out after she asks him about it. She tells him to just shut up and leave. He leaves
  • Ryan enters Neil's office. He tells him that he's moving out. Neil offers encouragement for things working out. Neil has reservations about where Ryan will be moving to and hopes it's not with Victoria, saying it'll be a big mistake
  • surveillance guy shows up at the apartment to talk to Victor. He hands Victor a transcript of Diane's talk with Baldwin

January 5, 2001

  • starts with Victors/Paul/Terrance listening to the tape of Baldwin and Diane talking about her trip to Kansas and seeing Hope. He ask her how she knew Hope and how to find her. Terrance leaves. Paul offers going to Kansas and talking to Hope but Victor says it's something he should handle himself. Victor calls Hope. She tells him that Diane was there to visit and that she told her that she and Victor Jr. live their own lives without any contact from Victor. She wonders how Victor can get Diane pregnant and leave her so insecure. He tells her it was done without his consent through medical ways. He tells her he's sad Victor Jr. isn't with him. They say their goodbyes. Hope cries. Victor then quips "Diane Jenkins...you're playing in the big leagues now." He heads to the apartment looking for Diane but she's not there
  • Diane and Baldwin at the apartment continuing their discussion about seeing Hope and how Victor has always supported Victor Jr. and hopes he'll do the same with her child. She tells him that she met Hope a while back but had help from Lianna in finding her and that she promised the inside scoop on her baby and the details about the whole pregnancy. Baldwin is not amused at her plan. She starts feeling contractions. Diane is at the hospital when in walks a nurse bringing in her newborn son
  • Tricia and Carter in her apartment when Ryan walks in. Carter hides somewhere as Ryan questions Tricia about what's going on now. She says nothing is wrong and they get into her night out once again. Carter, standing in the doorway, hidden, listens in. Ryan tells her he's been sending her mixed signals about sleeping in separate rooms yet wanting a marriage again and tells her he's come to a decision that will benefit both of them. His solution? They should stop living together. Tricia doesn't like it and wonders why he suddenly decided this. She accuses him of abandoning him. She pleads with him to not do this and give things more time. He says no and heads to his room but she begs him to come back out and talk to her, not because she wanted to say anything, but because Carter was hiding in his room. Ryan comes back, says a few words to her and then leaves the apartment. Carter comes back out from the bedroom. She breaks down over Ryan's decision. She tells him that she's absolutely sure Ryan will be moving in with Victoria and that if he does, she's "a dead woman"
  • Mack and Billy at the coffee house. They talk about Raul and Rianna heading off quickly. She tells him about his doctor's appointment. Billy goes into how Raul is scared of doctors and needles. Mack brings up how she's late for the shelter and helping the kids. She asks him to tell Raul to give her a call to let her know how the appointment goes. He agrees, depending on Raul's attitude towards him. Billy makes a call on his cell. He asks Mack if she meant it having him work at the shelter once again; she says yes, so he tells her that he'll be there that same afternoon because he missed spending time with the kids. He leaves to get changed; she doesn't look happy that he'll be there. Raul and Rianna come in and talk to Mack. He tells her the doctor said he's only got a cold and that it's nothing to worry about. Shelter director, Ned, calls for Mack, tells her that Billy will be at the shelter and wondered if it'll be ok with her. She says yes. Raul questions her about the call and Billy going back there to volunteer. Mack defend's Billy's decision to volunteer again. Rianna shows up but Raul tells her he has to take care of something and leaves. Mack and Rianna talk about Mack heading off to the shelter and she tells her how happy she feels working there
  • Nina and Tomas discuss Ryan's problems once again. They get into the critic that put down his work and the thoughts of his book becoming a screenplay. He leaves to take a shower. Movie producer guy, Harvey, shows up at Nina's door to let Nina know it's her book they want to make the film of, not Tomas'
  • Nick shows Sharon travel brochures for Hawaii and having a little trip of their own. Victoria comes in and tells Nick the whole Ryan thing is bugging her. She goes into the details then leaves. Nick and Sharon go back to talking about their vacation trip, then back to Victoria and her thinking about Ryan
  • Lynn and Marissa talk at Paul's office. Marissa tells her that she tendered her resignation. Lynn reminds her that the job is only part-time, but Marissa says it's ok and that she's put away some money. Paul shows up; Lynn is surprised. He tells her he's not going to Hong Kong and that Marissa can't work there now because she'd be a conflict of interest as they're investigating Diane. He said he'd reconsider it now that she's no longer working for Diane
  • Ryan shows up at Victoria's office with an apology for not showing up for the photo shoot. She tells him that he should put aside personal problems and show up for his job. He informs her he's moving out. Victoria is happy and offers her place to him
  • Mamie runs into Billy at the Abbott house and notices how happy he seems. He tells her he's off to the shelter to volunteer. She tells him how proud she is of him. She leaves. Raul shows up at the front door, telling him they have to talk now and it can't wait until after he gets back

January 4, 2001

  • show opens with Mack working at Crimson Lights when Billy enters. They talk about the holidays and how he watching bowl games and she was helping her father at the shelter. She talks about how it's a come down from the high of the webcast to serving customers at the shop. Billy finds a table and Brittany shows up and joins him. She tells him about her shopping plans with her mom and meeting up with him later. She tells him how special their relationship is and how they can talk about anything, something she's never had before. They kiss in front of Mack. Mack comes over and takes their order, makes a comment about brownies and how Brittany shouldn't have any as a slight crack about Brittany's weight, but walks away. Brittany tells Billy how she's happy she didn't see much of Mack during the party. She leaves. Rianna shows up and greets Raul. He tells her his doctor's appointment got pushed back yet another week. She makes a call to the doctor to see if he can squeeze him in today. Mack tells Billy the kids at the shelter are enjoying the computer he dropped off and that it's still an anonymous donation. He tells her he would like to volunteer once again and Mack says it'd be ok and that she doesn't hate him for all the stuff that went on. Rianna calls Mack over to try to urge Raul to go see the doctor. Her cell phone rings; she walk away. Raul asks Mack what happened once the webcast ended. She tells him nothing went on and that she just went home after saying goodnight to Billy. Rianna comes back and tells Raul the doctor can see him in 15 minutes; They leave. Billy watches Mack and they both have a chuckle from a distance
  • Nina at her apartment; doorbell rings; Ryan enters all ruffled over Tricia once again. Nina guesses she's having an affair and Ryan confirms he's thinking the same thing but can't prove a thing. Nina tells him how she can understand why Tricia might have turned to another guy for her physical needs as he was freezing her out in that department. Ryan leaves
  • Carter shows up at Tricia's; They talk; She's upset over Ryan grilling her and figuring out she's been cheating on him. Carter is worried about Tricia telling Ryan too much and possibly mentioning something to link him to it. He tries to smooth over his reaction with her. She tells him how scared she is about Ryan finding out about their affair. She wants him to help her save her marriage. They hear the door unlocking; Ryan is on the other side, about to enter with both Tricia and Carter in the living room
  • Marissa and Diane at the apartment. Diane looking 10 times more pregnant than she did the week before. She tells Marissa about her trip to Kansas. Marissa gives her a piece of paper, saying she's givving notice and that she's quitting as Diane's personal assistant, citing time to go separate ways. Baldwin shows up and asks Diane how her trip went. Diane shoos Marissa away so she can talk to Bladwin alone. Baldwin isn't happy having to rush over to see her. She informs him how she finally decided to take action, even if it's a small step with her visit to Kansas to see Hope. Baldwin wants to leave because he's had enough; she stops him by telling him she went to visit Hope
  • Victor at the office; Paul shows up to Victor's surprise. Victor offers his best wishes to Paul on his marriage. Victor wants Paul to take over the surveillance case, but Paul informs him all the cameras setup by the guy he recommended would have to be removed and replaced with his, which would take up too much time, so Victor accepts the other guy remaining on the case. Paul gets a call about Diane's car heading down I94 on her trip and lets Victor know. Victor lets Paul in on Diane claiming the unborn child she's carrying is his and that she brought Leanna into the mix and has become desperate, thus the need for following her every move. Paul's associate, Terrance, shows up at the office. He informs them that Baldwin showed up at the apartment as he was doing a sound check and presents Victor with a cassette of their conversation
  • Victoria and Phyllis are at the office going over the website numbers for the makeover. Phyllis tries to get info about Neil/Malcolm problems but Victoria offers no help. Phyllis probes into why Ryan wasn't present at the shoot and rakes him over the coals for not showing up; Victoria is not amused but says nothing. Subject switches back to the competition with Jabot and how Victoria's not satisfied their holiday campagin didn't do more to hurt Jabot. She suggests Phyllis use her personal relationship with Jack and Jabot to their advantage. Phyllis doesn't look too happy at that suggestion and tells Victoria how she wished she knew what kind of person she really was before she signed on with Brash & Sassy
  • at the Jabot boardroom, Brad and Ashley show up and she talks about a nursery for Abby at the lab so she could have her around all day. They get all kissy. Brad announces the court date for the adoption being in an hour; Ashley is surprised it was so soon and tells him her reaction is only based on her initial thinking of raising Abby by herself. Jack appears in the doorway, watching them. He walks in, Jill follows. They discuss their holiday promotion and how successful it was and they want to continue it with upcoming holidays, plus finding a new, more permanent Glow By Jabot House instead of the Pool House. Jill still wants to get a professional to take charge and have Mackenzie ousted. Brad and Ashley walk out because of their appointment at the court. Jill brings up Brash & Sassy and how they have to stay on top of them because B&S is not going to lay low. Jill gets on Jack about his plans with Phyllis and how it seems to have been a big failure. He tells her it's all ground work and that it'll pay off in due time

January 3, 2001

  • Victoria runs into Neil at Gina's and they talk about the Brash & Sassy site and Victoria starts talking about Ryan. Ryan calls her to tell her he can't make it to the photo shoot for the contest winner. He hangs up once Vicky brings up Tricia's name. Neil says he'll go with her to the studio because he would like to talk to his brother
  • Ryan thinks back to his talk with Tricia earlier about her seeing another man. Nina comes by looking for Phillip's gloves. They talk about Phillip and the holidays but he snaps at her when she suggests problems with Tricia. She leaves after he tells her he doesn't want to talk about things with Tricia. Ryan goes into Tricia's room and wakes her up to ask her once again who she was with and what she was doing. She tells him she went out to dinner, overheard a party location from a couple at another table and decided to go check it out. He starts grilling her about how she got there and back, trying to trap her in a lie, this time on where her car should be and shouldn't be. She tells him she's not lying or cheating on him then tells him that he shouldn't even be upset if she was because their marriage is surviving only in name because he doesn't want her anymore. He backs away and leaves the apartment without saying a word. She cries
  • Christina and Michael at the airport. They continue talking about Paul not joining her on the trip. She's uncertain what the future with Paul is from that point on. She's grateful to him for being there for her. Paul shows up looking for Christine. He sees her; they hug. She thinks he changed his mind about going, but he says he hasn't; she's crushed once again. He tells her he's only there because he couldn't let her leave without saying goodbye. Michael buys a single rose for Christine, but sees Paul talking to her and decides to keep his distance. Paul tells her that he can't live with her right now on her terms and that she can't seem to do the same in return, thus leaving them at an impass. She gets frustrated at him not willing to give the trip a try. Bording call comes over the speaker. She continues to cry. Paul offers encouragment to her on knocking them dead on the trip. She tells him she hopes she hasn't lost him as a result of this. They hug. They say their I love you's, kiss and she heads to the gate. They both break down and cry as she walks out of sight. Paul walks out the shot leaving Baldwin smirking as if to say "my plan is working"
  • Malcolm at the studio thinking about Nate when Phyllis comes in with the winner, Angie, of the Brash & Sassy contest for her photo shoot
  • over to Crimson Lights and we see Nick and Cassie talking about her homework. Miss Alex Perez butts in with the answer to Cassie's homework question about the American Revolution. Cassie shows off a goofy smile. She explains how she knows so much about history and passes along info where she can learn more. Alex finally introduces herself, but doesn't answer Nick's questions about her family or marital status and switches the conversation back to the HMO case. Nick and Cassie leave for the library
  • Neil and Vicky arrive at the photo studio and meet Phyllis; they talk. Angie and Malcolm walk out after her make-up session, showing off her shimmery outfit, complete with a top that had a plunging neckline. They start the camera rolling for the live webcast of the shoot. Malcolm starts taking pictures. Once the shoot is over, they all compliment Angie and how great she was. They send her off along with supplies from Brash & Sassy. Malcolm and Neil talk off to the side about the friction between them. Malcolm walks away and gives Vicky the memory card with the digital pictures of the shoot and walks out the studio. Vicky leaves to look at the pictures on the computer. Phyllis and Neil talk about how Malcolm seemed out of it and offers her help but Neil turns her down and tells her to stay out of it as it's none of her business. Phyllis leaves. Neil and Vicky talk about the pictures and the tension between him and his brother. She offers comforting words that all will be ok
  • Nina goes back to her apartment and is greeted by Tomas. They talk about Paul and Christine. She reads a rough draft of poetry Tomas wrote but gives a look as to say it's not so good and tells him that he's a novelist and not a poet. He didn't seem too happy hearing that. Topic switches to Ryan and Tricia's problems and her visit to Ryan's
  • Malcolm enters Crimson Lights and starts to talk to Alex. She offers to listen to his problems with Neil but he turns her down. He asks her out on a date. She accepts a date at Gina's for drinks and they'll take it from there. She leaves

January 2, 2001

  • Ryan wakes up from sleeping on the couch and goes searching Tricia's room for her but sees her bed hasn't been slept in
  • Tricia and Carter are at his place, waking up from spending the night together. They talk about her marriage and how she still wants Ryan. Carter suggests she leave Ryan so she could spend more time with him. Warton calls, Carter shoos Tricia away. She leaves. Warton gets upset over hearing the deal with the rave kid didn't go down. He informs Carter that the $500 rent on the apartment is due. Carter says he'll use Ryan's laptop to cut another check to take care of it. He thinks back to how he told Tricia not to leave Ryan in the past and how it's paying off now
  • Christine thinks back to her talk with Paul from the previous day. Doorbell rights. Nina shows up from her trip with Tomas. They talk about Christine's idea of getting pregnant while on her Hong Kong trip, but she brushes it off. Nina informs Christine she accepted Tomas' wedding proposal. Christine doesn't tell Nina that Paul won't be joining her. Nina leaves. Christine cries
  • Brad and Abby bonding. Ashley walks in wearing only a shirt. They talk about when they'll finally be able to resume their intimate relationship since she needs to be given the ok from the doctors first. They get all kissy. Brad brings up his daughter, Colleen, and how he hasn't been a father to her as she's growing up and how he doesn't want to make the same mistake with Abby. Ashley puts Abby to bed and sits with Brad. They talk about plans for the day. It goes nowhere. They go back to talking about Brad being a father to Abby, in every sense of the word, meaning going ahead with having Brad adopt Abby. Brad is overjoyed
  • Malcolm at Gina's. Neil walks in. Malcolm acts hostile towards him as a result of Neil taking Olivia's side in her plans of phasing him out of Nate's life. Malcolm walks out. Pushy Newman Enterprises HMO lawyer approaches Neil at his table. She butts into Neil/Malcolm's disagreement. Neil resents it, but listens to her. He asks her about her family situation but she turns it back onto his problems with Malcolm. She leaves
  • Malcolm visits Olivia at the hospital, wants to discuss Nate with her. Words are said. He tells her that it's not about him not being a good father or stable, but it's her desires to have Neil. Nothing is solved. He walks out
  • Phyllis visits Michael Baldwin at the office; brings coffee. She tells him about her New Year's with Malcolm. She tells him how she tried calling him, but she tells her he unplugged his phone cuz he didn't care for any of that stuff. She brings up Christine heading off the Hong Kong and rubs in how happy Christine will be there with her husband and how he'll be suffering cuz he wants her. She leaves
  • Tricia gets home; Ryan confronts her. She displays an attitude towards him; Ryan wants answers to why she wasn't home all night. Tricia tells him she went to a party. Ryan questions her; asks her if she was with someone all night. She avoids answering and head to her room
  • Michael visits Christine at her apartment, bringing last minute documents for her. Michael senses something is wrong and asks. She tells him Paul won't be joining her. They talk about it. Michael comforts her with a hug. Michael takes her to the airport, she goes back for her briefcase, looks around the apartment with sadness as her goodbye, then leaves. Ends with a shot of Paul and Christine in a photo

January 1, 2001

  • Carter's connection to the rave informs him the rave is off cuz the location they wanted to use fell through
  • Brittany and Mack talk about why Brittany always discusses how wonderful things are between her and Billy only in front of Mack
  • Mack asks Brittany if Billy gave her a reason to wait to take their relationship to the next level; Brittany can't answer
  • Brittany tells Mack that she won't be stealing Billy from her again
  • Neil, Olivia and Nate are at Gina's when Malcolm walks in to surprise a disappointed Nate when he couldn't join them at the movies. Olivia is not amused
  • party at the Glow By Jabot House gets going with the playing of "Hit Me Baby One More Time". The makeovers begin for the contestant winners as Mack monitors the webcast and can't stop longing for Billy
  • Carter makes a sale to rave guy to buy 30 hits of esctasy; informs rave guy that he's the middleman for Nick
  • Nick calls Sharon a "hottie" after she reveals her new swanky red dress, and her figure. They ring in the new year at Crimson Lights all alone; they make out on a table
  • Phyllis, Ryan and Victoria are at the office checking out their contest for Brash & Sassy, but Victoria is uninterested and grumpy. Her grumpy mood stems from her wanting Ryan again but he's still trying to fix things with Tricia
  • Paul and Christine discuss his decision to not join her in Hong Kong. He claims that she'll be working the whole time and he'll be just sitting around, thus feeling it's a waste of time for him and their marriage. Christine pleads with him to join her for at least a couple of weeks, but he turns her down. He tells her it's not the first time they've made plans and backed out at the last minute (referring to how she agreed to having kids and then backing completely away after the miscarriage); she runs off crying
  • Carter comes back to his apartment and meets Tricia to celebrate the new year. She asks Carter about the drugs she found and he covers it up and says it's for his meds for asthma. She wonders why he never mentioned he had a problem before; he brushes it off. They start making out; Tricia's cell phone rings but Carter tells her it's not as important as their making out session. It's Ryan calling wondering where she is since it's past midnight
  • back at the apartment, Olivia tells Neil how much she hates Malcolm always showing up whenever he pleases and wants to put restrictions on his visiting Nate
  • Phyllis and Malcolm run into each other at Gina's and talk about their problems in relation to their kids, Nate and Daniel
  • Glow By Jabot House party ends and both Jack and Jill are very happy at the amount of hits the site has generated. Mack is proud of her job putting it together; Jack compliments her on a fine job
  • Mack waits for her ride home when Billy arrives; he goes to make hot chocolate and Mack's ride arrives. She gets ready to leave and notices a note fall out of Billy's jacket. It was the username Billy had jotted down from the webchat, which happened to be her, though he doesn't know it. She gives Billy a kiss on the cheek; they wish each other Happy New Year and she leaves

Storylines leading to the end of 2000:

  • Paul informs Christine that he won't be going to Hong Kong with her
  • Trisha visits Carter's apartment, but he's on his way out so she asks him if she could use the bathroom. He says it's ok and tells her to lock up before she leaves
  • while in Carter's apartment, Trisha stumbles across a bag with remains of the drugs Carter and Warton were using to frame Nick with
  • Mack's nerves over taking control of the website shows as she couldn't get a graphic to show on the site and Jill lays into her about how incompentent she is, but Raul steps in and spots a link typo and all is well with the world again
  • the winners of the "Spend New Year's at the Glow By Jabot House" contest arrive and meet the Glow kids
  • Victor asks Paul to follow Diane's every move but Paul informs him that he and Christine will be heading off to Hong Kong after the new year and won't be able to do the job
  • Paul recommends someone to take over the job for Victor
  • Victor opts for having a surveillance camera installed in the apartment
  • Victor is suspecious of Diane and her meetings with Leanna, so he looks for a solution and contacts Paul
  • Diane is in Kansas to see Hope and discuss' Victor and how she is also pregnant with Victor's baby
  • Jack, to Jill's strong objections, asks Mack to take over as webmaster of the Glow By Jabot site since he can't find anyone else at the last minute
  • Jill says that web designers in that field are geniuses and are more intelligent than Mack, which angers Mack and she accepts Jack's offer and in turn, infuriates Jill
  • Carter and Warton plot against Nick with their plans to make it look like Nick is dealing Estasy to kids
  • Raul and Rianna want Mack to join them for the New Year's Eve party at the Glow By Jabot House since her plans for a party fell though, so she considers it and agrees, but changes her mind after another run-in with Jill