March 16, 2001

  • the Newmans come out of the courtroom all stunned and in tears at the judge's ruling. They call Victoria to tell her what's gone on. Silva comes out to tell them he'll file an appeal but it may take up to 2 weeks before the judge will hear it. Nikki comes back to tell them that Victoria isn't there and is in Boston for unknown reasons. They all head over to the coffee house to talk to Cassie and Noah about Nick being away for a while and that he's with the police trying to clear up the mistake. Also that she should ignore anything her friends say about Nick. They all cry
  • Victoria stops by at Gina's on her way to the airport because they've run into a little car trouble along to way. Ryan comes in and they both talk about seeing Megan. He tells her how he's grateful she did talk to Carter about Tricia because she saw how much help Tricia needs
  • Carter talks to Cody on the phone. Cody asks him to fill in for him because he's been asked to go give a statement but has no word on Nick's bail hearing. They hang up and Carter talks to Tricia in his apartment about the trouble Nick is in. She's shocked to hear that they're accusing Nick of the crime. They both start getting in an argument about him not looking out for her when the phone rings. Tricia picks up quickly to get him to stop shouting but doesn't say anything when she hears Victoria's voice. Carter takes it from her and talks to Victoria about if he knows where Tricia is. He tells her that he hasn't seen her anywhere but would let her know if he does. After he hangs up, she's all over him telling him how she trusts him completely now by what he's done for her. He then tells her to stay low and don't go anywhere to find him. She agrees. He leaves for the coffee house
  • at the Jabot boardroom, Ashley and Brad talk Glow by Jabot business. He tells her that they could tag along on the spring break and make the tropical trip the honeymoon they never had. He sells her the idea that with Jack and Jill there, there won't be much need for his and her input and they could be left alone. When Ashley has concernes about leaving Abby, he tells her that she'll be coming too so there's no need for worries about anything. She tells him that she doesn't really want to take Abby anywhere and doesn't want to leave her alone so basically she's turning down the trip
  • Paul gets word from Lynn when Christine is due back in Hong Kong. Isabella comes in. Lynn and Marissa leave. Paul tells her that they haven't noticed anyone following her. He then tells her that he'll be leaving town for a few days. She's disappointed hearing that and pleads with him to stay and let someone else handle his trip. He tells her he can't and has to go. Just before Isabella can ask Paul out to dinner, Mary shows up and blurts out to Paul that his trip to see his wife is a misguided one. Paul asks Isabella to leave. Paul then blows up with Mary and tells her to leave but they argue. She tells him about Baldwin going to Hong Kong
  • Phyllis shows up at Gina's and notices some guy named Robert Bailey from the Baltimore Ravens, like I could care less who he is, nor would I recognize him. She offers to show him around town but he tells her that his girlfriend knows her way around town. He leaves. Phyllis then sees Mary Williams sitting at her table. Mary tells her that she needs answers right away. She wants to know what's going on with Christine from anything Baldwin has mentioned. Phyllis doesn't want to get involved but Mary pushes her. Phyllis tells her that maybe she should go talk to Baldwin directly but says "oh, that's right, you can't because he's in Hong Kong" and pretends she let it slip but we know it's just an act. Mary leaves with a worried look on her face when Phyllis tells her he's there on business. Phyllis then calls Baldwin to find out how things are going in Hong Kong
  • Olivia and Mamie talk about Malcolm and Nate at the Abbott house. Olivia tells her that she's decided to cut Malcolm out completely. They go into the same crap we've heard before so I fast forwarded through that part. That's one of the benefits of having the show on tape! Olivia leaves to see Neil after getting a call from him
  • Neil gets a visit from Alex at his office. She tells him that she talked to Malcolm and that he's in rough shape. Neil asks her where he is because he wants to talk to him. She then tells him that Malcolm's anger isn't only directed at Olivia, but him too. Alex leaves. Neil calls Olivia and tells her he wants to see her at her apartment

March 15, 2001

  • no show was available due to crap called NCAA basketball

March 14, 2001

  • no show was available due to crap called NCAA basketball

March 13, 2001

  • Victor, Silva and Nick meet in the courtroom where Nick tells them that someone had to have been trying to set him up by the way all the evidence collected looks. Silva hesitates when Nick asks him if he thinks he could get bail for him. Nikki and Sharon show up for support. The judge enters. DA Richards tells the court that Nick was operating a well organized, professional operation and should be denied bail. Silva puts up a fight against him. Victor stands up to speak to the judge, telling him he's got his word that his son will not be leaving town, and that no airplane or helicopter will leave the ground without the court's permission to show that Nick won't be leaving town. The court appreciates that. Sharon then gets up to speak on Nick's behalf, telling them how upstanding Nick is to the community and to his family. The judge speaks out afterwards with his ruling. He denies bail and is sent back to the jail. Everyone cries but Nick tells them he'll be alright. Victor tells him that he won't rest until he finds out who did this to him and they'll regret ever doing this to his family. They take Nick away
  • Billy and Brittany go over travel brochures to the tropical island they're going for spring break. She looks at the trip as a fresh start for the two of them. She goes for something to drink and he starts daydreaming about the trip and making out with Brittany. In the fantasy, she tells him she's going to change out of her swimsuit but goes behind a sheet and he watches her shadow changing. She then comes out from behind the curtain and turns into Mack. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her anymore but that's what seems to happen everytime they're together. She asks him how he feels and he tells her he cares about her so much. She suddenly turns back into Brittany as he says that. He comes out of the dream when Brittany comes back asking him which one he chooses (in relation to the drinks but to him it's a choice between her or Mack). He tells her his mind wandered to the island and it involved her, but that's all
  • Malcolm and Alex continue their talk about what Olivia plans on doing to his relationship with Nate. Malcolm blows up in frustration and tosses things aside. He then tells her that he's lost and he can't win this fight and concludes he's lost his son and can't do anything about it
  • Neil puts up a fight with Olivia on behalf of his brother because he thinks she's doing the wrong thing but she's stubborn and doesn't listen to his argument. After a long argument, she leaves
  • at Walnut Grove, Rianna and Mack chat. Mack asks her what she's seen in Billy in terms of a reaction to him seeing her and JT together. Rianna pushes to find out if Mack is playing a game to get to Billy but she doesn't answer. Rianna then asks her if she's dating JT for other reasons. Again, she doesn't answer. Raul shows up looking sick again but wants to talk to the two of them about the spring break stuff but JT shows up to tell them that JT and Mack have plans together for spring. The both leave. Raul feels light-headed and almost faints. Rianna tells him to see a doctor again. He tells her there's nothing wrong and doesn't want to go but she begs him to go. Some woman shows up to tell Raul his mother needs him home right away. He leaves alone
  • JT and Mack go to the coffee house and sit together at a table. She's not too pleased the way he was laying it on around her friends and tells him she doesn't think they should continue it. JT tells her that they should maybe kick things up a notch before Billy and Brittany leave for the island so he doesn't forget while away

March 12, 2001

  • Nikki shows up at the court house in shock as she's now learning about what's going on
  • Tricia suggests to Carter that he head off to Indianapolis to set up and get comfortable and she'll join him later but he turns that down. She then makes a call to the apartment but her father answers. She tells him she's leaving town for a while and that she doesn't want to talk to him for a long time. When he asks her to let him know where she is so they could talk one last time, she tells him she's already out of town and then hangs up. Carter comes back with food and she tells him that she made the call to the apartment and Carter blows up
  • Billy and Brittany are shocked to see Mack and JT kissing. Billy takes off and Brittany tells Rianna what she just saw. Rianna tells her that Mack and JT are dating, much to Brittany's surprise. Brittany is happy to hear that
  • Mack gets upset with JT off to the side for doing that but he tells her that they have to make things seem real or else no one will believe their game
  • Jill comforts Jack about telling everyone what Brash & Sassy is up to. She tells him that it would be wise if he still breaks things off with Phyllis but Jack gets upset and tells her to drop it. He then calls Billy to inform him of the new campaign plans and wants all of them at Jabot
  • Ryan meets with Victoria in her office. They talk about Tricia once again. He gets a call from Keith saying that Tricia has left town and doesn't know where she is. Victoria tells him that it might be best to just let her go but he won't do that. She then suggests they ask Tricia's sister, Megan, if she knows anything. He decides to go to Boston to see her. Victoria decides she's going with him
  • Neil paces around his office. Alex walks in. They both can't seem to find Malcolm. He tells her that Malcolm had gone to see Olivia but doesn't know what happened and where he is now. She tells him that she did in fact talk to him but he's in no mood to talk to anyone right now. She asks for some case related info...he gives it to her and she leaves. Olivia shows up. Neil tells her about the father/son thing and how Nate was feeling like she's keeping Malcolm from him. She tells him about the argument she had with Malcolm at the hospital. She then tells him about her plans to cut off Malcolm from Nate. Neil can't believe that
  • Raul runs into Rianna at school when Billy comes over to tell them they have to head over to Jabot for some news. Mack passes them as they're heading out. Rianna turns around and smiles at her, for whatever reason
  • Malcolm pouts at his studio. Alex shows up to talk to him about what's bothering him. He tells her about the whole Nate/Olivia thing. She tells him that she can see where Olivia is coming from but not in a bad way. He threatens to expose Olivia to Nate but Alex tells him that it's wrong if he did that so he backs off of that plan. He then goes on to say that he lost so much in the past year, his wife, now his son and soon, his brother
  • over at Jabot, Jack and Jill meet the kids to ask them if they'd like to spend spring break on a beach in the Florida Keys. They all seem thrilled. After the meeting, Rianna tells Raul about Brittany finding out about Mack and JT but tells him that she's got a feeling that there's nothing he should worry about. In the boardroom, Jill tells Brittany that she's happy about the trip because it means they'll be miles away from Mack. When Brittany talks to Billy, she tells him how happy she is that Mack finally has someone and will now leave them alone
  • in court, Silva and Richards argue their cases in front of the judge. Richards tells the judge that after hearing the evidence, he would hope that he'll deny bail and keep Nick in jail. Nick blows up as Richards is presenting his arguments to the judge, prompting the judge to warn him to keep quiet. Richards then goes on to say that charging Nick with murder for the death of Jordan isn't out of the question later on. Silva asks for a few minutes to talk to Nick
  • after their meeting at Jabot, Raul and Rianna run into Mack. They don't want to tell her what the meeting was about but they tell her anyways. Mack seems happy for them on the surface. Rianna talks to Mack in private to tell her that her plan with JT is working but Mack denies there's any sort of plan, though Rianna doesn't buy that and walks away after telling her it's getting to Billy. Mack smiles at that