March 23, 2001

  • due to taping problems, I didn't get to see this episode or one episode during the week. How sad for me =(

March 22, 2001

  • Sharon visits Nick in jail. She tells him he might be in there for at least 2 weeks. Nick is upset to hear that
  • Warton is all flustered over Victor's visit and decides to make a call to the coffee house to find Carter. Cody answers and tells him Carter isn't there, then wonders why he wants to talk to Carter. Warton hangs up
  • Phyllis and Jill talk in Jack's office. Jill tells her that she's being used by Jack. Phyllis blows up with Jill and tells her to butt out of her life and is saying that because she doesn't like her personally. Jill proves it to her by telling her the info Jack found out about Brash & Sassy's spring campaign with the concerts and stuff. Phyllis is shocked. When Jack gets back, he finds Phyllis with tears and gets a big slap from her
  • Mack and Billy continue their online chat from school. She asks Billy if he's still got feelings for this other girl and he answers her with a yes and that they're strong feelings. She tells him he can't go on like that, with one girl and wanting another. At that moment, JT comes over and she quickly logs out. Billy notices the two of them leaving. Brittany tells Billy that her parent's plans got cancelled and they decide to go meet up at the pool house. When Mack and JT talk, she tells him that she's been thinking about things and that they should put an end to the game they've been playing but JT tries to convince her not to do that
  • over at the coffee house, Rianna and Raul meet up. He tells her he's got an appointment with the doctor in a few minutes. She's happy to hear that. He leaves
  • Ashley gets a visit from Brad in the lab. He's got a report for her but she doesn't say a word. She's upset he didn't come home last night and he blames her for it from the way she tore into him about Jack's life. Jack walks in and tells her she can't do anything about what he does. Sean shows up and asks about the tapes. Jack tells him they're at the pool house and that's it's ok Mack helps him out. Sean then asks if it's ok Mack work at the pool house while he works at Jabot. They all agree and he leaves to get in touch with Mack. Sean leave. Ashley then asks Jack if he's serious about a relationship with Phyllis and doesn't like it that he might be. Jack then tells her that if she gets in the way, she'll regret it. Brad agrees with him and tells Ashley to just back away from that
  • Victor shows up at the jail to see Sharon and Nick talking then asks Carter why he was there. He tells her he gave Sharon a ride over. Victor brushes off Carter when he gives his speech about caring about Nick and Sharon and goes to see Nick. He tells Nick about his suspicions about Warton but no concrete evidence on him yet
  • Raul shows up at the doctor's office. Just before the doctor sees Raul, he reads some letter that arrived for him and seems upset by it. He then checks out Raul. The doctor tells him to check back in 6 weeks if the symptoms persist. Once Raul leaves the doctor pulls out his letter and shakes his head. Raul heads back to school and lets Rianna know how it went. She still seems worried but accepts it as it's the diagnosis of the doctor, though Raul can't stop drinking water as he's constantly thirsty
  • when Carter and Sharon get back to the coffee house, Cody tells him that he got a call and that it sounded like Warton. Sharon is shocked to hear that. Just then, we see Warton walking outside the coffee house. Warton comes in and causes a scene and shouts out to Carter that he's trying to set him up and that he's not going to take the fall for the drug thing. Everyone is shocked
  • at the pool house, Brittany and Billy start making out but Billy hesitates, yet continues

March 21, 2001

  • Warton is surprised to see Victor at his door. Victor asks him why he thinks he's there to accuse him of having something to do with Nick being busted. Warton looks like he slipped up. When asked how he knew Nick was arrested, Warton tells him he heard about it on the news. Victor asks him why he showed up in Genoa City after being paroled and why he relocated to Milwaukee, the same place Nick was opening up another coffee house. Warton gets all defensive. When Warton tries to leave, Victor grabs him and pins him against the door and demands he tell him all he knows. Victor warns him and then lets him go and leaves
  • Sharon finds out reporters were at the coffee house and that Carter threw them out. She thanks Carter for doing that. She wants to go see Nick at the jail but forgot she doesn't have a car with her. Carter offers her his car and she accepts. She asks him if he'd mind driving her. He tells her ok and then asks her what her lawyers are doing on the case but she doesn't have much to tell him. She starts to break down and he comforts her. They arrive at the jail and Sharon tries to get him to see Nick but he turns her down
  • Jill shows up at the Jabot boardroom to find Brad shaving. She asks him what's up with that and he tells her he was working all night there. They talk about the spring campaign and setting up a board meeting. Ashley shows up and they all talk about Nick Newman and what it might be doing to Nikki. The webmanster Sean shows up. Sean brings up ideas, such as highlights from last summer and New Year's Eve of the Glow Kids leading up to spring break. We get the sense that this guy is flirting with Jill and I think Ashley is picking up on that. He then tells them he'd like to see all the footage from the summer in the pool house and show the public some more stuff but the rest of them don't look too enthused over that as it was a painful one for Mack and Billy and Brittany. Jill tells him that it'll take forever to go through all those tapes but he tells her he'd like help in the form of Mack. Jill tells them all that she's opposed to Mack joining in. Sean leaves and the rest of them argue over Mack and Jack's relationship with Phyllis. Ashley storms out. Jill then wonders if Brad sleeping there last night wasn't because of something more as she noticed Ashley didn't say two words to him during the meeting
  • Phyllis shows up at Jack's office. They talk about their relationship. They start kissing. Jill opens the door and sees that but doesn't say a word and leaves. The phone rings and Jack is called out. He leaves and she uses his phone. She then sees Jill in the doorway
  • Billy and Mack talk in the halls of the school about a chem test they both wrote. She asks him if she knew if Raul went to the doctor but he doesn't know as he didn't know Raul was sick. She then offers an ear if he ever needs to talk about things with Brittany but he tells her he can handle his own problems, then walks away. She follows him and continues the talk, telling him they could still remain friends, despite all that has happened in the past. He seems open to that. He tells her that it's not that he doesn't want to talk about things but it's that he doesn't know how to explain it. Brittany shows up and throws the trip in Mack's face but Mack tells her that Raul is trying to get Jack to include her as sort of payback for helping them out on New Year's but won't accept if they do ask her to go. Once Brittany leaves, Billy heads to the computer hoping to find the person he was chatting with so he could talk to her. At that moment, Mack sees him logging on and smiles. She then sneaks over to another computer and logs into the chatroom to talk to him
  • Neil and Alex talk about the case in his office. He compliments her hard work. Before she leaves, Neil asks her about Malcolm and how he's doing. She tells him he's still miserable and that he told Olivia he won't be supporting her on her stance

March 20, 2001

  • Mack rushes into the coffee house all shocked that Nick got arrested. Carter and Cody tell her to just be there for Sharon. Two reporters show up and talk to Carter and Cody. Cody tells them Nick was framed and is innocent, along with denying there was a drug ring going on at the coffee house. Carter takes charge and tells them to leave. After threatening them with the private property thing, they leave. Carter calls Warton and they both laugh over the whole Nick thing. Warton then gets upset that Carter's still in Genoa City. Carter tells him he's still there because Warton's name came up as a suspect. When asked if he was the one to bring it up, Carter tells him it was Cody but Warton wonders if it's not Carter doing this so he could walk away free. Carter denies it and hangs up
  • Victor meets with Silva in his office over the case. They discuss the possiblities of Warton being involved when they hear that Warton left town for his new job in Milwaukee, the same place where the police found evidence against Nick. Silva decides to follow up on that lead. Victor brings up the name Matt Clark as it was brought up to him by Carter. Silva leaves
  • Nate looks all bummed out for school as he talks to his mother. She tells him they need to talk but he walks away. She tells him they could play catch with the football after school but he tells her he plays catch with his dad, then walks out the front door
  • Malcolm and Alex get ready for the day at his place. They talk about stuff but I zone out again because they're boring. I tune back in when Olivia shows up and barges in, then notices Alex there in just a shirt. Alex goes to the shower and Olivia and Malcolm talk. He hands her Nate's football. She gets on his case about one minute he's all heartbroken over Nate and the next, he's sleeping with the first available woman. What's it to her what Malcolm does in his personal life? Is he supposed to stay miserable and suffer all of the time? I think she's just pissed off that her plan to hurt him 24/7 isn't working. What a bitch! Once Olivia leaves, Alex comes back down and comforts him. She leaves for work
  • Paul checks into his office and talks to Lynn about his trip to Hong Kong and how he'll only go once Baldwin gets back. Isabella shows up to hear that part and is happy he's staying. They go into his office to talk. He shares personal feelings of what she's going through and she appreciates that. She then leaves with Marissa
  • Billy shows up at the coffee house and sits out on the patio, thinking about his dream when Brittany shows up. She brings up the spring break trip. She tells him her parents are out for the day and they can go there after school to be alone. He doesn't answer right away as he notices Mack and she notices him back. He tells her he wishes she gave him advanced notice because he's got a history project due the next week. She tells him she's not inviting him over for milk and cookies, but he still turns her down. Billy goes for more coffee and JT comes in to talk to Brittany, telling her how sad she sounds begging Billy to sleep with her. She brushes him off and turns it around to his involvment with Mack. Billy comes back and asks what that was all about
  • Rianna and Raul talk at school. She asks what happened with his mom and he tells her his grandma in Cuba is sick and requires an operation. When hearing his parents will be going down there, she offers her extra room at her place to him. He hesitates but she tries her best to get him to say yes. He tells her his parents aren't going to go for that. They get onto the doctor thing for him but he tells her not to worry about it because he's fine. She suggests him go see the doctor Jack recommended him to but he says no. She threatens to go talk to his parents but he tells her not to, then walks away
  • Nikki and Sharon talk at the ranch when Cassie, Miguel and Noah come out, ready for school. Sharon takes Cassie. They come back a couple of minutes later after running into reporters, calling Nick a drug dealer and murder in front of Cassie. Kay shows up and offers to take Cassie to school because there's more fear in seeing an old woman driving a car at them than an younger woman
  • Mack shows up at school and talks to Rianna about Raul being sick for months now and how he's not going to see the doctor. Mack pleads with him to go too and he promises he'll get the insurance info. Rianna tells him she'll make sure he does and they start to kiss in front of Mack
  • Victor shows up at Warton's apartment in Milwaukee, shocking Warton

March 19, 2001

  • the Newman family all talk about the rough time they're going through. After Carter talks to Sharon, Victor questions her about Carter because he has this feeling about him. After the rest of them leave, Victor heads over to talk to Carter at the bar. Victor tells him that it's an honourable thing he's doing passing up his dream job. Cody comes back from talking to the DA. Victor tells them that he believes Nick is being framed and asks the two of them who they might suspect doing that to Nick
  • Cody tells Carter that Nick was denied bail and is in jail right now. Carter has a big grin on his face after hearing that. He then heads over to Sharon and the rest of the Newmans to offer sympathy and to tell her that he's going to call and put the coaching job on hold so he could stick around to help them. Cody suggests Larry Warton but Carter tries to offer up another name to get them to lay away from Warton and suggests the name Matt Clark
  • Phyllis talks to Baldwin on the phone. He asks her how Paul found out he was in Hong Kong so she tells him she told Mary after Mary was insulting her. He then tells her that he's not worried about Paul because he's there on business
  • Mary tells Paul about Baldwin being in Hong Kong. He wants to know how Phyllis just happened to mention it because that's not something that would just come out like that. She tells him that the most important thing is that he's there with her. He tells her that he's probably there for business because they're partners. Mary leaves. Lynn comes back in. Paul tells her to call Baldwin's office to find out if he's in Hong Kong. Lynn comes back to tell him Baldwin is in Hong Kong and that he got there that same day. Just then, Marissa and Isabella comes in. Isabella tells Paul she just got a call on her cell from her husband and is scared. Marissa fills Paul in on the details surrounding what they were doing when the call came through. Paul talks to Isabella alone. She tells him that her husband threatened her for not backing him up in court. She tells him he was arrested for theft but didn't have a criminal background and that leads Paul to tell her that her husband doesn't seem to be someone that would follow through with something like that but she doesn't buy that. She begs him to stay and not go on his trip, even threatening him that she'll leave and never come back
  • Jill walks into the Jabot boardroom to see Ashley and Brad smooching away. Jack comes in afterwards saying don't bother with Jill because he's going through "sexual dissatisfaction". The two of them argue but John breaks it up. They all talk about the Glow by Jabot campagin but John is concerned about how they found out this information about Brash & Sassy. Jack tells him that's for another day. Some guy named Sean comes in, wearing beach attire, which is appropriate for winter, don't you think? He's a webmaster, the Jabot site webmaster. Guess I missed the show they mentioned him. Anyways, they wonder where Nikki is because she's never usually late or misses a meeting. They start the meeting without her though Jack can't help but wonder if something's wrong with Nikki. They decide to launch the campaign on the web. John clicks a button on his laptop to fire it up. Jack excuses himself but not before Jill jabs him with comments about Phyllis. Ashley then approaches Jill about what she was saying and Jill tells her that if they all really wanted the relationship between Jack and Phyllis to end, they could always call Phyllis and tell her what Jack has been doing
  • Mamie pays Malcolm a visit at his apartment to pick up Nate's things. He lets her in. They talk and she wants to tell him something but hesitates and doesn't. He gives her all Nate's stuff he packed up. Mamie tells him that she's concerned about what he'll say to Nate when they do talk. He tells her how this sounds like Olivia so Mamie backs off. He then asks her to tell Nate that he'll always love him and think about him. She agrees
  • Olivia heads home and talks to Julia. Julia tells her that Nate isn't in a good mood, then leaves. Olivia calls Nate out. She's about to tell him about her plans with Malcolm when the doorbell rings. He runs to answer it thinking it might be Malcolm but turns out to be Neil. He grumbles and walks away. Neil tells Olivia her whole idea involving Malcolm and Nate stinks and he doesn't want any part of it. When she asks him if he can support her at a time when she needs it, he tells her he can't support this and that Nate will never get over it if she follows through. Neil leaves. Nate comes out
  • Jack meets with Phyllis at Gina's but as they're kissing, Phyllis tells him they can't do this because they have to break things off, citing if Victoria found out they're still together she'll want more information. Her solution is to take their relationship underground for now. He tells her that he wants to go to her apartment, right now. I wonder what he wants...hmmm.