March 30, 2001

  • Nikki brings ice cream over to Sharon's place and Sharon breaks down and cries over Nick. Sharon remembers Noah's birthday is in 2 weeks but is concerned how they'd all feel if Nick isn't out of jail by then
  • Victoria and Ryan yap about Tricia and the guy she's with. Keith comes in and lays into Ryan and Victoria once again. Ryan then tells him that there's been no activity on Tricia and his bank accounts since she left. Keith then says that it must be a good thing that her new guy is taking care of her. Ryan has to admit it seems that way and Keith then backs down his hostility. He tells him that he sold the house they had there in Genoa City because it's staying empty. He decides to go to Indianapolis to see if he can find her
  • Tricia tries to make Carter feel happy that Warton is behind bars because that's where he's supposed to be after assulting him, but he's not. When searching through is drawer of clothes, Carter comes across the bottle of knockout drugs he slipped Sharon and thinks back to that night of the dinner. Tricia comes back out from her shower and they start kissing. He tells her he's got to go to work and stops her cold. Tricia tells him that they haven't made love in a while and wants it but he turns her down. The super comes knocking on the door asking for help getting a ladder up into the attic so Carter leaves to help, reluctantly. Tricia opens Carter's drawers and finds the drugs he was looking at but Carter then appears as she's got it in her hands
  • JT and Mack continue their talk about Billy and Brittany but Mack tells him she thinks Brittany is a liar about everything she tells him. He tells her that it's no lie this time. Mack still doesn't buy any of it. He then reminds her that she's no where ready to have sex with Billy. She doesn't fight that but tells him that all guys aren't always after that. She's convinced that Billy will be blown away once finding out what happened in the pool house but JT throws cold water on that idea
  • Rianna and Raul chat about Billy and how Brittany isn't with him. Raul still doesn't want to try to be buddy buddy with Billy anymore. Over to Billy at the computer, he thinks back to kissing Mack when they were together. Rianna gets upset with Raul over his not trusting her thoughts and she walks out
  • at the pay phone, Brittany tries to come up with a way to get the tape away from Mack when Billy comes over and wonders why she's all worked up. She changes the subject and tells him it's all over her forgetting her gloves at the pool house and has to get them. Billy offers to take her and refuses to say no. At the pool house, they look but can't find gloves. She suggests to look in the main house but he tells her that he's onto her about wanting to go there and starts making moves on her when she tells him to stop it in a rough way. She tells him she's sorry and goes back to looking for the gloves because it was a present given to her by her mother. Billy is skeptical about it because she's never been sentimental about anything but goes to the main house. Brittany searches through a box of tapes and finds the tape she's looking for. She pulls out the tape from inside the cassette and damages it by breaking it. Billy comes back and se tells him she found the gloves. Billy goes for water and she hides the tape in her bag
  • Paul arrives at his office and asks Lynn to get a picture of Matt Clark and distribute it to the plastic surgeons in the midwest. She then brings up his plan to go to Hong Kong. He tells her that's on hold, at least until Baldwin gets back. Lynn tries to change his mind but he doesn't budge. They then talk business when Isabella and Marissa come walking in with good news. They tell him there was no sign of anyone following them so Paul suggests she take her car and get off the freeway at a designated exit and if anyone is following her, they'll be sure to spot it then. Paul then shows her the article he found on her husband and brings up the thought that he was sent away for a long time because he might have been involved in more than assult on her. Lynn then comes in and tells Paul Baldwin is back from Hong Kong but will make the call to go over once he's done with Isabella, or so we're lead to believe
  • Mack runs into Raul at the coffee house and notices he looks tired and offers a room at the Chancellor estate but he turns it down. He tells her that if she does tell Billy about what she found on the tape, things might not go the way she wants. She tells him that she'll hold onto the info for a while and if she decides to reveal things, she'll have proof

March 29, 2001

  • Warton and Nick tough it out in jail. Nick watches Warton doing push ups in his cell and thinks back to the first time they were in jail together and the fight they had. Once Warton is through with his workout, he notices Nick looking at him. He suggests they scrap it out, one on one. Nick offers him a deal. Let the guards let them settle it one on one, but Warton has to write out a signed confession beforehand. If Nick wins, he gets the confession. If Warton wins, Nick will get his lawyers to pay off the person he assulted and Warton will walk free. Warton tells him he doesn't mind going a few rounds with him but he doesn't have anything to confess. Nick reminds him that he'll never be free again and that's when Warton starts mumbling to himself, saying "damn you Matt Clark"
  • Paul meets with Victor in Victor's office. Paul offers his help with the Nick situation. Victor fills Paul in on how Warton and Carter fits into the picture. Paul tells Victor there's no chance of getting Warton to confess to anything because it'll result in him getting sent back to jail for good and there's no way he'd risk that. Victor then brings up Matt Clark and that it's possible he's concealed his identity and asks Paul to get a picture of Matt and send it out to ever plastic surgeon in the midwest. This is based on a hunch
  • at the coffee house, Rianna checks out the Glow By Jabot site when Billy and Brittany come in and talk to her. Brittany tells her she's not interested in reliving last summer then Billy jumps in and asks Rianna about Raul and how he's doing. Rianna fills him in and then Brittany hauls him away from her and questions him on why he's interested in Raul, since Raul has treated him badly since last summer. Billy goes for coffee and JT joins Brittany. He tells her Mack saw the tape and knows she and Billy didn't sleep together. She gets upset. Once JT leaves, Billy comes back and asks her what that was all about. She tells him JT was just being a jerk as usual. Billy then notices Raul walk in. Rianna goes to greet Raul and notices he's still drinking a lot of water. They then notice Billy watching them. She tells him Billy has been concerned but Raul still can't get over the things Billy has done to him. Billy then tells Brittany that if it's bothering her that much he's still concerned for Raul, he'll break it off with him because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore
  • Malcolm walks into a Newman conference room to see Alex sleeping at the table. She gets up and they talk about her long day the previous day so he brings breakfast. Talk turns to Neil and how he's been concerned lately. Before she leaves, he asks her over to his place for dinner. She accepts after putting up a fuss
  • Tricia and Carter mope around his place. She tells him the toilet is overflowing but he doesn't care. She takes the trash out and Carter takes that time to think back to his last talk with Warton about following the plan of going to jail for the assult thing to keep low on the rest of the plan. When she starts pressing him about Warton, he tells her Warton's in jail. She's shocked to hear that. She then assumes he's the one that gave him the messed up face
  • Esther and Phillip play on the computer at the Glow By Jabot site when Kay comes in. Mack comes in shortly after and Phillip asks her if he can help out with the Glow kids again. Mack tells her to ask Jill. Esther takes Phillip out the room to give Kay a chance to talk to Mack. Kay asks if she's doing alright and despite all that went on last summer, she's now looking at it as being a special time, knowing what she knows now. Once their talk ends, Mack decides to leave but runs into JT at the front door. He tries to explain why he didn't tell her about what he saw on the tape. He tells her that Billy and Brittany's relationship is back on track now and maybe they didn't sleep together that night but they are now and if she was to get back with Billy, he's had it with Brittany, is she willing to give it to him now?
  • Neil gets a visit from Ryan in his office. They look over pictures Malcolm had taken. The talk turns to how Malcolm is doing. It then turns to Ryan's trip to see Megan and more junk about Tricia

March 28, 2001

  • show opens with Warton being led into a cell at the jail house, across from Nick. Nick rips into Warton, blaming him for putting him behind bars. After annoying the guard enough, Nick is told that Warton isn't in on charges relating to his case. The guard tells him that Warton is behind bars for violating parole because of an assult. Nick tells Warton that once he and his family is done with him, he'll be spending a long time behind bars
  • Victor tells Nikki Warton was just arrested but not because it clears Nick. In fact, Victor tells her that maybe he was to blame for Warton getting arrested as it was because of Warton thinking Carter singled him out for the crime. Nikki breaks down later and Victor comforts her
  • the detective decides to go over all the evidence they have on Nick and finds something that catches his eye. He questions why they didn't search the dumpster behind the coffee house. The cops tell him there wasn't any need for that but the detective calls them idiots for not searching it so he orders them to do so in the morning
  • JT runs into Brittany at the coffee house and they talk. He tells her about knowing she and Billy didn't sleep together that night in the pool house. She doesn't believe him but JT tells her what he saw on the tape from a camera Brittany didn't know was rolling. Brittany thanks him for not telling Mack what he saw on the tape. He tells her that if Billy ever found out what happened that night, he'd dump her and go straight back to Mack, just like that
  • at the pool house, Mack is still stunned that Billy and Brittany didn't sleep together that last night in the pool house. She decides to watch the tape herself as Raul goes for more water. Once seeing the tape, she feels bad for treating Billy badly when she didn't believe it when Billy was telling her he didn't remember anything from that night. Raul brings up the fact that Billy is still a liar for sneaking around behind his back all summer and still can't forgive him for that. Raul leaves shortly after
  • Ryan checks out some photos from a photo shoot with Malcolm. They talk about Nick getting arrested and about Malcolm's troubles
  • Neil chows down on Chinese food at the office when Alex walks in, looking all exhusted from the court session. She tells him she was up against 5 HMO lawyers today in court. Neil offers her some food for dinner and she goes along with it. She fills him in on all that went on in court. Neil offers support to her and lets her know he's there to help her every step of the way. He leaves and she gets a call from Malcolm. He asks her out for dinner and then invites her over but she turns both down, citing needing sleep is all she wants
  • Jill and Sean show up at Gina's for dinner. Gina is shocked to see Jill out with a young guy like that, especially one that's got a nose ring. Gina seats them. Jill is shocked to see Sean knowing things about food and wine. She's surprised to hear that he hasn't done work like he's doing now in the past but is happy Jack hired him. He asks her about her position at Jabot and she goes through all her credentials, but he finds that boring and wants to know more interesting things about her. Just then, their dinner arrives. He gets a call right after dinner and has to leave early. He asks her out tomorrow night and before she can turn him down, he takes out his wallet to pay for dinner but Jill insists on picking it up. He leaves and Gina comes over. Jill tells her she's confused because she can't figure out where he's coming from but Gina tells her it was obvious, that he was coming on to her. Jill points out that he's at least 20 years younger than her and that it's impossible but Gina tells her you never know
  • Olivia, Mamie and Nate all enjoy sundaes at Gina's after watching a movie. Mamie and Olivia talk together when Ashley runs into them. Since she's there alone, Mamie invites her to join them. Olivia and Mamie both notice something isn't right with Ashley, depsite her saying to the contrary. Once Nate comes back, Mamie decides to take Nate home. Olivia tells Ashley about what happened when she went over to Malcolm's place for the football. Ashley points out that Malcolm is a bachelor now and what he does shouldn't even impact their situation but Olivia doesn't see that because she's an idiot
  • Mack runs into JT at the coffee house and they have a few words. She ends up telling him that she knew all along that he'd never change his ways

March 27, 2001

  • Silva, Sharon and Victor talk over Carter's latest run-in with Warton. Victor wonders why Carter went home instead of just going to the police station to press charges. Victoria shows up and wants to know what's been going on as all of the Nick thing broke while she was with Ryan in Boston. Sharon leaves. Victor shows his concern over Sharon having a high opinion of Carter as he doesn't like the guy
  • Warton wants to bust up Carter some more but controls himself as Carter explains to him that he didn't mention his name to Victor. Warton is then concerned that word will get back to his parole officer that he got into a fight and may be sent back to prison. Warton leaves. Tricia shows up once again. He asks her what Warton said to her before he got there and she tells him Warton said the two of them were working on something together and that she's been totally in the dark about lots of stuff
  • over at the pool house, JT continues to watch the videotape of Billy and Brittany. Mack comes back after he put the tape away but she notices it and asks him what's going on. He tells there's nothing on the tape that she'd want to see because it's only of Brittany. They watch some other tape and JT leaves after a while
  • Billy and Brittany chat it up at the coffee house. She brings up Mack again and how she's involved in the videotape/website thing once again
  • Jill meets with Sean to go over the tapes but is suprised he set up everything in her office instead of his. They still go over them anyways. He then brings up an observation about Brittany, saying how if he was to bring home a girl like that, his mother would have a fit. When Jill asks him what that's supposed to mean, he apologizes, citing Brittany is dating her son. After going through the tapes, Sean asks Jill out for dinner. She accepts but wants him to change clothes as there isn't a resturant that will serve them. He tells her not to worry that they'll get served no matter what. She starts to think this is a date
  • Ryan and Victoria rush into her office with last minute paperwork that was overdue because of their trip to Boston. Once in her office, she notices Phyllis sitting at her computer and questions her. Phyllis tells her that she was just writing her a note. Victoria leaves in a huff over Phyllis' lack of concern for what's happening to her family. Phyllis talks to Ryan and tells him the Glow By Jabo campaign is different than the one she originally passed along. Ryan leaves and Jack calls Phyllis on the phone. She hangs up on him
  • Nikki drops by Jack's office. She notices his lousy mood. He fills her in on all that happened. She tells him not to give up on anyone they love before she leaves
  • Raul and Rianna meet up at the coffee house and we see Raul yawning once again. Billy and Brittany run into them and Billy offers a room at his place to Raul since his parents are out of town but he turns them down. Mack calls Rianna on her cell phone and asks for Raul and if he'd not mind coming over to the pool house. He leaves and Brittany gets into a huff over how Mack just has to snap her finger and Raul and Billy can go running so easily and the effects Raul has been having on her, dragging her down. Rianna doesn't like that and storms out. Brittany then tells Billy what she told Rianna and how Raul treated him bad in turning him down. It's all fake of course
  • once Raul gets to the pool house, Mack explains how JT told her about the last tape and how he made it seem like she shouldn't watch it but she wants to know what's there and would like Raul to view it for her. He agrees in the end to do it. She leaves. He views the tape. Once he's done, Mack comes back in and he tells her Billy didn't remember what happened that summer night because there was nothing to remember. Billy and Brittany didn't have sex. Mack is shocked
  • Carter gives a statement at the police station when Warton shows up. He sees Carter in the back and when asked by the front desk cop if he can help with something, Warton tells him he can help them out

March 26, 2001

  • Phyllis confronts Jack about using her. She runs out before he could say anything
  • Warton continues his blow up with Carter at the coffee house. They get into a scrap and Warton beats the crap out of him and runs out. Sharon comes to Carter's aid. Cops show up later and question Carter about Warton. When asked what started it, Carter doesn't answer but Cody does, saying Warton mentioned something about setting him up. Carter tries to evade the question and tries to brush things off. Sharon tells the cop that Warton assulted her employee and should be arrested, to which the cop tells Carter he should come down to the station to press charges. Carter asks the cop to give them some time. They talk and Carter sounds like he's not interested in pressing charges but Sharon convinces him to so he reluctantly agrees. He heads home to get cleaned up before going to the station
  • at the courthouse, Silva arrives, along with Victor. Silva tells him he's on his way to file the appeal right now. While Silva is in the court room, Victor talks to the detective and asks him if they are looking at other suspects. The detective tells him he's confident he's got the right man. Victor brings up Warton to him and tells him to find the link Warton has to the drugs
  • Malcolm works in the studio, taking pictures of this woman in a skimpy bikini. All I have to say is thank goodness they decided to give us some eye candy for a change! Anyways, Phyllis comes in and waits for Malcolm in tears. More shots of this bikini-clad woman. She points out Phyllis crying to Malcolm and he stops the shoot. Bikini girl walks away, giving us a shot of her backside in the small bikini bottom. Phyllis then cries to Malcolm about everything as he comforts her
  • Billy and Brittany make out in the pool house. She stops and asks him if he's always thinking about her when they're doing that because it doesn't seem like it. He reassures her and they continue. There's a knock on the door and they have to stop. It's Sean looking for the tapes. He tells them that he's going to have Mack review the tapes there. Brittany isn't amused. Billy and Brittany decide to take off. Jill comes in later to fine Sean setting up the tv/vcr. They talk about the project. He then tells her they'll be screening the tapes at his office and that Mack will be screening the tapes there. She ups and gets ready to leave after that. Sean then asks her why a high society woman like her would be aggravated by a teenage girl. Just then, Mack walks in. Jill leaves with Sean after agreeing to view the tapes with Sean right then. Sean then explains what he wants Mack to do. Before Jill could leave, she gets a call from Jack and has to go see him.
  • at the school, JT watches Mack. She gets a call on her cell phone from Sean. He asks her if she's willing to help him pick out some shots for the "best of the Glow by Jabot Kids" campaign. She heads over to the pool house, but not before JT confronts her about ending their "relationship" and trying to get back together with Billy. He then threatens her with telling Billy about the game they were both playing. She tells him she doesn't care and that people were right about their opinions of him
  • Tricia waits in Carter's apartment, thinking back to one of the times there were together and making love. She's anxious to see him when a knock is heard on the door. She opens it and sees Warton barge in. He tells her to shut up and that he's not leaving because he's got serious business to take care of with Carter that doesn't involve her. He tells her that she doesn't have a clue what's going on with Carter because he doesn't either. Carter then shows up. He tells Tricia to wait in the laundry room of the building as he wants to talk to Warton alone. She reluctantly leaves. Warton tells him about Victor's visit and that he told him Carter fingered him for the whole thing. He then tells Carter that it's time he finishes things. I like this, action!
  • Sharon gives Victor a call at the courthouse, telling him to get over there. He leaves. The detective and the DA talk about the case and how Victor will blow open any little hole in their case and the reason they haven't charged Nick with anything is because they don't have a match of the drugs used were the same as the ones they found. The only remaining ex left was the one Brittany threw in the garbage at the coffee house, in the same bin that I'm sure they'll search, the same bin that will make it look like they don't empty their garbage for weeks. Victor shows up and asks questions about why Warton would be that way unless he knows something about the whole drug thing
  • at Jabot, Jack rips into Jill about her telling Phyllis about everything. He tells her that he'll never forget what she did to him and that he'll now spend every minute trying to find a way to repay her for this and no one can stop him
  • JT pays Mack a visit at the pool house. He helps her in her search for her old notes and finds it. She asks him to help her sort the tapes and he agrees. JT reads out one tape and the date brings back memories to Mack, painful ones of Billy and Brittany. She puts a different tape in and goes for something to drink. While gone, JT switches the tape and puts in the one he handed her and plays it. He sees Brittany positioning a drugged out Billy on the couch and opening his shirt to have her way with him
  • Billy and Brittany go to the coffee house and talk about their upcoming trip