April 6, 2001

  • Ashley talks to Victor about how happy she is with her baby. Brad shows up and sees the two of them sitting together and doesn't like it one bit. Victor gets a call on his cell phone from Silva. Silva tells him it's not good news. Victor leaves. Ashley gets up and sees Brad sitting at the bar, looking at her. They both go to a table and have dinner. She tells him she was talking to Victor about Nick but also feels like there's problems between her and Brad over every little thing lately. First Jack and now Victor. They start having words. He tells her that he'll always have that reaction seeing her with Victor. They seem to settle things as they end up kissing
  • Carter goes back to his apartment to find Tricia waiting for him with a nice dinner prepared. He acts all rough with her, saying he's not in the mood. She tries to get him to talk about it and he tells her that Nick is about to get out on bail. She doesn't see why that should bother him so much. Carter tells her that he's always hated Nick. She puts the story together about Nick selling the drugs and Carter's friend, Jordan, dying from those same drugs. He then babbles about nailing Sharon too and Tricia is all confused about that. He tells her that she doesn't have a clue about what's going on. She says that's the same thing Warton told her but he shuts her up and then goes to take a shower
  • Mack waits for an answer from Billy but he tells her it's a personal question and doesn't want to talk about it with her. She then assumes it's true and Billy doesn't deny it. She almost tells him about the last night in the pool house but then asks him if he's happy with Brittany. Brittany comes in and listens in but interrupts them when she hears Billy say to Mack "why are you asking about my sex life?". She takes Billy upstairs
  • Raul wakes up and apologizes to Rianna for dozing off. He starts adjusting the brightness of the computer screen and gets hostile when she asks him about his eyesight. She finally stands up to him and tells him everyone is just concerned about him but he tells her he wishes everone would just back off. She leaves in a way that says "fine, do what you want, I don't care anymore"
  • Victoria and Ryan end up in bed together. Ryan gets a call on his cell phone. It's Tricia calling. She tells him she's calling just to say hi and to check in with him. She hangs up on him after saying all is ok with her and her guy
  • at a club, the Crow's Nest, Sean and Jill enter. She's disappointed it's not the ritzy club she was expecting. BB King shows up on stage to play and Jill is surprised to see him. Once he finishes playing, he comes over to talk to Jill and Sean. Surprise surprise huh? BB says he knows Sean because he's seen him at so many of his concerts. BB walks away. Jill questions Sean about leaving the club scene in New York. He tells her he just grew out of it. He tells her to just relax and enjoy their time out and that he's not there to seduce her...unless she wants that. Jill gasps at that. When she wants to leave, he tells her to take a chance and trust him as he wants to take her someplace else. She bites and they leave
  • Miguel and Nikki plan the menu for Noah's party when Victor shows up. He tells her about the DA filing another charge against Nick, homicide in the death of Jordan. Victor tells her that he feels someone else is working with Warton because evidence is coming out too easy and at critical times, especially with Warton behind bars at the moment. Victor comforts a crying Nikki
  • Brittany tells Billy about the conversation she had with the detective and the DA and couldn't believe how stupid she was in dumping the drugs there. She also tells him about ratting out JT. She's now worried about what would happen when her parents find out. She then asks Billy about what he and Mack were talking about. He tells her that it was about spring break and if he was looking forward to it. When asked if there was any talk about her, he brushes it off. At that moment I notice a poster he has on his wall. It's of Amanda Ghost. Very nice, but off topic.
  • Rianna walks through the Abbott main house and sees Mack standing there. She talks about Raul and how she's getting tired of Raul's attitude and that he's taking it out on her. She starts questioning Raul's character, saying maybe he's not the nice guy she thought he was. Rianna then leaves
  • in the pool house, Raul goes through pop like there's no tomorrow, filling up the garbage can and snacking on anything he could find. Mack shows up. Raul gets ready for bed so Mack helps him pull out the sofa bed. She tells him about Rianna's feelings and he feels bad for taking it out on her that way. They talk about the videotape they say. He tells her it'd be a good idea to leave it alone. She doesn't know what to do because it could ruin the Jabot campaign so she's willing to hold off until the trip is over. Mack leaves for home. Raul heads to bed complaining of being thirsty. He gets up looking for more to drink when he collapses beside the bed
  • Billy and Brittany come back down and run into Mack once again. Mack leaves without saying anything about the videotape. Brittany accuses her of hanging around just to be near Billy

April 5, 2001

  • Ashley drops by Gina's for dinner and spots Victor sitting by himself so she joins him. She offers sympathy to him about the Nick situation
  • Warton is told to mop the floors in the jail by the guard and reluctantly does it. Nick makes comments to him about Warton being locked up and his role in the drug stuff. Warton tells him he's only there because he smacked an employee of his. Warton starts playing the "whoa brother, calm down...no need to try to pass it off onto someone else" stuff. When Nick mocks him about Warton not having enough brains to put together this whole scheme, Warton blows up and attacks Nick. The guards jump in to restrain Warton and throw him back into his cell and threaten to send him to the "hole" afterwards
  • Carter tries to persuade Sharon to meet with him at her place to go over what she'll say to Victor about him. She goes along with it
  • Mack drops by the pool house and runs into Brittany. Mack tells her she's got something that should make Brittany worry but Brittany plays the "I don't care" role. Mack tells her that she doesn't believe she and Billy are having sex and when Billy arrives, Mack was about to ask him if it's true but Brittany interrupts and asks Billy to go shopping with her for lingerie. They leave. Raul and Rianna do the chatroom thing when Raul starts feeling tired once again. Rianna seems concerned about him not beeing able to see properly but he gets upset and tells her to leave it alone. Jack then shows up and Mack tells him she's worried about Raul and his physical condition. Mack decides to leave. Jack then has a one on one talk with Raul about him being alone and his physical condition. Raul accuses Rianna for telling but Jack tells him it's not her fault. Jack insists he go get checked out because he's not just concerned about him but for the Florida trip too. Raul gives him his aunt's phone number so he could call her and get the health info he needs. Once Jack leaves, Raul passes out on the sofa as Rianna was talking to him
  • Ryan and Victoria go down to the tack room after their dinner. She tells him she hadn't been down there in a long time but doesn't have bad memories of being there with Cole. She tells him that she hasn't heard from Cole in a long time and that he's probably still teaching at Oxford. She then gets wine for them to drink. She starts talking about her life and how there've been so many twists but doesn't feel love from anyone. Ryan tries to tell her she's not alone. Victoria comes onto him and starts kissing him
  • Sean drops by Jill's office to get their dinner plans together. He wants to take her clubbing. She's surprised to hear that. She tries to get out of it but he doesn't accept her excuses. He also notices a book he mentioned to her but she tries to pass it off as something she meant to get. He then tells her that she's just scared to go because she doesn't want to admit she's attracted to him. He persuades her to go but wants to know if it's a date. He tells her that's for her to decide. Jill can't believe things
  • Billy and Brittany end up at the main house instead of shopping. Billy tells her that he's got studying to do so Brittany suggests they go up to his room. Jack then shows up and Brittany decides to leave
  • Nikki, Noah and Cassie talk about his upcoming birthday when Sharon and Carter show up. Carter excuses himself after seeing everyone there. While outside, Carter gets frustrated and smashes a toy police car on the porch before leaving. Noah then asks Sharon when Nick will be getting home and has hopes he'll be there for his birthday. Sharon tells him he'll be there. Nikki takes Noah to bed. Cassie then tells Sharon she's worried about Nick. Nikki leaves after Sharon tells her that at 10:30pm, she and Nick were both going to think about each other, that way they'd be together in a way
  • Brittany goes to the coffee house and sees JT. She tells him that she destroyed the tape but JT tells her Raul can verify what Mack saw, so can he. Brittany doesn't believe anyone would do that. When he tells her Billy would run back to Mack if he found out, Brittany walks away with a concerned look on her face
  • back at the coffee house, the detective comes in and asks for Brittany. He then sits down and observes her. One of the guys working there talks to Carter about the detective, wondering why he's there. The other guy says Nick will be out soon because his appeal on the bail hearing will be coming up soon. Carter seems shaken up by it and decides to leave but bumps shoulders with the DA on the way out but doesn't apologies for it. The detective then tells the DA that they found 2 pills in the dumpster and were wrapped up in a credit card receipt that belongs to Brittany. They both approach Brittany to ask her some questions. She's told that she won't get into any trouble if she tells the truth because they're looking for someone else. She tells them JT gave it to her at the rave
  • Mack runs into Billy at the main house on her way home. She tells him about telling Jack about Raul and he seems concerned about Raul's well being. Mack then brings up the things Brittany's been saying about the two of them. She then asks him straight out if they've been having sex. Scene ends before he says anything
  • the detective and the DA then go to JT and ask him about the drugs. JT tells him he got the drugs from Jordan. The detective tells him he wants him to go down to the station the next morning to make a statement. JT leaves. The DA compliments the detective on good work, then says he'll be calling the judge in the morning to have him deny bail to Nick
  • Sharon goes to bed. As she does, we get a shot of her in her almost see-through nightgown and notice she's wearing one of those thong underwear. Now why couldn't we just see that without the nightgown??

April 4, 2001

  • Victor tells Carter he wants him to leave town now because Nick will be out of jail soon and there'll be no need for him to be around. Carter tries to play it cool by showing concern for his family. Victor questions Carter's motives when it comes to Sharon. Carter tells him he's got no place to go and no income if he were to leave. Victor tells him he'll compensate him for it but he's not to go to Sharon with any of this. Victor leaves after telling him he's watching his every move closely
  • Brad, doing nothing as usual, drops by the Jabot boardroom, yet again, to see Ashley. They talk about...take a guess...Jack and Phyllis? If that's what you said then you've won a prize to be determined at a later date. Brad tells her that she should stay out of things because maybe Phyllis has learned from past mistakes
  • Jack waits for Phyllis in her apartment. She shows up and is upset he's there. She threatens him with calling security. Jack tells her he made a big mistake but doesn't want to lose her. She tells him that she can't get sucked back into it and tells him to go. Jack leaves and she sits there reliving him telling her he loves her
  • Victoria and Ryan have dinner at Gina's and yap about Nick's situation. Then then decide to go do a little dancing together there
  • Malcolm and Alex enjoy their dinner at his place, including dancing. They also talk about slowing things down
  • Mamie and Olivia get into it about Malcolm and Nate once again. Mamie asks her if it'd be ok to take Nate out tomorrow night but Olivia tells her that Nate's already got plans...a sleepover. She wonders about the next night so Olivia calls Nate out for Mamie to ask him to the museum and dinner. Mamie tries to convince him after he turns her down and succeeds. Olivia asks about joining them but Mamie tells her that maybe Nate needs a break from her. Olivia questions that
  • Nick and Sharon talk at the jail
  • Warton mumbles to himself about Carter being free while he's locked up. Nick comes back to his cell and Warton makes comments to him about thecare package he brings back. Warton then starts with Nick's kids, bringing up Cassie and that upsets Nick
  • Sharon comes back to the coffee house and talks to Carter about the visit. Carter acts all aggravated and when asked what's wrong by Sharon, he tells her about Victor and what he said to him and that Victor thinks he's a threat to her. He also tells her that maybe Victor thinks that because she came on to him that night they had dinner but he didn't do anything because it was the alcohol talking. She then says that she'll talk to Victor because she doesn't want him to leave. Carter then says that maybe they should meet up at her place later to go over what she'll say to Victor but she's uncomfortable with that. Show fades out at this point

April 3, 2001

  • Carter eyes Sharon as she enters the coffee house. We watch her take off her jacket and slowly pan down from her head to her chest...then a shot of Carter once again. As he talks to her, suggesting she invite people over, perhaps Cody or himself, just so she wouldn't be alone, Victor walks in and watches the whole thing. Victor then interrupts them. He offers to take Sharon to see Nick. She goes to get her coat, leaving Carter to try to talk to Victor but Victor totally ignores him and stays silent
  • Victoria pays Nick a visit in jail. He asks her to pick up some diamond bracelet for Sharon at Fenmore's and give it to her on Noah's birthday
  • Ashley brings by some papers for Jack in his office. They talk about what Jill did to his relationship with Phyllis. He tells her that he misses Phyllis because he had real feelings for her. Ashley reminds him how Phyllis used him before and maybe this break up isn't the worst thing in the world
  • Baldwin runs into Phyllis at Gina's as he was leaving. He tells her he had a conversation with Jack earlier. He tells her that Jack is hurting just as much as she is over the whole thing. Phyllis seems surprised to hear that
  • Paul and Lynn tend to Isabella in his office. She tells them she went back to the hotel when a man grabbed her, covered her mouth and the struggled. She said she managed to scream and the guy took off. When Paul asked if she notified the police or hotel security, she says no so Lynn rushes to call but Isabella stops her and tells them that the guy said he was sent by her husband. When she asks where she'll be staying that night because she's scared to go back to her place, Paul offers his place, but then says that Lynn will be staying too
  • Mamie drops by Malcolm's place, bringing homemade bran muffins. She's there to express an idea she had that would allow him to spend time with his son. Her plan is to have Malcolm wait at Gina's and she comes by with Nate after taking him to the movies and they could spend time together
  • Alex drops by Neil's office but finds him on the phone, so she waits. After talking business, she gets a call from Malcolm and decides to go see him
  • Sharon visits Nick in jail, bringing him pictures of the kids, a book, drawings from the kids and muffins
  • Victor drops by the coffee house once again to see Carter. Victor tells him he wants him to leave town as soon as possible

April 2, 2001

  • Tricia is caught by Carter with the pills/drugs in his dresser drawer. She wants to know what's going on because this is the second time she's found drugs on him and she's not buying any story about them being medication. She then tucks it in her robe pocket. He tells her they are medication he takes. When asked how often he takes them, he tells her whenever he remembers. She then tells him if that's the case then he shouldn't have a problem taking one now and offers one to him. He turns it around and tells her that stunts like that are the reason why they don't make love anymore because the constant nagging is a turn off. He then says he'll prove to her what he's saying since she doesn't trust him by taking one, but she stops him before he could swallow it. She gives him back the rest of them. He leaves for work after kissing her. Once gone, she pulls out one pill she hid in her robe
  • Sharon and Nikki keep their talk going about Nick
  • Phyllis drinks her morning away at the bar in Gina's when Jack shows up and joins her there. Baldwin shows up and watches Phyllis walk away from Jack. He then joins Jack at the bar. Baldwin tells him that Jack's problems are just a tiff and it'll blow over and they'll be back together once again. Jack scoffs at that. Jack then leaves and Gina comes over to let Baldwin know things were really nice when he was gone but it was too good to last. He then tells her he went to Hong Kong so Gina questions him about Christine and how she's doing. When told by Gina that Paul and Christine will get their relationship back on track, Baldwin says "I'm sure that's the same thing you told her when she was involved with your brother?". Gina walks away
  • Ashley gets home with Abby in a baby carriage from their walk. She sees Brad and they talk. Brad wants to clear the air with her and make things right once again. When we cut back, the two of them are kissing away. They start making out on the sofa when someone comes knocking on their door. It's Jill. She barges in with papers relating to their pension plans for them to sign. She also informs them that Jack and Phyllis broke up. When asked how it happened, Jill tells them she told Phyllis what Jack was doing. Ashley can't believe Jill would do such a thing. Jill storms out after thinking everyone has their head in the sand about this
  • Victoria gets a visit from Phyllis in her office. Victoria tells her that she's surprised that the Jabot site is far from what she was lead to believe, so Phyllis starts to wonder if she's being fired but Victoria tells her no. They talk about their campaign. Victoria tells her that future Jabot projects will be known by them once she gets the inside scoop like they did with this latest one. Phyllis tells her there won't be a next time. Victoria pushes her to spy more for them but Phyllis blows up and raises her voice letting her know it's not going to happen again because the relationship is over. When Victoria leaves, a delivery man brings in flowers for Phyllis, about 8 bouquets, each with the note of "call me...Jack". She throws each card to the floor after reading it
  • Isabella and Paul meet at some building after the test drive/surveillance watch and the results show there's no one following her. She still has doubts to that, but more due to her wanting Paul instead. After Paul leaves and returns to his office, he talks to Lynn when they notice Isabella walk in with her clothes all torn up. She faints in Paul's arms
  • Carter goes to the coffee house, sits down and thinks over his dinner night with Sharon once again