April 11, 2001

  • Victor stops Carter from calling Sharon. He then warns him to stay away from Sharon or else he'll have him to deal with. Victor leaves
  • Sharon talks to the kids about Nick and him not being able to come home anytime soon. Cassie gets upset over hearing Nick was charged with homicide and Sharon tries to comfort her but Cassie doesn't believe things will ever get better. She also says she's not going back to school because she doesn't want to hear people calling Nick a murder
  • Warton talks to the guard about why no one has come to visit him, meaning Carter. When told there hasn't been anyone to see him, Nick tells him that he doesn't have any loved ones around. The guard then comes back and asks Nick if he's been in touch with his lawyer because he's got some new news for him. The guard tells him the DA has now charged him with homicide and wishes him luck. Warton then gets all happy and tells Nick that charges usually carries a 20 year sentence. Victor comes to visit him but Warton mocks Nick with it, saying to pass along a message to Victor from him about how he's doing such a wonderful job protecting his son. Nick loses it but the guard tosses Nick in the direction of the visiting area. Victor offers him encouragment and lets him know they are not giving up
  • Neil and Alex enter the courtroom to prepare for the trial. Once the opening statements are made, Alex asks the judge to order the defendants to provide medical documents that they seeming hid from everyone. The judge denies Alex's request of getting more documents from the defendants but tells her that she'll listen to her argument at a later date should she get proof they are covering up something
  • Malcolm tries to get Phyllis off of him and finally manages after some trying. She then begs him to seduce her in order to take her mind off of Jack but he refuses of course. Jack shows up later to pick up photos from the Men's Line shoot and Malcolm excuses himself, leaving Jack and Phyllis there alone together
  • Jack sits at Gina's by himself, reflecting on his last conversation with Phyllis. Nikki walks in, talks to Gina and she points out Jack. Nikki goes over to him and joins him. They talk about Nick and then about Phyllis
  • Brad and Ashley chat it up with Abby there for a change. It's the usual talk about nothing

April 10, 2001

  • Victor and Sharon talk about Carter and his insisting he gets out of town. Sharon tells him about the night she and Carter had dinner and how she had too much to drink and Carter didn't try anything with her. Victor looks stunned to hear about this. He tells her to watch out for him and be very careful around him and then leaves
  • Carter tries to get more info out of Cody but Cody can't tell him much else. Carter thinks about heading out to the ranch to give support to Sharon but is scared that Victor might be there. He starts to dial Sharon's number but Victor hangs up the phone on him at that moment
  • Nikki looks surprised to see Victoria and Ryan together but still tells her about the new charges being layed against Nick
  • Alex calls Malcolm at the studio just to check in and to confirm dinner plans that evening
  • Mamie drops by the studio and Malcolm hopes their deal to have him see Nate is still on. She tells him that Nate had other plans and that it has to be done this night, messing up his dinner plans with Alex. He tells her he wants to see Nate so they set it for that night
  • Paul tells Isabella he's stepped up is investigation on her husband and that they're digging deeper into his activities of the past, including money laundering. Lynn comes knocking at the door and Paul fills her in on Isabella's husband possibly being involved in the mob. He has her go get all of Isabella's belongings from her hotel to his place
  • Baldwin meets with Phyllis at Gina's. She tells him that Jack Abbott is off limits in any payback attempts. Then then start talking about him, Christine and Paul and his plan to take Christine away from Paul. Jack then walks in and heads over to their table. Baldwin excuses himself and Jack joins her. He asks her if she accepts his apology from the night before but she doesn't say anything. She does tell him that there's a tiny tiny tiny part of her that wants to forgive him. He accepts that. She also tells him that she doesn't think she can get over that but Jack tries to change her mind. He then brings up how she spied on him in the past and he got over it so now she can do the same but she tells him they weren't together at all that time in the past and it's different now. She then gets up and walks away
  • at the hospital, Olivia and another doctor, Roland, talk in the cafeteria, just to catch up on things as they haven't seen each other in a long time. He tells her how hard it's become dealing with HMO's, justifying his actions as a doctor when all he's trying to do is help his patients but they're only looking out for how much he's charging them through their insurance
  • Neil meets with some guy named Paul in his office. We don't hear what it's about as they're wrapping things up when we get to the scene. Alex walks in to hear Neil trying to make dinner plans for the two of them as a celebration to good news in court to come that day, they hope. She tells him she can't do dinner that night so Neil cancels the reservations. Neil goes over her papers that she's going to present in court and gives the thumbs up. He asks her what she'll be doing once the case is over and she tells him that she'll probably head back to Minneapolis. Neil doesn't look too happy hearing that
  • Victoria comes back to the main house and runs into Nikki. She asks Nikki not to mention to Victor about her and Ryan. She tells Nikki that she hopes she can support it because it feels right to her being involved with Ryan once again
  • Phyllis goes to see Malcolm at the studio all flustered over Jack. She then starts kissing Malcolm for some reason

April 9, 2001

  • Victoria and Ryan wake up in bed together in the tack house. She brings up Tricia's phone call but Ryan tells her to forget about it and just enjoy the moment. Victoria tries to make breakfast but the eggs stick to the frying pan. She suggests they head up to the main house and have Miguel make them breakfast but Ryan tells her it might be a bad idea. They start making out again when Nikki comes looking for her and sees them and wants to know what the heck is going on
  • Victor hangs up with Silva and tells Nikki and Sharon about the extra charges being filed against Nick. Sharon is stunned. When they look for Victoria to tell her the latest, Miguel tells them she wasn't there but her car was down by the tack room. Later on, Sharon brings up Carter with Victor, saying she wants to discuss things about him. Sharon puts up a fight for Carter not to go, despite Victor's wishes
  • Tricia rolls out of bed looking for Carter. She then thinks back to the talk they had the night before. She then digs through his drawers and pulls out the bottle of pills once again and wonders what the pills are for. She hears him coming back and quickly puts the bottle back. Carter tells her that he's going to leave town without her because she knows too much and that's not good. She starts crying. She asks him if all those times they made love meant anything. He tells her it was just sex. She can't believe it didn't mean anything to him. Cody then calls to tell Carter the bad news about Nick not getting out of jail and that he's being charged with manslaughter. He then asks Carter to come into the coffee house to help deal with the press. Carter then apologizes to Tricia for being that way with her after hearing this news to try to smooth the waters now. Tricia backs away from him when he tries to kiss her. He tells her he'll make it up to her and that they'll leave together, the way they had planned it. Carter leaves for the coffee house. Tricia goes back to his drawer and the pills. She takes them and grabs the yellow pages and makes a call to a pharmaceutical lab to have the pills analyzed
  • Jill and Sean show up at Gina's for breakfast after being out all night. Jill excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Phyllis shows up. She spots Sean and starts talking to him. He tells her he's the new webmaster for Jabot. Jill returns and sees Phyllis sitting at her table. Phyllis tells Sean not to get involved with Jill because she's insane, then walks away. Sean decides to head back to the hotel shortly after
  • Lynn and Paul talk about Isabella at his apartment. Paul can't make sense of Isabella's husband having her followed after being involved in white colar crimes. Lynn leaves. Isabella gets up and talks to Paul for a bit about her night's sleep. Paul gets a call from Lynn and tells Isabella that he's just got a few things to take care of and walks away. Paul comes back and tells her it might be best if she and Lynn both remain there at his place for now
  • Mack thinks back to a talk she had with JT about Billy and him wanting more if he gets back together with her. Kay comes down and they talk about how she and Brock went ahead and booked a flight for spring break to Hawaii and it includes Mack bringing a friend. She perks up when she hears Hawaii and likes the idea
  • Billy and Raul talk in the main house. Billy wants to know something and Raul assumes it's about Mack and tells him that everything has been said about that and there's no need for any more discussion about that. Billy still asks him why Mack would be wanting to know if he and Brittany were having sex. Billy assumes Raul knows why but won't tell him because he still resents what Billy did over the summer. Raul just walks away
  • Jill shows up back at the Chancellor Estate and walks in on Kay and Mack's conversation. She heads to her room and Mack heads off to school