January 19, 2001

  • Diane barges into Victor's office to talk to him regarding the impending paternity test results. Victor pays her no mind and casually answers her as he's looking over some papers. She brings up how she wanted to have a child with him when they were married and they would have if he hadn't have gone ahead with the surgery. Victor points out that he never ever wanted to have a child with her, especially back then. They get into the talk about sin and he walks out
  • Victoria runs into Nick at the coffee house. She brings up the fight she just had with Ryan. Nick points out that she is not his guardian. He tells her that in order for her and Ryan to remain talking, she shouldn't bring up Tricia with him. When Nick tells her that he's having dinner at home with Carter, she asks him if she could join them as Carter could be the answer. We're assuming she's thinking he's the answer to getting Tricia out of Ryan's life. Nick tells her not to try using Carter to get at Tricia. He tells her she's more than welcome to join in for dinner but it wouldn't be a good time to lay into Carter as he's going to ask him to take the Milwaukee job. He gets bad news from Trina about the bank in Milwaukee. He calls Sharon and tells her he has to stay late and take care of it and suggested she call off the dinner, but she tells him he's already there. She assures him that she'll take care of things until he gets home. Sharon goes ahead with dinner as Carter pulls out a vial of drugs and we're to assume he plans on drugging Sharon
  • Sharon prepares for the dinner party she and Nick were throwing for Carter when he shows up early. She asks him why his friend didn't show up, but he tells her she couldn't make it. She asks him if he wouldn't mind pitching in and chopping vegetables for the tacos they're making. He doesn't mind. She tells him there was a reason for having him over but would prefer to wait until Nick gets home to tell him. The only choice to go with Mexican food, according to Sharon? Tequila. Sharon fixes the drinks.
  • Jack and Jill just wrap up a business meeting with some guy at Gina's. He's about to leave but Jill asks him to discuss her relationship with Billy. Jack tells her that he won't be her go-between with Billy. When she gets on Jack about not helping, he reminds her that he grew up without a mother and wouldn't wish that on anyone. Then she brings up Keemo and how he hasn't been a father to him, yet she wants to have a relationship with her son. Jack tells her to back off. After ticking him off, he leaves. Nikki wants to know what he's thinking and he brings up how Jill told him he'd never have a child of his own, thus bringing back the memories of the child he and she lost. They cry over the past and he leaves for a meeting
  • Brad drops by the Jabot lab with Abby, wearing a cute little pink outfit, to visit Ashley
  • Mary drops by Paul's office bringing dinner. He tells her how hard it's been to get a hold of Christine. She's worried about the number of hours he's been spending at the office. She suggests he get out and do things, such as join this ski group she knows, but he balks at her suggestion. The phone rings and Paul goes back to business. Mary leaves and talks to Lynn about how she feels Christine's leaving is unforgivable, not knowing Paul is standing behind her listening in
  • Jack arrives back at his office and runs into Nikki leaving. They talk about his rotton mood caused by Jill but doesn't feel like getting into it with her. Jack brings up the thought that the child he and Nikki almost had would have been 7 years old today
  • Tomas struggling with the screenplay gets upset and starts to talk to himself and wonder why he can't write anymore. After her trip to Gina's for dinner, Nina gets home. He tells her how he had lots of ideas but they were all bad. She tells him about her plan of having Philip spend time away from home as they work on the screenplay. He thought it was at Paul's since she went to see him, but she tells him it's with Jill. He asks her why she would put the screenplay ahead of her own son, especially when she has to resort to sending him to Jill's. She then shows him an idea about getting some monologue incorporated into the play and he bursts out with how she's doing good and he's got writer's block. She reassures him that his suggestions is where all her ideas spawn from
  • Jill runs into Nina at Gina's. Nina tells her that Jill might see Philip a lot more due to her and Tomas' writing the screenplay and suggested he stay with her during that time. Jill's delighted. Nina gets her dinner order and leaves

January 18, 2001

  • Carter continues with Warton, discussing Tricia's plan to leave town, leading Warton to say "I told you to stay away from that damn bimbo man!" Carter tells him about Tricia's attempted suicide jump and Warton wished he had stayed out of it and let her do it. Carter comes up with some plan to get away from her and the Newmans by saying he got a killer job offer and had to go check it out. Sharon calls Carter at his home and brings up the idea of having him out to the ranch for dinner and that he could bring his girl friend with him. He accepts. Warton wonders what Nick and Sharon are up to in inviting him out there
  • Ryan hears about Tricia's father waiting on Victoria's line and blows a gasket. She answers the call with Ryan standing there. Instead of bringing up Tricia, she asks him for his advice on finding the right networking system for Brash & Sassy. He provides her with a reference and then asks about Ryan. She brushes him off and hangs up. She pleads to Ryan about having Keith enter the picture to help Tricia. Ryan suggests her only reason for doing that is so Tricia would get shipped off to England to her father. She says she won't apologize for anything she has done. She also tells him that he's her best friend and that she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. He says that if that's the case, she should back off. He leaves
  • Nick enters the front door of his home looking for a report, which he finds and starts to head back to the office when Sharon comes down wearing practically nothing, putting a smile on Nick's face. Nick approaches her. We get a closeup shot of her crotch as Nick runs his hand up her leg. She asks him to take all his clothes off and starts kissing his bare chest and then undoes his belt buckle. They kiss as they lay down on the couch. A little while later we come back to find them all satisfied with their antics and having their quiet time with each other. They both get dressed and Nick gets set to leave. They talk about their hopes of Carter taking the manager job in Milwaukee. Sharon pushes having Carter take the job and suggests they have him over for dinner to try to persuade him. Sharon gets all excited about the dinner and starts planning the menu
  • HMO guy, Grandville, walks into Victor's office telling him his associates (Neil and Alex) are the problem in the whole case and that he was surprised to get court papers. He begs Victor to sit down and settle it instead of going to court but Victor refuses as Neil and Alex look on. Alex takes over and gives an opening statement-like message to Grandville. He feels intimidated by her words and makes one final plead to Victor when Neil interjects and asks him if he has an alternative, much to Alex's chagrin. He offers nothing any of them want to hear and lets Victor know that he's not only going up against his HMO company, but the entire HMO community and the results may end up being that no employee will get HMO care ever again as he leaves. Alex and Neil once again clash over how they should have handled the case. Victor leaves. Neil informs Alex that the battle just got more heated and that the employees fates are now in her hands and she better not let them down
  • Malcolm tries to get tickets to some even but finds the seating location unacceptable and has his contact try again when Olivia walks in. They get into another heated debat over Neil and Nate. She tells him to back off from Neil. Malcolm doesn't like that. She asks him why he's in Neil's office, if it's to badger Neil once again. He tells her that he's not there to see him but instead to see "a pretty little lady" Alex Perez. Olivia has this shocked look on her face and questions him. He then asks her why she's in Neil's office and she tells him it's none of his business. Before he walks out, he reminds her that she and Neil have never been on the same page at the same time in the past and that she shouldn't dump the only father Nate knows for a pipe dream
  • Nina and Tomas work on the screenplay, discussing ideas. Nina disagrees with one of Tomas' ideas and they get frustrated with each other. Tomas leaves for some fresh air. Nina goes back to work when Philip walks in saying he's got friends coming over to work on their science project. Nina objects saying that he can't just spring things like that on her, especially when she and Tomas are working. Nina apologizes for her outburst to him. Philip tells her that he could always go to his friend's place instead. Tomas comes back looking for Nina but finds Philip instead. They talk about how he suggested staying at a friend's place until the screenplay is over. He leaves and Tomas thinks outloud about how he's turning her life upside down
  • Paul tries to call Christine but couldn't get a hold of her. He picks up a picture of them and says quietly that he misses her. Shortly after, Nina walks in. She updates him about her screenplay and the writing process. They both have similar stories about not being able to get a hold of Christine when Paul suggests she may be avoiding him. Nina can't believe his thought and tells him it's crazy to think that. Paul isn't so sure. Nina leaves

January 17, 2001

  • Neil and Ryan talk about Alex then Victoria at his apartment before they head to the office. Neil warns him that Victoria may be up to something. Ryan is no longer there when Neil decides to head to the office when he opens the door and sees Olivia standing there. They talk. She tells him her friend gave her tickes to a BB King concert and dinner and asks him if he'd go with her. He accepts. She leaves
  • Victoria gets some bad news about Keith that he's not available to talk to her as he out of town. Later on, Ryan shows up in her office and talk to her. Ryan wants to know what she's up to. Ryan tells her to back off but Victoria continues to push. Victoria's secretary comes in and tells her she has an overseas call waiting for her
  • Tricia thanks Carter for keeping her from doing what she was about to do the day after it happened in his apartment as she spent the night there with him. Tricia suggests to him that they leave Genoa City. Carter balks at that idea and Tricia asks him if he's up to something and doesn't want to leave. Tricia tells him that she'll stay one week but after that, she has to get out of there. She leaves the apartment and Carter goes crazy. There's a knock on the door. Carter opens it and sees Warton. Carter says "that crazy bitch is going to ruin everything"
  • Diane disucsses the paternity test with Marissa and tells her about the plans with Leanna and how she'll be downstairs ready to take the pictures. Victor comes down the stairs and tells Diane to get ready as the tests are only 15 minutes away. Diane is surprised by that as Victor changed the test time to an earlier time. Victor asks Marissa to escort Diane to the lab for the tests and Diane doesn't object. All three leave the apartment. Once they finish, which we don't see, they re-enter the apartment and Leanna calls wondering "what the hell went on." Leanna calls back. Diane tells her that Victor changed the appointment and that she had no idea about it. She also tells Diane that the locks to the building have been changed and her key no longer works. Diane hangs up. Diane questions Marissa over how Victor might have known about the plans with Leanna. Marissa didn't like that and storms out the door
  • Brad wakes up in bed and notices Ashley isn't in bed. She's pouring non-alcoholic wine/champagne for the both of them for breakfast. They get mushy once again. The obnoxious couple comes down the stairs when the doorbell rings. Olivia shows up. Olivia tells Ashley that she needs some romantic advice. She wants to know how to handle things with Neil and try to get him to come around to her. Olivia leaves
  • Malcolm runs into Alex at Neil's office and starts talking to her. He asks her if she's up for some clubbing. Before she answers, she asks him if his interest in her is so it'll irritate his brother. He doesn't answer directly and turns it around on her and asks if that's what she's been doing. She doesn't like that and tells him she has work to do. Before he leaves he wants to know if she'll go clubbing. She said she'll think about it. Neil appears in the doorway and observes them. He then walks in and Malcolm makes a sarcastic remark towards him. Neil asks why he's there in the first place and Malcolm tells him it's because he's there to see Alex. Alex leaves as Malcolm reasks her for her answer. Neil suggests to Malcolm that he's only interested in her just to bug him. Neil leaves for a meeting
  • Billy struggles to open his locker and Mack comes over. He tells her that he hopes she hasn't mentioned anything to Jill about him going to the rave. She asks him why he's acting like a jerk lately. He tells her that he's tired being someone he's not and goes over to Brittany. While alone with Billy, Brittany and him talk about the rave and how they'll drop by it and leave before anyone finds out they were there. JT overhears that and has a big smile on his face. Brittany has slight reservations about going to the rave as it's a thing for serious partying
  • Raul and Rianna run into Mack at their lockers but don't say anything to her. She asks why and he tells her he didn't know if she was still upset with him for what he did. She tells him he's forgiven. When Raul asks her if she'll listen and stay away from Billy, she changes the subject and brings up the rave. JT overhears them and moves closer to listen in about the whole thing. Raul wants to know why Mack wants to go, if she wants to say she was there or if there's another reason. We cut back to JT at that point and he figures she wants to go because Billy will be there. JT approaches Mack about the rave, saying he'll help her out as he doubts Raul and Rianna would ever go to it. He also tells her that it's not about alcohol at raves, but intead it's esctasy
  • Victor enters his office and finds John Silva waiting for him. They talk about what happens when the results of the paternity tests come back. Silva leaves and Connie brings in a flower arrangement. Victor opens the card and reads the message, signed by Jack. Paul shows up and they talk about the surveillance

January 16, 2001

  • doorbell ringing at the Newman apartment. Diane comes down and sees Leanna and her photographer at the door. Leanna demands to get pictures of the baby but Diane stops her. Leanna sends the photographer out the door and lays into Diane about the agreement they have. Diane reminds her that the deal is only on if she feels the situation with Victor is beyond hope. Leanna tells her that any hopes she may have with Victor is dead in the water and therefore the pictures are essential right now. Leanna tells her that if she doesn't cooperate with her, she'll go to Victor and tell her how she has been conspiring behind his back. She decides to make a deal. Diane tells her that the paternity test will be at noon the next day and the car will be ready for them at 11:45am. If she wants pictures, she should be out there ready to take them as they come out the building
  • Victor in his office on the phone with the investagor guy. He tells her what's going on at the apartment and Victor orders him to record their conversation. Sharon and Cassie show up. They tell him they were in the neighbourhood and thought they'd just drop by and say hello. Cassie tells Victor about her skating trip and Victor asks Connie to take Cassie to the commissary for hot chocolate. Once they leave, Sharon tells Victor she's there to see how he's doing after finding out about Diane and the baby. She offers her assistance to him in any way and reassures him the family will be just fine through this. Cassie comes back. Victor promises Cassie that next time he'll go skating with her, much to Cassie's delight. Sharon and Cassie wish Victor goodnight and leave. Phone rings and Victor answers. He is updated on the goings on at the apartment
  • Billy and Brittany introduce themselves to the rave guys and tells them they're interested in their rave. He tells them he was at the one in Chicago, at Laker Park. The rave guys tells him they were there too. He tells her to play along with him as he knows Mack will overhear. They talk about the rave and when Mack asks about the rave, Billy tells her to not mention anything to Jill about it so it would put more distance between them. Brittany and Billy kiss as Mack looks on, further pushing Mack and Billy apart
  • Tricia at her apartment, on the ledge. She slowly rocks forward to jump when Carter, out of nowhere, grabs her and pulls her back in and shouts "Tricia...what the hell are you doing?" He locks the window and asks her what she was doing. She says she doesn't know and that no one would care if she killed herself. She says she has no one in her life anymore and that she's a cheating woman. Carter tells her it's stupid to think that way and that he'll not turn his back on her the way Ryan did. She tells him about her plotting to break up her sister's relationship with Tony and how strained their relationship became from that and what happened New Year's Eve with her and Tony with the kissing. She tells him that she kissed Tony because she wanted it and how she's afraid to relive that night and talk about it. When Carter presses her on why she can't do it, she blirts out that she's scared to find out that the reason things happened that was because she wanted it to happen and did them on purpose. Carter comforts her and tells her all that matters is them now, not anything or anyone else
  • Victoria in her office going over notes when she thinks back to her last conversation with Tricia in her office. Neil walks in dropping off reports. She asks him about Ryan and how he's doing. He asks her why she's interested, if it's for personal reason or friendship reasons. She tells him about the meeting she had with Tricia. She tells Neil she wants him to go and tell Ryan to put a time limit on Tricia and her staying at the apartment. Neil doesn't like the idea too much and Victoria sends him out. Alone in her office again, she pulls out her phonebook and makes a call to Keith Dennison's office. She leavs a message on the voicemail for Keith to call her back
  • Brad and Ashley having dinner at home. Chef telling them what's on the menu. He leaves and they get all mushy with each other. Doorbell rings. Brad asks Ashley to go open it. It's a band and they play as Brad and Ashley dance. After a while, the band leaves and Ashley is in some skimpy piece of lingerie. They get all mushy again
  • at the Chancellor estate, Esther helps Katherine with some document on the laptop when Mack walks in. She tells Kay what happened with Raul and Billy and why he's not going to volunteer at the shelter. Mack tells her that Raul has a girlfriend now and that she can't keep talking to Raul about things. Kay tells her that Raul is just showing her he still cares about her in terms of not wanting her to get hurt again. Mack thinks Billy is hiding something by acting this way and she's determined to find out what it is
  • Billy walks in the front door at the Abbott house and talks to Jack about how he's figured out things in his life. Jack tells him to be careful and not to do things that will have lasting effects and ruin every bit for friendship with Mack. Billy says that he and Mack only hurt each other when they're together so it's best to get her out of his system

January 15, 2001

  • Mack tells Billy it's time to be honest with each other. She tells him she talked to Raul and found out about the guilt trip he layed on. Billy tells her that he was right, that they should cool it and not spend too much time together. He tells her their friendship should end but she doesn't like that. She tells him that no one will get hurt if they stay friends but he tells her he has to go meet Brittany for a date and leaves
  • Brad and Ashley discuss her discussion with Nikki but it changes to her having to leave for the doctor's appointment. Brad calls Ashley and tells her that he will see her in a little bit because he has errands to run. He then makes a mysterious call to someone and tells them "it's a go". He meets Ashley at home and hands her a card. She reads it. It's a sort of a treasure hunt as he is directed to a book on the shelf. She goes over to it and finds a gift from him there. He tells her it's sort of a wedding present and tells her to look at the next book. She finds an envelope with another message telling her to go to the bedroom. They kiss. She heads to the bedroom. She meets some woman and there's clothes for her to try on. Brad comes in to see Ashley all made up and in a nightgown and robe. She asks if there's another card and he points her to the dresser drawer. In it, the card says for her to head to the closet so she heads there and sees a rose on a box. She picks up the box and opens it to find shoes. In the box there's another note telling her to check a bag hanging, so she does. It's a dress that she gasps at but won't show us just yet. Brad tells her to put it on and walks out the closet. Brad waits downstairs and sees her come down in her shimmery gold dress. She asks where they're going and he tells her no where and takes her over to the dining area where 3 guys are preparing the table and the dinner
  • Nikki and Jack talk business in his office. Nikki asks Jack for information on Ashley's baby's father. He tells her he met him once. He tells her how upset Ashley got over Jack butting into her affairs with Christian. Nikki can't believe Ashley would ever do something like get pregnant from a guy because she wants a baby but no relationship. Jack wants to know why all the questions. She informs him about Diane giving birth as he had no idea. Just before she leaves he tells her not to go messing with Ashley's life as she's happy with things in her life. Nikki leaves. Jack tells his secretary to send flowers with a card saying "congratulations...dad...signed Jack Abbott" and that they're going to Victor
  • Rave guy (Jordan) talks all mysterious with Nick, hinting about how he set him up with the drugs in the past, but Nick doesn't follow. Carter quickly interrupts them so he doesn't spill the beans to Nick. Carter get's him to back away and having it stay at Jordan wanting to put up posters promoting an upcoming rave. Carter meets rave guy in private and lays into him for almost messing up everything. Rave guy apologizes and tries to smooth the waters as he still wants the drugs. He tells him that he'll do things Carter's but Carter corrects him and says "his way", making it seem like they're doing it Nick's way. Later on, Nick talks to Carter and tells him how he'd rather not have posters of the rave put up as it might seem he's endorsing raves and doesn't want to be associated with drugs as it's not an uncommon thing at raves
  • Nina meets Tomas at his apartment. She tells him she almost turned down the offer from Harvey. She then tells him about how she told Harvey about her suggestion of having him join in on the screenplay concept but he blew up at it. Nina pleads with him to give it a try. She tells him that she needs both of them to be involved or else the whole situation won't get resolved. He agrees to give it a try. They hug
  • we see a dark apartment and Tricia sitting there when Ryan walks in. She doesn't hear him talking to her. She tells him she wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone and that's why she didn't answer the phone. Ryan goes to pack the rest of his things. Ryan comes out with his bags and Tricia asks him why he's not taking the rest. He tells her he can always come back if he needs to. Before he leaves, he talks to her once again. She tells him about how things have gone bad all due to her problems. He encourages her to keep working on them. He tells her a call to her therapist wouldn't be bad at that hour to talk about thing after he leaves as it's a tough time. He leaves. She cries. All alone, she walks over to the window and opens it, stares down at the traffic, climbs up on the ledge and considers jumping as the scene fades to black
  • at the coffee shop, Raul, Brittany and Rianna sit at a table and listen to Raul go on about Mack and Billy once again when he goes to get something to drink. Billy walks in and joins Brittany at the table. He tells her about the talk he had with Mack and how he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. They see Mack there, as if she's following him around. Raul and Rianna talk to Mack as she works. Mack turns them down when they ask about plans for the evening. Back over to Brittany and Mack...they over hear the rave guys talk about the upcoming rave