January 26, 2001

  • Victoria walks in on Nick in his office. They talk about what's on Nick's mind, that being the condition Sharon was in the night before. Nick gets a call from Victor, asking him and Victoria to see him in his office. Victoria gets a call on her cell phone and can't make the meeting with her father. Nick goes alone
  • Victor goes over past things in his head involving talks with Victoria about Diane's baby, talks he's had with Diane, Leanna, the lab people that kept his sample that Diane supposedly used and anyone else related to the problem
  • Mack and Brittany continue their talk about Billy and the rave. Mack walks away but Brittany follows her and continue the discussion. Brittany tells her to butt out. Mack reminds her that Billy shouldn't be around drinking and drugs because he hasn't been able to control himself in the past. Their discussion gets heated as JT and Raul listen in. JT teases Raul that he still wants Mack but she still wants Billy. Brittany walks away after telling Mack that she has no business worrying about Billy anymore and that she should just get over it. Mack goes back over to her and they continue with their argument. It ends some pushing and shoving and JT breaks it up. Raul asks Mack what started it and she tells him he should have told Billy not to go to the rave if he was ever a friend to him. He tells her that Billy is a big boy and he can take care of himself now and she should give it a rest. Raul walks away
  • Malcolm tries to find out what's bugging Alex. She tells him that her mood is probably all due to the case getting bigger and more insurance companies are getting drawn into it, as well as her wanting to keep her perfect record of not losing a case intact.
  • Ashley pays Neil a visit in his office and tells him he's invited to a dinner at her place with Brad. He tells her that he'll have to think about it but isn't sure because he's been really busy lately. They talk about Olivia. He goes on about how wonderful she is. Shortly after, Alex walks in pushing the stupid case again promting Ashley to decide to leave. Neil walks her out. He heads back in to see Alex. She tells him she's there to apologize to him
  • Diane goes to Baldwin office looking for him. He's not there but she decides to wait in his office. She meets Phyllis sitting at Baldwin's desk. They talk about Diane and her pregnancy methods, using the press for personal gain and her confidence it's Victor's baby. Diane turns it around and tells her she did the same thing with Danny and that it went a step further as she was declaired an unfit mother. Diane shoots and scores there! Phyllis tells her that if she ever mentions her son's name again, she'll "rip her throat out." Diane tells her she's not intimidated by her but leaves
  • Nikki and Katherine meet up at Gina's. They talk about Mack and her upcoming birthday party and the problems she seems to be having. Nikki tells her not to worry about that as Mack will solve them on her own. They also talk about Nikki's last encounter with Victor and how he was showing some sort of affection towards her, but Nikki tells her not to read too much into it. Nikki's cell phone rings. It's Victor. He wants to see her in his office
  • at Victor's office, Nick walks in to find Sharon in there waiting. She says she also got a call from Victor to meet there too. Since they're alone, Nick asks her how she's feeling. She says she's still not 100% and that she's sorry for the whole thing. Nick tells her not to worry about it because she could have had an off night and it just caught her off guard and knocked her out that way. They start making out for whatever reason. Victoria walks in and reminds the two of them it's a place of business. Nikki shows up and Victor follows right behind her. He tells them he's asked them to be there to hear the results of the paternity tests, but we have to wait for another episode to find out what it is
  • Tomas tells Nina that he won't be going to LA with her because the two of them won't survive the way they've been clashing lately. Nina tries to find solutions to get him to go, such as postponing the trip but he tells her she has to go and that the editors don't care about him and he won't subject himself to being in the same room with people that don't care about him anymore. He tells her that his writer's block is about to be broken and that he needs time to nuture that glimmer of hope instead of having it shattered being around people that aren't going through the things he's been going through. Nina reluctantly decides to go alone. She tells him she'll call him every night to keep him posted on what's going on. He tells her he'll be there when she gets back but didn't sound convincing. He leaves

January 25, 2001

  • we pick things up with Nikki and Victor at Gina's. Victor doesn't like it when she says that she could understand how Diane is feeling about having a child. He tells her that she can't compare herself to Diane because Diane has done far worse things than she has ever done. This comes after she was telling him how she felt when she wanted to have another child with Victor. As she's about to leave, Victor gets up and holds her in his arms and gives her a kiss on the cheek before leaving
  • next we see Olivia in her office, doodling Neil's name on a notepad when Ashley walks in. They talk about how things went when she asked Neil out
  • Brittany gets on Mack's case for showing up at Billy's door, but Mack tells her that she has something to say to Billy and she's not leaving until she does as she barges into the house. Brittany tells Billy that she's going home to get the english test she forgot, leaving him there to get rid of Mack. Once Brittany leaves, Mack tells Billy she's there about the rave and the stuff she learned from JT. When she tells him about the esctasy, he says he knows all about it but it's none of her business what happens there. Billy resents her trying to "take care of him" because he already has someone like that in his life, his mother. He then blows up when she brings up the last party and how he almost died. She then tells him that she can't go through worrying about him that way again if he decides to do something foolish. He tells her that she should stop with her concerns because he's with Brittany now and she (Mack) is no longer his concern anymore and that she should get a life. Mack leaves in a hurry and Billy whispers to himself that he's sorry for having to do that
  • Tomas tells Nina the feelings he has over his "breakthrough" of ideas but she still doesn't like the fact he sent off his ideas to their editor without her seeing them. When she tells him that she has ideas that would fly just as much as his would, he reminds her that he's the senior writer and has a more mature outlook on ideas there. She reminds him it's her book they're making into the movie but he counters with how she'd never get that far if it wasn't for him introducing her to his editor. Personally, I'm just waiting for her to tell him off because he's become a real ass, but it's getting to the point where I don't care one way or another
  • Phyllis walks into the coffee house wanting strong coffee when Malcolm walks up behind her. They go back to his table and talk about her and Jack's relationship. She tells him how she's been concerned lately about Baldwin but Malcolm doesn't care about it because he doesn't like the guy. Her concern is because he's a friend to her but Malcolm tells her that Baldwin's personal life with whatever woman he wants is none of her business and if she keeps pushing him about it, she'll end up losing him altogether. They continue talking, he suggests she play the field instead of just concentrating on just one guy when in walks Alex, headed straight for the front counter, not noticing Malcolm and Phyllis. Malcolm approaches Alex and greets her, along with introducing Phyllis to her. Alex says very few words and Phyllis finds it awkward, so she excuses herself and leaves. Malcolm and Alex talk. She tells him how her morning has been bad, thanks to Neil
  • Ryan and Neil walk back to his office. They talk about Neil's date with Olivia and about Alex. As they walk in, they find Alex sleeping at his desk. She gets up and tells him "it's about time" he showed up (does this woman have a home?). She talks about how she tried to reach him the night before but was unable to. Frankly, she needs a life cuz this storyline is getting old very fast. Alex leaves. Neil blows up to Ryan about how much he doesn't like her. He also tells Ryan about Malcolm seeing Alex and that he doesn't feel his attitude towards her is a result of her dating Malcolm. Ryan gets a report from Neil and then leaves
  • after leaving Billy's house, Brittany heads to school where she runs into Raul and Rianna. She tells them about how she doesn't like Mack and how she just won't leave her and Billy alone. After Rianna and Raul leave, Mack walks in and talks to Brittany. She tells her that Billy didn't care to listen to anything she had to say, much to Brittany's delight no doubt
  • Victor heads back to the apartment, but there's no sign of Diane. The doorbell rings. It's a guy bringing the results of the paternity tests. He opens up the envelope and pulls out the results. Show ends at that point

January 24, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon talk about what happened the night before and how she was so out of it after a second drink. Nick thinks there might be more to her not being able to hold her drink. She tells him that she remembers something, but it's only about how she thinks Carter was seriously considering taking the Milwaukee job
  • Carter wakes up with Tricia in his bed and has flashbacks of his dinner with Sharon while looking at Tricia and her bare legs exposed. She wakes up and asks him why he's looking at her that way. He brushes it off saying he didn't know he was doing anything. They talk about their little lovemaking night and she points out a bruise he gave her on her arm. He tells her he's sorry for that. She gets up and leaves to get changed. When she comes back out, he re-enters the apartment with pastries. He acts tender towards her and tells her he put out calls for a new place for her to move to if she's still looking for that. She finds that sweet of him to do. He tells her he still needs a few weeks to make sure he can get a job before they leave. Once Tricia leaves, we see Carter and Warton talking in the apartment. Carter tells him he did major work on Tricia to keep her on his side. Warton tells him he knows all about it as he's renting the room right next door and heard the bed springs working overtime. Warton was also upset to hear Carter was all alone with Sharon at her place. They argue. Carter's sure he'll get Sharon once again but Warton tells him he's dreaming and that she should forget about it as it's too dangerous
  • Victoria gets on Nikki's case about spending time with Jack and hopes she doesn't start up another relationship with him. Nikki tells her that there's nothing going on between her and Jack. Victoria also tells her that the paternity tests on Diane will be ready that day
  • Victor walks down the stairs of the apartment to see Diane and a guy there. He asks what's going on and the guys tells him he's there for the Christening of the baby. Victor tells him he's postponing the Christening and sends the guy away. Diane heads to the kitchen and the baby starts acting up. Victor walks over and tries to comfort him. Diane watches the whole thing from the shadows. She approaches him and he tells her not to read much into things. The phone rings and Victor answers. He gets news that the paternity tests will be ready by the afternoon. Diane is confident in the results and tells him so as he's walking out the door. Later on, Marissa comes by as Diane requested. They talk and Diane tells her that she's going to roll the dices now, going for broke with the whole thing with Victor and the baby as the test results are ready
  • Tomas finally has a decent idea and calls Nina out to read his ideas. She reads it but isn't enthusiastic about it and says that it could work but still needs fine tuning. He doesn't like that and tells her that it doesn't matter because he already faxed off the ideas to Harvey. She's not pleased. Nina has a fit over it but the phone rings. Tomas answers it and it's Les Moonves, President of CBS. Les tells Tomas that he's calling on behalf of Harvey about his ideas and that he and Nina should fly out to LA to sit down with the screenwriters there. He reluctantly agrees and puts Nina on the line. She agrees to get there that same day. As they get ready to go pick up the tickets, they get into an argument once again over the ideas thing and that he's back on track and doesn't have writers block and it wasn't as a result of anything she did. He walks away leaving her in shock
  • Philip and Jill discuss breakfast. She calls Esther to make waffles but Esther balks at it. When she see's it's for Philip, she welcomes the idea with open arms
  • Billy and Brittany share pastries for breakfast at the Abbott house. She brings up Mack and a plan to get her off their backs. He idea is to hook Mack up with another guy. Billy tells her he doesn't think it's a good idea, leading her to ask him if there's another reason why he doesn't want to do it (ie. he still wants her). He tells her not to worry about that because he's over her and that she only said that as a test to see where his head is at. He convinces her that he passed by planting a passionate kiss on her lips. Brittany leaves because she remembers she forgot something she needed for school at her house. As they walk out the front door, they run into Mack standing there
  • Mack looks out the window at the Chancellor home and thinks back to her talk with Billy where he was telling her they are no longer going to be friends. Katherine walks in and stops her from leaving, reminding her she doesn't have to leave right away. She also tells her that Philip is there, to her surprise. Katherine tells her why he'll be staying. Mack tells her that she's fine with the whole thing. Jill walks in from her breakfast with Philip, all happy with things, then starts in on Mack, implying she's not "well bread and is a squatter." Katherine didn't like that but brushed her off. Philip comes back in and tells her how he heard how good her birthday party was last year so she invites him this year. He's delighted but Jill tells him he'd not be interested in something like that but he really wants to go. Katherine and Mack plan a date but when the date of the rave comes up, Mack tells her she doesn't want it then, leading to questions from Kay as to what's going on then
  • after leaving the apartment, Victor heads to Gina's for breakfast and runs into Nikki. They talk about Diane and the tests coming back

January 23, 2001

  • we continue with Jack, Nikki, Susanne and her son at the Newman ranch. The little boy asks his mother if Jack and Nikki are her guardian angels. We find out the kid's name is also Jack, but that would get confusing talking about them that way, so I'll call him J. Jack and Nikki tell they'd be honoured to be his guardian angels. Jack then starts talking to J the way a father would, being all interested in the things he does for fun as Nikki looks on with tears of happiness. Susanne tells Nikki and Jack how grateful she and her husband are for what they did in saving J's life. They say their goodbyes and leave, but just before they leave, Jack asks J if he could have a hug before they leave. Aww, how sad. Jack gets all emotional after they leave, remembering how he held him as a baby and now seeing him growing up. Nikki tells him that she knows he's going to make a great father. They cry and he gets ready to leave, but before he does, she tells him that she felt Jack's spirit in the little boy and that'll always go on
  • Sharon gets up from her drink and stumbles. She says she feels woozy and Carter helps her sit on the sofa. She sits in an awkward position, with one leg off the sofa and the other bent forward with her knee up in the air. Carter stares at her legs. If her skirt was any shorter, we'd see right up it. She passes out and Carter starts touching her hair and whispering into her ear, making sure she can't hear him. He gets up and locks the front door. He comes back to her with his pants unbuckled and starts feeling her legs. He starts undoing her top and kissing her neck and face. He hears a car pulling up and quickly does up his pants and fixes Sharon up to not make it look like he was doing anything. He unlocks the door and picks up the phone to make it look like he was calling for help. Nick rushes over to Sharon and she wakes up a little. She tells him the 2 drinks got to her. As he takes her upstairs, she starts saying things like "you feel good...you smell good too." Once they're out of sight, Carter pulls out the vial of drugs and grins in a frustrated way. Victoria comes back and Nick informs her that Trina has things under control and he was able to come back home. They talk about Sharon and Victoria tells them that the margurita's weren't strong, that it shouldn't have affected Sharon the way it did. Carter jumps in and offers suggestions to why Sharon was hit by it. Carter leaves. Once Victoria leaves, Nick picks up Sharon's glass and gives it a sniff, thinking maybe something was put in her drink by Carter
  • Tricia knocks on Carter's apartment door, looking for him. When there's no answer, she enters and is greeted by Warton. She looks scared. He asks her how she got a key. When she doesn't answer and attempts to leave, he stops her and tells her to stick around and get to know the real Larry Warton. Just as she's about to leave, she runs into Carter at the front door. He convinces her to stay as Warton takes off
  • Baldwin and Phyllis go to Gina's for dinner. Phyllis acts stupid around Gina, making goofy noises and raising her voice across the room. Baldwin asks her why she always has to make a scene. She says she knows he likes it. She starts on him about him wanting Christine. He gets upset and tells her to knock it off. As their dinner continue, Mary shows up and tells him that Paul is all broken up over the whole Hong Kong thing. When he asks her if something has happened to Christine, she snaps back telling him that she's throwing away a wonderful man for a stupid little law practice with him. Shortly after hearing that and seeing Mary leave, Phyllis tells Baldwin that she's had enough with his obsession for Christine and leaves
  • Paul and Mary continue with their talk and her suggestion that Christine is sending him a message that their marriage is over. Paul errupts and raises his voice and tells her to leave and give him space. She leaves all sad. He then gets on the phone and tries calling Christine. He finally gets a hold of her but there's a bad connection. They bearly hear each other so they hang up just after he tells her he misses her. He packs up his briefcase and heads out the door, 2 seconds before the phone rings. It's Christine leaving a message on the machine for him
  • Billy and Brittany are at the coffee house working on the computer when they see the rave guy enter. They approach him and ask him about the date for the rave, along with other questions about what goes on at raves, including wondering if drugs will be there. He tells them there won't be any trouble and they'll have fun whichever way they choose. Rave guy gets his order and leaves. Billy heads to his car for something. Brittany and Rianna talk about the rave and if she'll be going with Raul. She tells her that it's not Raul's kinda thing. Raul shows up right at that moment and asks them what they're talking about. As Rianna and Raul talk, Mack comes over to them and starts asking for more info about the rave. When they won't help her, she says she'll find out for herself and heads to a computer. As she's looking it up, JT comes over to her and tells her once again he'll take her. She balks at that suggestion and tells him that people do have a good time at raves and don't resort to drugs for it. She watches Billy come in and sit with Brittany. Mack approaches Billy when he's at the counter and asks him if he and Brittany are still planning on going to the rave. He tells her they are. He tells her that he won't be drinking and he doesn't want to hear any more questions about drugs from her. He walks away and takes Brittany with him back to his house. Raul watches Mack from a distance as this goes on. He briefly says something to her and then leaves. Over to the Abbott house, Brittany asks Billy what Mack was talking to him about. He tells her it wasn't anything special and that he made it clear to her he doesn't want her in his life. They start to kiss. When he sees her pull back a little, he asks what's wrong. She tells him she'll tell him someday. They hug and it then fades to Mack sitting at the coffee house

January 22, 2001

  • Dinner party with Carter and Sharon continue as Carter hides the vial of drugs in his pocket. They sit down to eat and Carter eyes her drink. They talk about him taking the Milwaukee job. He tells her he's looking at other jobs but hasn't heard back from any of them, which pleases Sharon as she wants him taking the job she offered. Carter offers to refill her glass and she lets him. As he does, he takes out the vial and drops some of the drugs into her glass. He hands it to her and just as she was giong to take a sip, Victoria comes knocking on the door. She comes in. She likes the margaritas and was about to take Sharon's, but Carter stops her and pours her another glass. Sharon leaves for more snacks. Carter starts a conversation with Victoria, but her first comment was "how much can I trust you?" She tells him it's all based on how he didn't back her up with Ryan about Tricia at the coffee house a while back. She gets into a discussion about Tricia with him. She tells him that she wants Tricia to open up to him and report back to her with information. He agrees to do it. Sharon comes back and Victoria decides to leave for the main house. Sharon picks up her drink and then decides to pass on the second one, much to Carter's disappointment. Carter insists on helping her clean up, but makes one last pitch to her about finishing her last drink. She starts to drink it, but we have to wait to see what happens
  • Nikki makes a phone call to Jack from the ranch. Jack's in a mood. She invites him over for dinner. Jack tells her he's going to pass on it as the only reason she's offering is to cheer him up. She persuades him to come when she tells him she needs him there, though she doesn't say why. Jack shows up a little later. She makes drinks. They talk, mostly Jack wondering why she's doing all this for him. She tells him there's no real reason. Dinner is served by Miguel. Once dinner is over, they talk and he thinks her invitation was to remind him that the past isn't all about bad memories, but the good ones they shared. The doorbell rings and Nikki checks it out. It's a woman, Susanne Cooke and her son. It's the kid that received his baby's heart 7 years ago
  • Nick talking business with Trina in Milwaukee on the phone. Victoria comes over and talks to him, inquiring about the dinner party and Carter. She suggests dropping by the dinner once again, but before he could answer her, Cody interrupts them. She leaves as Nick and Cody talk
  • inside Paul's office, we get Mary telling Lynn and Marissa she thinks what Christine did was unforgivable as Paul listens in. She realizes he's standing there and he calls her into his office. She says she's not apologizing for anything she said. He doesn't like her comments and warns her about them. She brings up the whole history of their relationship, the Baldwin situation, the baby situation and now the 4 months apart. Mary tells him that Christine is sending him a clear and strong message, that being the marriage is over
  • Phyllis visits Baldwin in his office. Baldwin tells her about the whole Paul/Christine situation and how Paul didn't go and their goodbyes at the airport weren't the warmest of things. She makes a comment to him about how she's sure he's wishing he has all of Christine's "warm, soft, round parts in his hands." He tells her to keep her x-rated thoughts to herself. They discuss the possibilites of Paul and Christine's marriage falling apart. She tells him that Christine will destroy him if he got involved with her. He cuts the conversation short and tells her they're leaving. They head out to dinner
  • Tomas and Nina continue their screenplay writing, tossing around ideas. He gets into one of those moods again, about how she's got all the ideas and telling him about them as if he doesn't have ideas of his own. She comes up with another idea but he rejects it. She asks him to explain why it's no good and he blows up again, saying he shouldn't have to explain everything and that they're on a deadline and there's no time for things like that. Philip walks in, but doesn't hear that. Nina tells Philip that he won't be staying with Paul, but Jill instead. He's excited about it. Nina calls Jill to let her know it's a go. Tomas tells her that she doesn't have to send Philip packing that night, but she says she does and leaves with Philip
  • Jill asks Esther to set up a room for someone to stay in. Esther gives her lip over it. Katherine enters as Esther leaves. Jill tells her that Philip might be staying for a few weeks. Katherine tells her she doesn't have a problem with him staying, but feels there's something else going on. She tells Jill that once she sees the first bit of trouble between Philip and her, she's calling Nina. Later on in the evening, Nina and Philip show up and talk to Jill about him staying. She goes to check on the room. Nina and Philip talk about the tension he walked in on with her and Tomas. She tells him it's just part of the screenplay process. He heads up to his room
  • Warton enters the coffee shot and talks to Nick and Cody, wanting a drink. He tells him he's just in town for a visit. They serve him a strawberry drink...kinda fruity for a tough guy, but oh well. Nick and Cody talk to each other about Warton and how they don't like him being around. Nick walks over to Warton at his table and asks about his visiting and who. Warton tells him his one good friend in town is partnering with him in a money-making operation. Warton asks him if his reasons for not liking him is due to the past and brings up the whole prison stuff. Nick doesn't answer and walks away. Shortly after, Warton pays for his drink and walks out. Nick tells Cody that he has a feeling Warton was there, and in town, for a reason and not a good one