February 2, 2001

  • continuation of Nick selling the bag of coffee to rave guy. The sale is made and rave guy slips the envelope of cash under the large coffee cup on the counter and give the sign to Carter as he's leaving. Carter then persuades Nick to take off as he's feeling much better now. Nick takes off
  • Jill gets on Jack's case about his involvment with Phyllis. Jack reminds her that he's not falling for her and that his plan to get inside information on Newman Enterprises is still his objective through her. He tells her that a few more night like the one they just had will result in Phyllis spilling all kinds of information
  • Diane continues with her thoughts about Victor trying to run her out of town after finding out the results of the paternity tests. He tells her that he has never wanted her back after they broke up and that she has one week to get out or else face criminal charges. He leaves. Later we see Marissa there. Diane tells her that she's not going to leave there at all and will fight Victor over it
  • back at school, Mack and JT talk about her wanting him to take her to the rave. She gives him 2 conditions: 1- no drugs and she doesn't want to be around it, and 2- no one is to know they're going together. He accepts her terms. She's called away to finish packing boxes for the drive and we see Billy and Brittany enter in the background as JT is talking to himself saying, "I don't know how you're going to keep this a secret." As Mack and JT shake hands in agreement to the terms, Billy strolls by in the background carrying more things and sees them. Billy asks her what was going on with her and JT. She tells him the same thing he told her, that he's not her keeper and he should butt out. Billy then confronts JT and tells him to leave Mack alone. He also tells Billy that whatever was going on is none of his business. Mack and Brittany get into the whole talk about Billy and the rave and staying out of her and Billy's life once again. Once Billy comes back, he and Brittany take off
  • at the Newman Ranch, Victoria enters and is greeted by Nikki. They're all smiles over the paternity results. Victoria brings up the notion that maybe Victor is coming around once again and showing interest in Nikki. Victoria suspects there is something Nikki is hiding from Victor that could cause problems like how her investment in Jabot did. Nikki tells her that there might be something but she believes it'll be something that has a positive effect instead of a negative one. Just at that moment, Victor comes in and tells them that he dropped the bombshell on Diane and told her to get out by the end of the week. Once Victoria leaves the room, Victor tells Nikki that Diane seemed surprised by the results and accused him of tampering with the results and wants a re-test. Victor then leaves and Victoria comes back
  • Phyllis races over to Malcolm's apartment with champagne to celebrate her night with Jack. He wants to know why she's not relaxing and celebrating with Jack instead. She tells him she didn't want to wear her heart on her sleeve with Jack just yet, as well as she thinks she and Jack can go all the way, as in marriage, the way things feel to her
  • Nick heads back to his home and tells Sharon all that went on at the coffee house. Once they finish that topic, they decide to choose where they're going for vacation by flipping a coin. The outcome is they're going to the Caribbean
  • Carter heads back to his apartment where Warton is waiting for him. Carter gets on Warton's case for not following orders. Warton almost takes Carter's head off by pinning him against the door with his forearm right up on Carter's throat. Once they separate themselves, Carter tells him that the deal went down and the ball is rolling on getting Nick charged with drug dealing. Warton takes half of the money from the envelope and leaves

February 1, 2001

  • we pick things up with Diane and Victor and the results of the paternity tests. Diane starts telling him that she's demanding a retest. Victor tells her that he doesn't care how many tests she wants to take because they'll come back the same. He then tells her to take her child and leave town and never show up there ever again and to stay out of his family's life for good
  • Brad gets home and is greeted by Ashley. He tells her about the results of the paternity tests after hearing them from Nikki. Ashley is stunned. She gets flustered with all the talk about Victor once again
  • Nick and Sharon continue their vacation planning. Her choices are the Caribbean, Italy, Norway or Hawaii. Their phone rings but they ignore it. They hear Carter's voice on the machine and they break lip contact to pay attention to it. Carter is telling him that he needs to get in touch with him right away. Nick picks up and Carter tells him Warton is at the coffee house and is causing a scene and since he's there alone, he doesn't have any help in removing him. Nick decides to head down there. Once Nick is gone, Nikki shows up and loves the choices of trip destinations. She's there to find out if she and Nick are both wondering how Diane ended up with someone else's sample; if so, she would like them to all just forget about it because all that should matter is that Victor isn't the father. Sharon brings up the thought that maybe Victor wants to find out who switched the samples and wants to thank them for saving his family and hardship down the road. Getting away from that subject, it switches to Warton and Nick at the coffee house
  • at the coffee house, Carter tells rave guy Nick is on his way. Rave guy tells him he can't wait any longer and leaves. Warton then shows up and Carter tells him what he told Nick. Warton give him a shove to make things look real. The rehearse their plan before Nick shows up. Once Nick is in sight, they both raise their voices and Warton pops Carter in the mouth, busting his lip. Nick tells Warton to never show up there again and shoves him out the door, then attends to Carter. Sharon calls Nick at the coffee house and tells him that Carter might have a concussion and he wants to take him to the hospital. Rave guy shows up once again. Carter reassures Nick he's fine and then heads outside to talk to rave guy. He gives him the money and goes to the counter and offers a pound of coffee, the brand with the drugs hidden in it. While this is all going on, some guy is observing them off to the side. Nick tries to persuade him to buy a different brand as he has no clue there's drugs in that one brand but the guy insists on that one so Nick sells it to him
  • Philip tells Jill he's got the new Barenaked Ladies cd. She has no idea who they are and questions him on what kind of music it is. Mack walks in and Philip asks her if she's got any idea when her birthday party is. Jill interrupts them but Mack informs Philip that he can pick out the music for the party. Once she leaves, Philip tells Jill that he like Mack and that she's cool, much to Jill's dismay. Jill tries to get Philip to change is mind about Mack by telling him she's not like their kind, that she was living on the streets and eating out of garbage cans. Esther enters and Philip leaves. Esther takes a poke at Jill by telling her how funny it is she brought Philip there and he instantly develops a liking for Mack
  • swinging over to the Abbott Pool House we find Jack and Phyllis in bed, looking all satisfied after finishing round one of their little romp. Oh look, round two has just started...ugh. Ding ding, round two is over as they both come up for air all huffing and puffing. Oh geez, it looks like we're back to see the end of round three. It could probably sound highly unlikely they can go that long and often, but...well, we'll leave it at that. Ok, they need to stop now because it looks like round four is getting underway. Oh look, Phyllis leaves! But Jill is there at the top of the stairs to see her go and makes a comment to Jack about how "seems" to be in love. She asks where Billy was and he reminds her that he's doing community service and that's why he's not home. She also wants to know if he's just putting on an act with Phyllis
  • in the Abbott main house we find Billy and Brittany walking in after helping out at the clothing/food drive. She tells him about the fight she had with Mack at school. He tells her that she's the one he cares about now
  • over to the clothing/food drive we find Rianna and Raul getting ready to leave. Raul tells her how he turned Mack down when she asked him to go to the rave with her to keep an eye on Billy. Rianna tells him that she can understand where she's coming from. He still doesn't forgive Billy for betraying him and still won't help him by looking out for him at the rave. He also says he'll never be best friends with him ever again. Mack walks in with stuff for the drive and talks to them about the stuff she brought. Later on, JT shows up and sees Mack. He thinks back to his last talk with Mack. She turns around and sees him. He just turns and walks away. She goes after him and asks him if his offer to take her to the rave still stands

January 31, 2001

  • John Silva visits Victor in his office to take care of legal things involving Diane
  • swinging over to Jabot we find Brad in the lab on the phone to Ashley when Nikki shows up. They have a nice talk about him and his new marriage. He asks about Victor and Diane. She informs him of the results and they get into other things relating to how the lab could mix things up. He brings up the fact that someone intentionally switched Victor's sample in order to embarrass Diane and that Victor won't rest until he finds out who did it
  • over to Gina's we find Baldwin and Phyllis once again on their dinner date. The subject of Jack and his phone call to Phyllis just a minute ago is what they discuss. She gets up and gets ready to leave when we see Diane staring at them as she just entered the place. She approaches them and Baldwin tells Phyllis she doesn't have anything to worry about and that she should go see Jack. Once she goes, Diane sits down and talks strategy with Baldwin, throwing around ideas of leaving with the baby and making Victor feel like he's losing another child and would stop her from going through with it. Baldwin doesn't offer her any advice because he feels she's done very well on her own in following her instincts. Her cell phone rings. It's Victor asking her to meet him at the apartment for the results. She leaves with all the confidence in the world that things will be in her favour. As he's about to leave, he runs into Tricia and heads over to her table and reintroduces himself to her. They discuss the problems she had/has with her marriage but not in any great detail, as well as her plan to leave town. She leaves
  • we next head off to the Newman Ranch and Nick & Sharon's place. Sharon walks in to see boards of different vacation places setup, along with samplings of drinks and items from each place for her to sample and decide where they want to go. They goof around with things relating to each place...yadda yadda yadda...nothing interesting happening here. If this was a movie, this scene would end up on the cutting room floor. They decide to take their vacation at the end of February
  • meanwhile, back at the coffee house, Carter runs into rave guy. He heads to the storeroom and pulls out his bag of coffee that he stashed the drugs in. He places it on the front shelf behind the bar. He talks to rave guy and he pretends to be waiting for Nick to do the deal. He asks Cody about the inventory and gets the news it's been postponed and that Nick won't even be around. Looks like he has to come up with a new plan. Carter calls Warton and tells him the problem. Warton suggests holding off until tomorrow but Carter says it won't happen because the deal will fall through
  • at Victoria's office we get Ryan walking in the door. Victoria tells him about the news of the paternity tests but the good mood doesn't last very long as Ryan sarcastically thanks her for not bringing up Tricia over the last couple of days with him as if she was doing him some sort of favour. Here we go again, same ol' same ol' about Tricia and him and her being nosy. Good time to go grab something to snack on as this story better speed up or else I'm going to scream. His cell phone rings. It's Dr. Cooper. Victoria heads out her office to give him privacy. He asks the doctor for a progress report on Tricia but is surprised by something he tells him. Victoria comes back in and he tells her that Tricia ordered her doctor not to discuss anything with him anymore
  • at the Abbott Pool House, Phyllis meets with Jack. He tells her that their relationship has only been based on fun and they have reached the end of that line and it would be best if they break their relationship off. Diane thinks he's joking at first but quickly realizes he isn't. She plays like she's not heartbroken by it by telling him she didn't have any expectations going into the whole thing, just like he did. Her feelings start to show when she starts putting him down by calling him a bore and a snooze. Oh look, they start kissing...so much for breaking up huh?
  • Diane arrives at the Newman Apartment and talks to Victor. He tells her to take a look at the results herself. She's shocked to see the outcome. Diane questions the results and insists there's a mistake. He then tells her it's time for her to face reality...show ends

January 30, 2001

  • Victor continues his talk with Nikki over how the sample Diane took wasn't his. Nikki then asks him how come he's not rushing over to tell Diane the results but he tells her he's taking his time and that her reaction will be the same as his, that being of shock. A representative from Robertson's Labs enters Victor's office explaining what happened to his sample and how it got switched. The guy couldn't explain it and Victor asks him to leave. After a little more chit chat with Nikki, she decides to leave but before she does, he asks her how come she's not more curious about everything. She doesn't really give him much of an answer other than that she is interested but she's sure he would get to the bottom of things
  • Jack visits Ashley at the lab and finds Abby there. He comes bearing gifts for Abby and couldn't resist picking her up and holding her. She asks him if he's dating Phyllis. He tells her to stay out of his personal life but she turns it around and reminds him how he's done that to her for years and years. He tells her he has his reasons for seeing Phyllis and leaves it at that. He leaves
  • Baldwin and Phyllis sit at Gina's enjoying dinner. Phyllis gets loud over his refusal over dancing with her. They get into her relationship with Jack. He tells her to dump him because it's not going anywhere. Her cell phone rings. It's Jack wanting to see her.
  • over to the coffee house we find Nick entering. He talks to Cody. Sharon appears behind them and hears them talking about the surprise bag Nick brought for her and she wonders what's going on. Cody takes off and Nick tries to hide the bag with his foot by pushing it under the counter. Nick covers up his discussion with Cody and tells her he's pushed the inventory thing they were going to do for the next day. Nick tells her that he needs one hour to do some stuff and that she has to stay at the coffee house until time is up. Sharon then runs into Carter. She apologizes to him for how the dinner went the night before but he tells her not to worry about it. She notices how he gets "zoned out" looks in his eyes from time to time (this time was due to him thinking back to the dinner when she was passed out) and mentions it to Cody. She then leaves
  • we flash over to Carter in his apartment. He's hiding the drugs in a bag of coffee. His phone rings. Tricia is on the line asking him if he wants to go to dinner. He turns her down. They also talk about how his job search is going because she can't wait to leave town. They hang up
  • we're making the rounds today as we now head over to Tomas' apartment. Nina wants to know why he's wanting to leave her and that it's not worth doing just because they're butting heads over the screenplay. He doesn't want to listen. She tells him that she'll give up the movie because she doesn't want to lose him but he tells her she has too much talent to pass it up. She can't believe he's willing to throw it all away just like that. She can't get him to promise he'll be there when she gets back. She leaves. He cries after she's gone and she cries outside of his apartment
  • another scene...another character...we're over at Paul's office. He's going over his last conversation with Nina in his head when Jill walks in. She's there to talk about Philip and that she hopes he isn't shuffled between her home and his. He reassures her that Nina only spoke to him as a backup incase he's needed for anything. He also tells her that Christine is in Hong Kong and she looks at it as them saying how strong their marriage is for her to be that far away for that long
  • once Tricia hangs up with Carter, Ryan enters the apartment and they talk about their issues again. She leaves. Ryan makes a phone call to Dr. Cooper to set up an appointment to talk about Tricia

January 29, 2001

  • here we are, in Victor's office. Those present are: Nikki, Victoria, Nick, Sharon and Victor. He tells them that the results of the paternity tests reveal that Diane's baby is not his. Everyone is happy, except Nikki as she has a look of "I already knew you weren't the father." Victoria tells Victor that she'd love to be there when he tells Diane the results of the test. Victor ushers them all out as he says he'd like to talk to Nikki alone. They talk about what comes next now that he knows. He says he hasn't thought that far and is just relieved to hear the good news . After a bit of talking, Victor tells her he's thinking someone changed his sperm sample at the lab for some reason. Nikki tells him that maybe it was his guardian angel that did it
  • Alex continues her apology to Neil in his office. Once that was over, they get back to the case and acutally have a productive meeting without jumping at each other's throats. Before she leaves, Neil asks her what brought her to apologizing but she doesn't give him a real answer. When he doesn't get an answer, he pushes and she tells him that it came about from a talk she had with Malcolm and that he pointed out she may be acting a little unreasonable with him and decided to make a small change. After a few more words, she leaves after saying he's got an attitude problem
  • Baldwin returns to his office and talks to his secretary. Phyllis pops her head out of his office, beckoning him in to get in there because she has to talk to him. She brings up Diane and says "your friend, Diane Jenkins...Baldwin: what about her? Phyllis: I could kill that bitch." Baldwin raises his eyebrows over that one. She asks what's going on with him and Diane. He tells her he's only giving her moral support and she may need a lawyer down the road and he wants to be the one. After a bit of chatter about nothing, they head off to dinner, her treat
  • Lynn tells Paul his mother has been calling for him. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk to her anytime soon due to her always sticking her nose into his life. Lynn takes off for food. Paul tells a picture of Christine that his mother is wrong about the two of them that it's not over and he's not giving up on his marriage. As Paul looks out of his window, Nina walks in and tells him she's headed to LA to meet with the producers and screenwriters. He tells her that he'll still check in on Philip while she's gone. She tells him Tomas won't be going with her and the reasons behind it. He tells her that the last time he talked to Tomas, he was afraid things would progress to that and end up hurting her. Nina says that he did just that. We flip over to Tomas and he's going through one of those flashback things, reliving happier moments he's had with Nina. He then heads to his closet and pulls out a suitcase. Back over to Nina and Paul...the talk switches over to how things are going between Paul and Christine. He tells her that maybe she is sending him signals that their marriage is over, much to Nina's surprise. Nina tells him that her last talk with Christine was about how she wanted to get pregnant while in Hong Kong with him. Paul is shocked. Nina leaves to get ready for her flight. She heads back to Tomas' place to say her goodbyes to him. She notices his suitcase and thinks he's changed his mind about joining her. When he doesn't respond to that suggestion, she figures he's leaving her. She starts to cry
  • Brad and Ashley meet up in the Jabot boardroom. They talk about their baby and get all kissy. Then talk about Neil and Olivia, but I tune out at that moment because I could care less about them
  • After leaving Victor's office, Nick, Sharon and Victoria all head to Nick's office and talk about the results. Victoria leaves. Nick and Sharon get all mushy. Sharon leaves for last minute shopping and Nick calls his travel agent in hopes of making plans to get away with Sharon