February 9, 2001

  • Brad tells Ashley of the news when the adoption will be final. They then get into trying to set up Jack with a woman when Jill walks in. Brad suggests calling a dating service for someone but Ashley makes some sour face. Jill tells them that she knows who Jack has been dating but she's keeping mum on it as they're all curious. She does tell them that if they want to go ahead with fixing him up, they have to find someone hot to pry him away from what he's been doing now
  • Phyllis isn't happy with Jack when he tells her that he doesn't want to go public with their relationship. He tells her that he's still getting use to it. She gets up and walks away from the table. He tells her about how Ashley is trying to set him up with someone for the christening but Phyllis doesn't like that and can't see why he won't take her or let them know he wants her. He brings up how everyone will react over her working for Newman and trying to tap him for infomation and that Victor would blow up if he found out she has been sleeping with him. She buys into that for now and they start making out again. When we come back, Jack is all huffing and puffing as they get up from behind the couch. She leaves to take a shower and I no longer care about this storyline. Oh wait, I said that a week ago I think. Oh well, nothing has changed. Jack then snoops through some of her files while she's off showering. Jack then leaves later on after Phyllis gets out of the shower
  • at the coffee house, we get a replay of Mack overseeing Billy give Brittany the ring he once gave her. Brittany wants an explaination as to why Mack is so stunned over seeing it. He takes out outside to explain. We then get a shot of Mack crying at the front counter. Once at the Abbott house, Billy and Brittany talk about the ring and Mack's reaction to it. She starts wondering if there's something about the ring itself. He tells her that it's the same ring he gave to her. She can't believe he gave her a ring he once gave another girl as tears swell up in her eyes. John walks in just before Billy could answer. Look at that, the first appearance of John in decades! Billy gets John to leave so he could talk to Brittany. She want to leave but he persuades her to stay so he could explain. He tells her that he didn't know the ring was in his pocket as he doesn't wear that jacket often. She tells him that he's using her to make Mack guilty and that he isn't showing he's in love with her. She tells him to prove it that he wants her so he goes and locks his door and they begin kissing
  • Victor visits Baldwin at his office. Baldwin suspects he's there because of Diane. Victor tells him to pass on a message to Diane that he's serious about his offer and if she doesn't take him up on it, she'll suffer the consequences, meaning criminal charges. He then leaves
  • Leanna and Diane continue their talk about hurting Victor. Diane tells her that Victor is denying paternity of the kid. She also goes into the idea of Victor paying off someone to have the tests altered. Leanna is all gung ho about plastering Victor but it involves getting the kid into the mix, but Diane has reservations about that. Diane agrees to have things start in the morning when the baby is awake to get pictures for Leanna
  • once their date is over, Neil and Olivia find their way to her apartment. She tells him about Ashley's offer of having her as the godmother and the possibilities of having him be the godfather. He tells her that he'd be honoured if she did ask. He then tells her that he knows why she's doing it, but he says that she's probably thinking about how much he has been missing his own daughter instead of her wanting to jump his bones. She decides to tell him that the dinner was a setup and he tells her that she shouldn't have done it cuz he would have gone out with her if she had asked. Nate and Julia come home and Nate asks her to read to him in bed. Neil takes off
  • at the coffee house once again, we find Mack crying and Raul goes to comfort her with a hug. She tells him Billy hurt her deliberately and compared it to him just walking up to her and spitting in her face. She tells him that she doesn't care about Billy anymore and runs off as she's feeling sick

February 8, 2001

  • the scrap between Diane and Nikki continue but then Ashley steps in to break it up. Ashley sends Nikki out and as she was leaving, Diane shouts "yes...go bitch go...get out!" Nasty huh? Ashley "consoles" Diane about the baby. Diane tells her to save her pity because she may be down, but she's not out just yet. Brad enters the boardroom after Diane had left. Ashley fills him in on what went on. After finishing that talk, he tells her that he's reversed his decision and wouldn't fight her on having Jack as the godfather. She tells him that she has decided to go with Olivia and Neil instead. They then talk about Jack and who he's been dating as the woman he's been seeing has remained a mystery to them. They decide to find out who she is or set him up with someone
  • Jack visits Phyllis at her place. She's getting dressed...oops, she opens her robe and drops it to the floor. Glad we didn't get a shot of her naked body cuz I might have hurled. After some time we head bck and find both of them in robes and having drinks. It seems like they're bunny rabbits cuz they're going at it again. When they come up for air, they have dinner. She wants to make their relationship public but Jack disagrees
  • Neil and Olivia show up at the Collenade room. They are seated and begin their wait for Mamie. They yap about non-interesting things. Low and behold, Malcolm shows up with Alex for their date. Those two are seated and begin their yapping about non-interesting stuff. Over to the other table, they get the news of Mamie being "under the weather" and won't be joining them. Later on both couples hit the dance floor at the same time. Malcolm notices them first. Once back at their table, Alex gets a phone call. The conference call is back on and she has to leave
  • Coffee house...Mack...JT. They talk about the dress code for the rave. He shows her some pictures of what people usually wear to a rave. Billy and Brittany walk in and he sees Mack talking to JT
  • Rianna and Raul talk about how Mack is going to the rave with JT. Brittany butts in after overhearing them talking. She gets upset over hearing Mack will be at the rave. Raul tells her that JT is taking her after she accuses him of being the one to take her. Brittany fills Billy in on Mack going to the rave with JT. Raul and Rianna leave. Billy confronts Mack about the rave. He tries to get her to change her mind and back out. She tells him that maybe she's going because she's changing as she gets older. Once Brittany comes back, she sees Billy holding the ring he gave Mack. She asks if it's a Valentine's Day gift for her and Billy tells her it is and gives it to her. Mack sees her put it on and drops all the stuff she was carrying
  • Nikki heads over to Victoria's office to get cleaned up. Victor shows up and asks her why she looks so messed up. She tells him about the fight
  • Diane finds her way home and finds Baldwin waiting for her. She tells him about the fight and that she thinks Nikki was the one to switch the sample. She then comes up with some stupid theory that Nikki was telling the truth, that she didn't tamper with the sample, or trying to make her believe that so as to make her think the paternity tests are right. Leanna drops by at Diane's request. Diane tells her that she wants to smear Victor and bury him at all costs

February 7, 2001

  • Diane contines with her tirade in the Jabot boardroom with Nikki. Things get heated and Diane whips out and threatens Nikki with a letter opener. Diane brings up her suspicions of Nikki stealing the sample from the apartment the day she remembered her being there without anyone knowing. Nikki denies it. Diane then accuses her of being the mysterious one to return the sample to the lab. Nikki denies anything to do with the whole situation, but tells her that if anyone deserves what happened in the end, it's Diane of all people. They get into a catfight, throwing punches and ramming heads into tables...quite entertaining!
  • Phyllis and Jack make dinner plans over the phone. She suggests her hotel suite
  • Ashley drops by Olivia's office and asks her if she would accept being Abby's godmother. Olivia is thrilled and accepts. Olivia then brings up the godfather part. Ashley tells her that Brad isn't too happy over her choice. Olivia then suggests Neil as being the godfather. She then pushes Ashley to change her mind, even though Ashley makes it clear that she and Brad aren't even close to Neil. Of course it's just a self-serving thing for Olivia because she's obsessed with Neil now, so I'd tell her to go to hell, but since this is just a show, Ashley will cave in the end.
  • Carter runs into his apartment to answer the phone. It's Warton. Carter tells him he ran into a glitch with Nick in having to make up the story about not taking the job. At the same time, Tricia knocks on the door. He cuts the phone call short. She brings up Ryan and Carter goes nuts. She tells him that she never mentioned Carter's name when she talked about moving on from Genoa City. He also tells her that he did get another job but that it doesn't start for another few weeks. She's ok with that and will wait for him. He tells her he's got something to take care of so she leaves. Carter and Warton continue their discussion. Carter's plan is to set up a second drug sale to nail Nick. He then starts laughing thinking about his supposed high school football coaching job, saying Nick and Sharon both know he was a big high school football star back in his days
  • speaking of Ryan, we find him in Victoria's office. Once again, they talk about Tricia. For the love of God, get over this stupid storyline already! Since I'm recapping the show, he tells her he may think she was right about Tricia. He then places a call to talk to Keith Dennison, but he wasn't available
  • Neil meets with Victor in Victor's office. They discuss the HMO case. They talk about hiring more support staff for the case
  • Malcolm and Alex continue yapping away in the Newman conference room. She turns him down for a date later that night, citing a conference call she needs to partake in. When he tries to reschedule their date, she doesn't look like she's interested anymore. Once Alex leaves, Phyllis comes back in. He tells her Alex turned him down and that he thinks it's from now on and not just this one night
  • Ashley then visits Jack to tell him about the christening coming up. He then assumes she's going to ask him to be the godfather, but she tells him no because he's already Abby's uncle. He knows it's because Brad doesn't like the idea. She also tells him that she will not have him bringing Phyllis with him to the christening
  • Alex heads to Neil's office. They talk about the conference call for that night. He tells her he'll be out and she wonders if he'll be out with Olivia. He tells her to mind her own business because she has kept her personal life a secret. He leaves. She finds out the meeting got cancelled and knows she wasted her entire evening, so she calls up Malcolm to see if his offer is still good. He says yes and they're off

February 6, 2001

  • Diane has a revelation that perhaps the sample she did use wasn't Victor's because of the way he seems so confident the results of any third party testing would show he's still not the father. Baldwin then tries to get her to go through the steps of what happened when she brought the sample to the apartment. When we come back to them again, she's getting off the phone and tells Baldwin that the guy she hired to find the sample after it was stolen from the apartment wasn't the one that found it and returned it to the lab. She then remembers something and rushes out the door
  • Brad pays Ashley a visit at the Jabot boardroom. She gives him something she got in the mail from some church. It's a notice about having the Christining of the baby 2 weeks from that day at that particular church. They get into talk about godparents. She has the idea of naming Jack as the godfather, but Brad doesn't like that. Nikki walks in after the two of them go at it over her idea of having Jack involved in their lives and sees she's walking into something. Brad asks Nikki about what's new with the Diane/Victor situation. She tells him nothing has changed and then he leaves. Ashley and Nikki then continue the talk about how the sample got switched. Nikki tells her again that she's not interested in how it got switched as she's just happy the baby isn't Victor's. Ashley asks her one last time if she has a theory in how the samples got changed. Nikki tells her that it has to be Victor's guardian angel. Ashley then leaves. While Nikki is on the phone, Diane comes in and tells her that she had better not done what she thinks she has done with the sample. Scene fades out
  • Tricia heads over to Gina's and runs into Gina. They talk about how things are going for her. At the same time as Gina asks her if she's thinking about leaving Genoa City, Ryan walks in and looks at them and listens in. Gina takes off running as Ryan talks to Tricia. He tells her he called her therapist and what he told him about not being able to discuss her with him anymore. She tells him that it's no longer his business knowing about her personal thoughts now that he doesn't want a relationship with her anymore
  • Nick pushes Carter for an answer to the job. Carter tells him that he got a great offer and doesn't know if he can turn it down to take the manager job. Carter tells him that he got some football coaching job and wants to take it. Carter's decision is to take the coaching job and will give Nick his two weeks notice now. Nick wishes him luck. Nick asks Cody if he'd be interested but he turns him down, citing he's almost about to graduate and can't afford to leave there. Nick then lets Cody know that he never thought of Carter as a jock-type, making him wonder if he's telling the truth
  • Phyllis walks into the Newman boardroom to meet with Malcolm. After Phyllis calls Alex to the conference room, Malcolm meets Alex outside the door. Malcolm leads her into the office having her keep her eyes closed. He's got flowers set up all over the tables and had her pick out her favourite type. She picks roses. He puts on music. My question is this...is this a place of business or Chez Malcolm? And since Newman Enterprises is a major company, where are the workers? I'd expect the place to be busy like a beehive, but nada, not one person is roaming around the halls or in the conference room
  • Alex enters Neil's office and runs into Olivia, waiting for him too. They talk about the case she's on and stuff, stuff being Alex's curiosity about if Olivia and Neil have something going on between them. Alex then gets a call from Phyllis, but doesn't know it's her, asking her to attend a meeting in the conference room. She leaves. Shortly later, Neil comes in and talks to Olivia. She gets ready to leave when Neil gets a call from Mamie inviting him to dinner. He turns her down. Olivia tries to casually persuade him to change his mind. He bites and the date is on. She leaves his office
  • Sharon and her mother are at her place. She's on the phone with the travel agent about her vacation plans. She pulls out some stuff from her closet and sees this white bag. She starts having flashbacks to the time Matt attacked her. It's the clothes she was wearing that night. She says she kept it because it was the first thing Nick ever gave her. Doris tells her it's going out to the door and to a shelter. Later on, Sharon gets onto her computer and onto the internet. She pulls up an old news article on Matt and says to herself that she's not going to let him hurt her anymore. Doris comes back to see what Sharon was up to on the computer. She brings up all the feels she's got inside about Matt and the past. Doris suggests she talk to Nick about this because he'll be able to comfort her and support her, but she refuses
  • Victor meets with John Silva. Silva tells him that if Diane goes to jail, the child will become a ward of the state, which doesn't sound too good. Victor makes a call but we don't know to who. He then says that he's determined to find out how the samples got switched. Silva leaves. Victor then calls Paul

February 5, 2001

  • the wonderful world of Diane begins today with Baldwin showing up at the apartment. She tells him how Victor isn't accepting the baby as his and that she's disputing the test results. She tells him all Victor told her the day before or whenever it was...last episode sounds better. Baldwin tells her that Victor agreeing to her taking another test wherever she wants doesn't show he altered the tests, that he's confident any test done anywhere in the world will show he's not the father. Diane doesn't like hearing that. Baldwin asks her if there is in any way the sample could have been switched. She then realizes something and shouts out "oh my God...oh my God"
  • JT meets with rave guy at the coffee house to talk about the rave. they get up to talk in private
  • Billy runs into Raul at the coffee house. They talk about how Billy's been keeping his distance from Mack. Raul tells him that Mack wants him and Rianna to go to the rave to keep an eye on him because she's worried about what could happen to him there. Billy tells him that he told Mack that it wasn't any of her business and it seemed to have work as she hasn't done anything new, at least mention anything to them about it again. Billy then tells him that he saw Mack talking to JT and wondered if she was turning to JT for a relationship or something. Raul reassures him that she'd never stoop that low
  • Victor and Nick talk in Victor's office. Nick tells him that he and Sharon will be heading off on their vacation soon. Victor is happy to hear about it. Nick also tells him that he's opening another coffee house, somewhere in Illinois, and has Carter in mind for managing it. Victor tells him that he might be taking on too much opening it out of state and hiring an inexperienced manager. Nick doesn't like hearing that. The talk gets around to Victor and Diane. Victor tells him that there may be some publicity about it and that he should be warned about it so he's not surprised later
  • Warton pays Carter another visit at his apartment. Warton tells him how he partied with some skank the night before and that Carter should do that too instead of wasting time on Tricia. Warton then tells him he called up the supplier of the drugs again so he could make some more money. Carter blows up after hearing that. Carter tells him that the cops can trace deals done with the phone. Warton tells him the supplier disappeared and that he didn't get to talk to the guy in the end. Carter tells him if he screws up again, he's going to pay for it. They almost get into a fight but Carter leaves
  • looks like Phyllis drank the whole bottle of champagne because she has so much trouble waking up when Malcolm tries to wake her. She manages to get up in the end. She asks him how things are going with him and Alex. He tells her Alex doesn't seem too interested in him because she's work driven
  • speaking of Alex, we just happen to see a scene with her and her crap about the HMO case. She's in Neil's office by the way, talking to him about it, but once again, my eyes start to roam out my window because...well...who cares anymore? I hear something about Neil suggesting she go to Victor and ask him to hire more legal staff to work with her to fight the "war." She's surprised he's not fighting her with the way they're proceeding. They get into talking about her dating Malcolm and if she's doing it just to get to him. He says it's too much of a coincidence when she says it just happened. Neil...get over it dude. The same discussion gets rather boring after a couple of episodes. Anyways, he tells her to stop seeing Malcolm but she tells him she'll see whoever she wants but will not mention Malcolm's name to him again
  • ooh, Mamie comes out of hibernation when she answers the door. But I'm disappointed because it's only Olivia visiting her. She has some stupid idea of having her make dinner plans and invite her and Neil to it but don't show up herself in the end. Like ok? Do I care about Olivia and Neil getting together? Hell no! Mamie finds her request unusual, but doesn't turn her down but she does say that she's not sure she wants any part of it. Mamie gives in but tells her she'd rather Olivia not play these games, but oh well
  • over at the school, JT talks to Mack to talk about plans to pick her up to go to the rave. She tells him that she's not worried about people seeing them at the rave, just not wanting anyone to find out beforehand. They talk some more and nosey Raul decides to listen in. Once Raul confronts JT, he takes off. He then confronts Mack about what was going on. She tells him nothing is going on and that she can talk to whoever she wants. Raul also tells her that Billy is concerned she and JT are hanging out together. Raul asks her, well more like makes a statement, that went like this "you're going to the rave with him, aren't you?!" When she doesn't answer him, he figures she and JT are going to go. As she's leaving, she and JT talk one last time. She leaves and he pulls out a little pack from his pocket with 2 pills of ecstasy and holds it up in...yeah, like everyone walks around advertising they're in possession of drugs...please people!
  • back to the coffee house, Billy and Brittany talk about the rave. She brings some weird clothes for them to wear. Billy doesn't think he'll wear that, but does so with a laugh. She also brings up the drugs at raves with him. She tells him that once they're there, they may get caught up in the spirit and that it may not be so bad
  • back to the coffee house again. Nick talks to Carter about needing a firm answer on the new coffee house job. Carter tries to buy some more time but Nick insists on an answer right now