February 16, 2001

  • Brad and Ashley continue their wondering about who Jack is seeing and when they spot Jill walking by, they call her into the boardroom and demand she tell them who it is. After much protesting, Jill finally caves and tells them Jack is seeing Phyllis. Once Jill leaves, Brad and Ashley talk about all the problems Phyllis has caused to other people in the past and she wants that relationship to end right now
  • Phyllis continues pressing Jack for info on this woman he'll be taking to the christening but he doesn't tell her much. She threatens to call Ashley. Jack decides to tell her that the woman he's been set up with is Bunny, a "complete and total knockout". Jack reassures her that he's not interested in this woman and she has nothing to worry about
  • over at the rave, Mack tells JT that she's planning to leave now, despite JT's pleads for her to stay. He also tells her he sold the ecstasy he had to Brittany. After hearing this, Mack decides to change her mind and stay. Mack tells him that no one knows where the ex is coming from and that it's dangerous. At that time, rave guy is brought out unconscious and people are scared. Mack runs over and asks Billy if he took the ex Brittany bought from JT. He says he didn't
  • Billy isn't so sure he even wants to try the ex, though Brittany is pushing him to. She does a good sell job on him and Billy considers it
  • Carter heads over to Tricia's apartment at her request. She's freaking out over her father showing up and wants the both of them to leave town now
  • Keith Dennison walks into Ryan and Victoria kissing and blows a gasket. Ryan explains all that went on between him and Tricia in the past few months to him, about how she wasn't well and is spiraling downward. Keith doesn't buy any of it, especially when Victoria butts in with her two cents
  • Nikki and Katherine plan Mack's 17th birthday party by tossing around a few ideas. Esther reminds them that their plans sound so unlike what Mack would want, meaning Mack would want something simple and not the kinds of things they tossed around. Jill suddenly show up and tells them both that she doesn't want Mack anywhere around Billy. Nikki decides to leave at that point. Jill then suggests to Kay that she throw the birthday party at the "soup kitchen" where she found her
  • JT and Mack come home from the rave and is greeted by Jill. Once Jill leaves, the two of them talk about the events of the rave. JT takes off
  • Billy and Brittany leave the rave and head to the coffee house for a bit. She throws the unused ex in the garbage bin there and they leave
  • Carter and Warton overhear a news report on the radio about the rave and how there were incidents. Warton goes nuts and really lays into Carter about it before taking off

February 15, 2001

  • Warton and Carter discuss the possibilities of kids getting sick and having to go to the hospital from the ecstasy and if that happens, the town will be in an uproar and for sure the investigation will lead back to them. Carter heads over to the coffee house and asking people there if they know where the rave was. No one can help him. Cody apporaches him and tells him he too thought about checking it out and wouldn't mind going with him too. Carter brushes it off like he's no longer interested in going to get Cody to back off on that idea. He heads back to his apartment and they both say they struck out in finding out where the rave is. Carter reminds him that if the cops question Jordan (rave guy), he'll probably finger him as the middle man and the two of them will be going down. He gets a call from Tricia and blows up with her when she asks him to come over to be with her. Warton tells him he might as well go over there as there's nothing else he could do about the drugs
  • JT and his buddy talk at the rave. JT sticks drugs into his pocket after Mack calls him to go in. Mixing around the rave, rave guy takes a hit of ex. Billy and Brittany both notice Mack and head in a different direction. JT suggests to Mack they should give the ecstasy a try. She tells him if he does it she's taking off because she doesn't want any part of it. JT then decides to sell his two pills to anyone who wants them. Billy confronts Mack on why she's there. She tells him it's none of his business that she can do whatever she wants. Rave guy then beings to show the effects of the ecstasy as he's burning up, even though he's drinking lots of water. Brittany lays into JT about brining Mack there. She overhears JT and his friend talking about selling their ex and asks about it. She buys it and tells Billy she got one for him and one for her
  • Ashley and Brad continue with their christening talk when Jack walks in. She tells him she's got "great" news about his date. She tells him it's Bunny Hutchinson, short for Benidictia, if that's how you spell it
  • Baldwin and Phyllis meet at the coffee house. He tells her that he just had a meeting with Victor and he fills her in on details. She wonders if him backing down from taking up Diane's cause against Victor isn't because he's head over heals for Christine. He brushes it off. She then tells him that she's not happy that Ashley set Jack up with another woman for the christening and is thinking about crashing it to check her out. Baldwin tells her not to do that
  • Tricia is surprised and not too pleased to see her father in town. He tells her he's done some job and is there to check in on her. He tells her that he did get a few calls from Ryan to talk to him but isn't there because of that. She tells him that she and Ryan have separated. When he wants to know more, she tells him to leave it alone. He leaves
  • Ryan and Victoria continue Tricia talk. She kisses him and at the same time Keith opens the office door and sees them
  • Phyllis calls Jack and asks him to meet her at her apartment. He shows up and they have drinks before dinner. She leads him to the bedroom and takes off his jacket and massages his shoulders as she asks him about the christening and the woman he'll be taking

February 14, 2001

  • Victor comes home to his apartment to find Diane gone. A while later, Paul is suddenly there talking to him. They discuss Diane and the future of his services. Victor tells him not just yet as he wants him to look into how the sample got switched so he could prepare himself for when Diane returns as she had threatened him with returning
  • Nick and Sharon talk about Diane and Leanna when Nikki calls from Jack's office. Nick answers and she tells him about Diane moving on but cuts it short when she sees Jack in the doorway. After hanging up, Nick and Sharon celebrate over the news. Cassie walks in and they tell her the good news too. When we come back, the "celebration party" has mysterously happend and finished and Cassie is off to bed. Nick and Sharon talk about the new coffee house and the need for a manager, then it turns to Carter and how disappointed he is in him for jilting them at the last minute
  • over at the coffee house, Billy and Raul talk about if it's true Mack wasn't going to the rave afterall. He tells her that he believes she changed her mind and the reason is due to something between her and Billy. JT shows up in some stupid blue cowboy hat. They tell him about Mack not going to the rave and call him a loser because of it. JT plays it off and tells them that they're just jealous Mack wants to be with him and not them. Once Billy and Raul leave him, he mumbles that it better had not be true, that Mack is bailing out on him. Over to Billy sitting outside we see Brittany walk in in some blue plastic dress along with a pink fuzzy jacket and clown glasses. Basically she looks like a circus performer. She goes inside and we then see Mack walk in behind her. Billy looks at her. She comes over and tells him she has something to say to him, about what she thinks of him. She says that she tried to give him good advice because she cared for him, but that changed the night before after seeing him give Brittany the ring he once gave her. She says she's finally seen the real him and how different they are and how crazy she was to ever think they could be together. She walks away. Once inside, she tells JT that she changed her mind and isn't going to go to the rave. He tries to change her mind but she refuses and walks out. Billy watches the whole thing and has a good laugh over it. Brittany comes back in her costume and they head out to the rave. JT's friend then comes over and suggests to JT that he's got the hots for Mack. JT doesn't deny it and calls her a "challange". Mack overhears them talking and JT saying that Billy got so rattled when he heard he and Mack were going together. This has Mack thinking once again and perhaps might change her mind and go to the rave afterall, which we can see for a mile coming, but this is a "soap" and so we're supposed to have things drawn out
  • Ryan tries to get a hold of Tricia on the phone and finally succeeds. She brushes him off and hangs up on him. They pan out and we see Tricia in bed with Carter. Ryan heads over to Victor's office and while there, Victoria enters. Yadda yadda yadda...Tricia crap once again. At this point I start to look out the window here and notice that it hasn't stopped snowing yet...oh, scene change. She gets interrupted by a phone call. It's Nick giving her the good news about Diane.
  • after her talk with Nick on the phone, Nikki and Jack talk about Diane moving on but Jack sounds like he's defending Diane but denies it. He reminds her that there is a loose end still remaining that could cause major problems, that being Victor finding out how the sample got switched and that it's her doing. She reassures him that she used a fake name and it won't get traced back to her or have any link to him too. She's also confident Victor will drop it and not look any further into things now that Diane is gone
  • Tricia gets dressed to leave. Carter suggests them celebrating her soon-to-be departure from Ryan but she mocks him. She wonders if she's becoming a bad person by not being able to stop thinking of ways to hurt Ryan the way he has hurt her. Carter lets her know she's not bad at all. Warton drops by again and pretends to be there to use the phone. Tricia leaves. Warton has some news for him and that's the reason for him busting in so urgently. The news is that the guy they bought the escasty from went underground because the cops are hot on his trail due to the last batch he made and sold was bad stuff and caused some kid to get really sick from it. Carter gets all worried now
  • over to the rave, finally some action. Billy and Brittany enter. Brittany notices some guys making an esctasy deal. She excuses herself from Billy and looks like she's interested in making a buy. She wants to buy 2 but rave guy tells her he's got only one left so she doesn't buy it from him. Billy comes back and she tells him part of her plans for the night has been put on hold but could be back on later, but Billy has no idea what that means. They head out to dance and we see Mack and JT enter
  • as Tricia is about to open her apartment door, her father greets her in the hallway, much to her surprise

February 13, 2001

  • Nikki shows up at Victor's office looking for him but finds Nick there. He tells her how Victor is all set to throw Diane out on the street. Nikki is worried about what the media will write after hearing about him tossing her and her new baby out on the streets. Once Nick leaves, she waits for Victor alone. He shows up and tells him about Leanna being out at the ranch and her talk with her
  • Victor enters his apartment and sees Diane all set to leave. He asks her where she plans to go but she won't tell him. He believes it's another one of her stunts when she doens't want to say. She does tell him that she still plans on taking another paternity test. Victor tells her go for it if she wants to waste her money and would even provide a witness to them drawing blood from him for the test. He leaves. Baldwin shows up later to find out if Leanna was telling the truth about her leaving. She says it is true. They say their goodbyes, along with saying goodbye to Marissa
  • we find Billy and Brittany chatting in the halls of the school when Philip shows up. Philip asks if Jill spoke to him about the dinner. He suggests Friday but Billy says he can't make it. Brittany and Billy leave. Philip gets a phone call from his mother, Nina. She tells him that she has to stay longer in LA, possibly for several months. Philip is happy to hear about that but isn't so pleased to hear her tell him she has checked into having him transfer schools and head out there
  • over at the coffee house Carter approaches Sharon and tells her they need to talk. She tells him that he should follow his dream and be happy in his new job. He takes off to get ready for work but not after telling her he considers her a friend and holds her hand. Sharon feels weird about that. A while later rave guy shows up with his friend. They talk about the rave and future dealings with Nick for esctasy. Carter continues talking to Sharon once he gets back. She tells him she's not uncomfortable with him saying he thinks she's a friend. He then offers to take her and Nick out for dinner in the next week. She says she'll talk to Nick about it and get back to him. She leaves. Rave guy confronts Carter after hearing he plans to leave his job and town, saying he can't leave him hanging out to dry with the drugs after just one deal. Carter takes him outside to have a talk with him. They set up one more deal through him and then Carter tells him that any other deals afterwards will have to go through Nick directly. Nick shows up later and fills Sharon in on his talk with Victor. The two of them leave and tell Carter they can be reached at home if needed
  • next we find Baldwin in Christine's office, talking to her on the phone. Baldwin then talks to his secretary about Christine being so far away from home and how well she's doing. Later on, Leanna shows up to talk to him about the stuff Diane has been saying to her about how she wants to proceed with Victor. She then accuses him of advising Diane to change her mind and demands him to call her and tell her to ignore whatever he told her. He tells her to leave and she does
  • flip over to Paul in his office, talking to Lynn about business. Nina calls the office to talk to Paul. She asks him if he could keep checking in on Philip as she might be out there for another 2 months. He says he wouldn't mind doing that. She asks him to say hello to Tomas if he sees him around. They get into what's up with Christine and it's the same ol' same ol'. They hang up
  • Brittany and Rianna talk at school when Raul enters. Brittany takes off. Rianna tells him about the bracelet Brittany got Billy. He then tells her that he's finished with some book he borrowed from Mack and was going to give it to her but Rianna tells him Mack didn't show up, that she's home sick. As they talk about Mack being upset with Billy over something and might not go to the rave, Brittany stands off to the side listening in and smiling after hearing that
  • Brittany and Billy meet up at the coffee house. They talk about Mack not showing up and how maybe giving her the ring was the best thing as Mack now seems to be avoiding him. Brittany takes off. Raul and Rianna show up. They talk about Billy asking her what she thinks the bracelet means, that maybe he's hoping it's not something serious. Raul then gives her a present, a necklace she was wanting. She looks happy but doesn't sound it. I blame it on poor acting. She gives him a present in return. It's a personalized keyring. He also doesn't seem too happy over it, more bad acting. They then kiss

February 12, 2001

  • Nick and Victor talk in Victor's office about Diane
  • Baldwin visits Diane at her apartment. He passes along the message Victor left him for her. He takes off and Marissa comes out with breakfast. Phone rings...it's for Diane. It's Leanna calling from the lobby. She takes care of the call. Victor enters the apartment and sees her and her luggage. She tells him that she got rid of Leanna because she doesn't want anymore publicity
  • Nikki and the family at the ranch watch Leanna's news story being broadcast live from outside the Newman Ranch. They bring her in to give an interview as long as she doesn't bring in a camera. Nikki makes a statement and Leanna records it on a tape recorder. Once that's over, Leanna leaves. Sharon and Nikki talk about Leanna and what Diane's actions might do to the baby in the end
  • Brad and Ashley get into the Valentine's spirit as he gives her a cardboard heart with the words "I love you" on it. They talk about things they want to do for the christening, such as running an ad in the newspaper, clothing, etc. She then presents him with a something she found, his little black book from his bachelor days. She goes through what all the stars mean and he says it's based on how well they danced. She then suggests finding someone in his book to set Jack up with and he reluctantly goes through it for someone. When he doesn't seem to find someone she takes the book again and picks out someone named Bunny and sets her up with Jack. Can you just see it now? Bunny Abbott? Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  • at the coffee house, Brittany and Rianna talk. Brittany tries to make friends with her once again because she's in a happy mood. All Brittany is willing to say for now is that it involves Billy but no more. At that moment we get a shot of Billy at home, thinking back to the talk he had with Brittany the night before. She does crack a little and tells Rianna that this time Billy should remember what happened the night before as the earth moved. Billy shows up and joins them. Rianna leaves. Brittany presents him with a Valentine's gift, a matching bracelet like hers. She puts it on him despite telling her he's not into jewelry
  • Malcolm drops by Phyllis' apartment, bringing flowers from the Newman Enterprises boardroom. She has a laugh over that one. She then notices that she left a Newman Enterprises folder out the whole night, including the time Jack was there and starts thinking things. She says there wasn't anything important in the folder and Malcolm tries to make her see that she doesn't have much to worry about if Jack loves her. Phyllis then places a call to the church to find out when the christening is and gets info on when it starts. She tells Malcolm that she's just going to check out Jack's date
  • back to Billy at home, he talks to John and then Jack comes in. John leaves and Jack asks Billy how he managed to settle things with Brittany the day before. As they were talking, Jill walks in. Jack takes off at that moment. She asks him if he and Brittany will have dinner at her place with her and Philip but he refuses because he doesn't want to be around Mack. He does say he wouldn't mind going out to dinner. She then makes the comment that he seems different, that he looks like something in his life has changed, like you really look different having had done the deed the night before
  • once at the office, Jack thinks back to his romp with Phyllis the night before. Jill walks in looking for an update on what has been going on with him and Phyllis. Jack doesn't say anything so Jill mentions her little run-in with Brad and Ashley and how curious they are in who he's been seeing. He reminds her what the long term plan is about what he's doing so she better stay quiet. He tells her he read the folder but there wasn't anything of any interest in it. She agrees to keep quiet and see how things go