February 23, 2001

  • Victoria visits Victor in his office. They talk about Nikki's visit to him and what she told him about the sample switching. He asks her why they didn't come to him when they knew what was going on. She tells him that Nikki was doing what she had to do to save the family. He tells her that it was wrong of Nikki having a hand in a baby brought into this world that may not be loved by anyone
  • Nikki and Kay meet at Gina's. Nikki tells her side of things to Kay regarding the sample because Kay had no idea about anything. Kay says she can see where Victor is coming from with his attitude right now towards Nikki. Nikki then tells her that she doesn't know how she'll be able to live with the fact that there's an innocent little baby involved in the whole mess with Diane and Victor
  • at the Abbott house, Bunny explains how she got locked into the coat room at the church. She then introduces herself to Phyllis. Once that's over, Phyllis leaves on her one broken heeled show, though no one escorts her out the door. Jack and Brad talk about how surprised they are that Phyllis showed up. John shows his displeasure with Jack to Neil about Jack's relationship with Phyllis. They all have their little conversations talking about Jack and Phyllis. Ashley and Olivia talk about how Olivia's last date with Neil went and what her next move is. Olivia tells her to call her in the morning that she may have an update for her then. At the same time, Neil tells Mamie he knows the dinner she backed out of at the last minute was all a setup. Back to Jack and John...John tells him that Phyllis is a loose cannon and Jack agrees. Olivia and Neil leave. Bunny decides to leave too
  • Nick and Sharon return to the coffee house. They talk to Cody about Jordan. Nick says that he hopes they catch the guy who sold the bad drugs. Three other guys come in to order drinks. They turn around and reflect on Jordan and how they knew him. That gives Nick an idea, having a service for Jordan right there at the coffee house, but Sharon doesn't think it's a good idea, mainly because they didn't know Jordan very well at all. Cody says it's a good idea, so they get rolling on it
  • Tricia tries to comfort Carter in his apartment. He rejects her but she doesn't give up. She tries to get him to talk about it but he blows up and tells her to back off. He asks her if she can get food for them, but when she goes to make something or call for take-out, he tells her to go get it, so she does. Once she's gone, he makes a phone call to Warton in Milwaukee. Warton tells him to get out of there right away but Carter tells him things have changed now that Jordan is dead. Warton doesn't like that because the kids in the other town all got sick but none of them died and that he didn't bargain for anything involving murder. Carter tells him to take some notes for the next set of plans to get Nick nailed now
  • a detective pays Mark a visit at the hospital, trying to find out what happened. The detective tells him that Jordan died. The detective strong arms him into getting info out of him by telling him he'll work on seeing he doesn't get nailed for anything, then drops the names Nick and Crimson Lights to Mark and asks him if those names mean anything. Mark tells him that he knows of the place but won't say he knows Nick. When the detective presses him for an answer, Mark tells him he wants a lawyer
  • Malcolm sits at home, working out, when the doorbell rings. It's Alex. She's there to see if he wants to go to dinner. He has a better idea, making a homemade dinner for the both of them. After dinner, they sit on the couch. The doorbell rings and it's Phyllis. She's rambling on and on about Jack and stuff but when she notices Alex, she decides to come back another time
  • once Phyllis leaves Malcolm's, she goes home. Jack drops by to see her
  • the detective goes to the DA's office to tell him what's going on, but the DA tells him that he's not going to move on anything, including a search warrant against Nick without more evidence. The DA justifies it by telling the detective that a few years back, Nick spent time in prision for a crime he didn't commit. At that moment, he gets a phone call from someone having information about the drugs. It's Warton making the call, disguising his voice by putting pencil in his mouth to talk. Show fades out at this point

February 22, 2001

  • Victor doesn't sound too pleased hearing Nikki switched the sample but she claims it happened at a time when he wasn't talking to her. He tells her that it wasn't her decision to make in switching the sample and that was wrong, plus the fact she did it for personal reasons. He also tells her that he didn't like the fact that she knew about it but never told him a thing for the months and months Diane was pregnant, leaving him to endure needless stress
  • Brad and Ashley reflect on the day's events, algong with Olivia, Neil, Mamie and John. Jack shows up to join them all at the Abbott house. Jack tells them Billy and Brittany won't be joining them. Talk then turns to Bunny not being there. Phyllis shows up at the front door and Jack answers it. He's not pleased she showed up but Phyllis insists on going inside but Jack doesn't want her to. That doesn't stop her though as she just barges in and presents Ashley with a gift for the baby. Ashley demands that Jack get rid of her but Phyllis interjects and criticizes Ashley for setting Jack up with Bunny when she knew Jack and her have a relationship going. Later on, Bunny shows up and tells the story of being locked in the coatroom. Jack then looks at Phyllis in a way that makes us think that he knows Phyllis did it
  • back at the church, Bunny bangs on the closet door for someone to let her out. Phyllis stands in the hallway with a smirk, then leaves
  • at the hospital, we're in Jordan's room and we get a replay of Carter turning off the alarm on his ventilator. He notices the heart monitor and realizes that if he kills Jordan, the monitor will go off so he decides to unhook the monitor from Jordan and hook it to himself. As he does this, a nurse notices the flatline on the monitor at the station but then it comes back on. Back in the room, Carter continues to unhook the device from Jordan and connect them to himself. Once that's done, he turns off the ventilator. Jordan then opens his eyes and looks over at Carter. Once Jordan seems to be a goner, he unhooks the monitors from his body and turns back on the monitor so the alarms go off. Nurses and doctors rush in and Carter sneaks out behind them. Nick and Sharon show up as Carter was leaving but they didn't pay attention to that. The doctor comes out later and tells them that Jordan didn't make it. Once Nick and Sharon are gone, the cop comes back and talks to the doctor and nurse. She tells him how Jordan mentioned the name "Nick". The cop concludes it's Nick Newman
  • coffee house...Mack serves...Brittany and Billy are in the back arguing over Mack knowing they were at the rave and she gets into how he's always taking her side for everything and the fact Mack is always somewhere they are. He reminds her that if Mack hadn't jumped in about the ex, the two of them would be in the hospital right now. Brittany tells him that all she wants is for him to show her in some small way that he wants her and nobody else
  • Rianna shows up at the coffee house and asks Mack if she's seen Raul. They talk about the kids at the hospital. Mack tells her that Raul probably took off after she told him that she was at the rave. Rianna asks if Billy and Brittany were there too; Mack tells her to go ask them herself as they're both out on the patio. She goes to check and only sees Billy sitting there so she goes back to Mack to tell her. They get to talking and Mack asks her if she thinks Billy and Brittany have been intimate again. Rianna didn't know and shortly after, leaves. Mack calls JT over and asks him if his offer to make Billy jealous is still on the table
  • Carter heads back to his apartment and sees Tricia waiting for him. She gets into how he's not there for her when she needs him but Carter is all spaced out and isn't paying attention to her. She wonders if he was able to see the kid at the hospital like he went to go see. He tells her he did as he thinks back to what he did in the room
  • Nick and Sharon head home and find Miguel and Cassie playing a game. Miguel leaves. They all talk about Nick and Sharon leaving for their vacation and how much they'll miss each other

February 21, 2001

  • we continue with Nikki and Victor in his office talking about the sample switch. She tells him that people will be hurt, badly, if the truth comes out. He wants to know who she's protecting. When Nikki goes on with how things had to be done, Victor asks her if it's Victoria that is behind the whole thing. She tells him that it's not Victoria but in fact it's her
  • Victoria shows up at Paul's office. She asks about how the case is going and what her father's attitude towards finding this person was. She tries to get him to drop the case but Paul tells her that she should talk to her father about that directly, then proceeds to ask her questions about if she knows anything. He then tells her that he's narrowing his search down and would start with the family because they have the most motive. She leaves. Paul tells Lynn that Victoria knows more than she's letting on. At the elevator, Victoria panics about something and calls Nikki on her cell. Little does she know that at that moment, Victor takes Nikki's cell phone and turns it off
  • christening time...the whole gang is there. Brittany walks in and her dress looks odd, at least the front part of it as only one side of her chest is covered and the other side shows more skin, but what do I know about how dresses are made. Jack walks in with Bunny while the not-attractive Phyllis stands in the back making quiet threats towards Bunny saying she's going to regret this day with Jack. Once the christening is over, Brad announces that he's officially Abby's father. Jack surprises everyone and congratulates Brad with a hug. Bunny says that she'll meet Jack back at the house since she drove to the church. Billy tells Jack that he and Brittany won't be able to make the reception because there's stuff going on between him and Brittany
  • coffee house...Raul...Mack...she answers his question about going to the rave. Cody calls Mack away. That leaves us with Nick and Sharon talking about the kids in hospital. Cody points out some kid that came from the hospital and tells them Jordan is worse off than they thought. Sharon wonders if there's something they could do and Nick says there is something, but we'll find out later. Mack comes back to talk to Raul. She said she went because she was curious and that JT took her. When he suggests that she only went to keep an eye on Billy, she tells him to think whatever he wants. She gets back to her job when JT walks in. Raul doesn't like the sight of that and walks somewhere else. JT tells her that he can't thank her enough for getting him to not take the bad ex and that he's got a way to pay her back for that. He tells her that whenever he and she are seen together, Billy gets all upset over it and that if she wants to keep it up and mess with Billy's head, he's willing to go along with it. Billy leaves with Brittany and they head over to the coffee house. Bunny and Jack talk up until Jack is called away by the reverend. Bunny goes for her coat in the coat room and Phyllis sneaks behind her and locks her inside. When she tries to leave, there's no one remaining in the church to let her out
  • Carter starts packing up some stuff in his apartment, talking about Jordan and how he's got to get to him before the cops do. Tricia knocks on his door. She tells him about the questions her father had for her but Carter brushes that off and tells her he's got important things to do and has to leave right then. She tells him of the promise he made to her about being there for her whenever she needs him but he tells her that he's not a doctor and can't do that but his errands are for their benefit and their future. He then leaves. Carter heads to the hospital and walks out of the elevator, only to see Nick and Sharon there. He tries to hide but Nick spots him and calls out to him. Nick tells him they're there to see how Jordan is doing. Carter acts weird and both Nick and Sharon pick up on it and wonder why it's affecting him so much. Carter makes an excuse about needing air to get away from them walks around a corner and runs into Tricia. She starts arguing with Carter in a loud voice and Sharon hears her from down the hall. Carter runs off to hide in a room. Nick and Sharon confront Tricia on why she's there. Tricia goes weird saying whatever they want from her, she's not to blame for anything about the kids, not that Sharon was accusing her of it. A nurse shows up to see what's going on and Nick and Sharon leave. Carter comes out and tells Tricia to leave. Carter comes back out of the room wearing hospital scrubs and enters Jordan's room. He puts on rubber gloves and stares at the monitors by the nurse's station before covering the window of Jordan's room. He then turns off the alarm on Jordan's monitor
  • Keith Dennison finds his way over to Gina's. He chats with Gina. Jill walks in, greets and joins him. They talk about Tricia and Keith calls Ryan an SOB. Jill tries to defend Ryan to him, saying he's not so bad but Keith doesn't believe that. He would like to take Tricia back with him to London and then all will be alright. Jill leaves
  • back at the Abbott house, they all arrive and chat about Jack and Bunny being a perfect couple

February 20, 2001

  • Victoria keeps on talking to Victor in his office about him wanting to find out who switched the sample. She asks him what he'll do once he finds out who it is but he says he'll figure that out once he gets to that point. She leaves after failing in trying to get him to drop the whole thing. Paul shows up later on to update Victor on the investigation but doesn't have much to tell him. Paul suggest Jack doing the job, but Victor says that Jack wouldn't go out of his way to help him even if he doesn't like Diane. In the end, Paul suggests that maybe he should just accept this deed as a blessing and drop it, but Victor refuses
  • Nick and Sharon and a few others gather around a radio listening to the news report about the rave. Mack shows up and Nick calls her over. He asks her about the rave and if she knew any of the kids taken to the hospital. She tells the she doesn't. Nick calls the hospital to find out anything but nothing has changed. Nick feels bad about what happened and wished there was something he could have done to prevent it. As Sharon's comforting him, Carter enters after his hospital visit. Sharon asks Carter if he knew anyone that was sick. Just at that moment, Cody comes over and tells them that Jordan was one of the hospitalized kids. A while later Raul shows up all flustered over wondering if Billy was one of the kids taken to the hospital. He figures out that she went to the rave too and makes it known in what seems like quite a loud voice, but for some reason, no one hears a thing...hmmmm
  • over at the hospital, we see Jordan lying in bed mumbling outloud while a nurse checks on him. All we can understand is him saying "Nick". The nurse asks him "Nick who?". Carter shows up trying to see him but the nurse denies him access. He then listens in to the doctor talking to a cop about the case and Jordan's name comes up. The nurse comes out to talk to the doctor and mentions to the cop that Jordan said the name "Nick" and something about lights and a car. Two seconds later, alarms go off and we hear a nurse say "he's crashing". They're able to stabilize him
  • at the Abbott house, Olivia and Neil show up and talk to Brad and Ashley about the christening. Abby starts crying and Neil and Brad go to check on her
  • Brittany and Billy are found in the dining room talking about the rave and the kids in the hospital. Olivia and Ashley join in, along with Jack, to talk about it. It doesn't get very deep as the talk turns to Jack and his woman, Bunny. Later on, Brittany expresses her concerns to Billy about Mack and how she might tell everyone they were at the rave. Bunny calls to say she's running late and suggests meeting then at the church. Ashley doesn't like that and tells Jack he should have offered to go pick her up
  • Phyllis and Malcolm continue yapping about her crashing the christening
  • Keith visits Tricia at her apartment to tell her he spoke to Ryan and believes their marriage is over. He sets her up with an attorney to get the papers prepared because there's no need to drag things out. He also suggests she take off and leave town. She blows up saying she hates everyone in town and has no intentions of staying around there, despite having grown up there. Keith looks shocked after hearing that. She also makes it clear that she's not going to London with him but instead going to Indianapolis and that's she'll be with a friend and not alone. Naturally he wonders if it's a new guy she's involved with. She tells him it's none of his business and she doesn't want him judging this new guy like he did with Ryan. She leaves
  • Victoria shows up at Jabot to tell Nikki about Victor's plans not to give up and that he's got Paul working on the case
  • finally at the church! They're all there except for Bunny. She finally shows up but the build up on her "stunning looks" was a letdown to me. She reminds me of Mary-Ann from Gilligan's Island, though not as pretty. But anyways, Phyllis is lurking in the background checking her out. Bunny wants to let Jack know that she was setup and hoped he knew that too. They both tell each other how they've always thought each was rather charming and was a shame nothing ever went on in the past. Phyllis doesn't like the sounds of that and gets tears in her eyes
  • in the coffee house storeroom, Carter searches for a way to get out of the mess and ends up flipping through the yellow pages for something
  • Nikki heads over to Victor's office and tells him that she spoke to Victoria and was informed he's not giving up about the sample switch. She tells him that if he's so determined, she'll tell him how it happened. Fade out for the show's end at that point

February 19, 2001

  • Brad and Ashley get ready for the christening at the house. He brings out the adoption papers he recieved in the mail the day before. Ashley then gets into the whole Phyllis=bad, Bunny=good thing
  • at the Abbott house John and Jack talk about the reports of the drugs at the rave that was on the news. Billy joins in and John asks him if he knew anyone that went to the rave. He dances his way around the question. John and Jack get ready to leave and Billy thinks back to the night before when Mack asked him if he took the ex or not. Brittany shows up at the front door. She's still scared from the night before. John and Jack come back and Ashley, Brad and Abby walk in. Ashley takes Jack into the other room to talk. She tells him she knows about him and Phyllis and tells him it has to stop because Phyllis is all wrong in every aspect. Brad walks in and Jack takes off, much to Ashley's chagrin
  • Warton and Carter talk about the news reports and Jordan (rave guy) that bought from them possibly not keeping his mouth shut. Carter calls the hospital to find out information on the 25 kids that were taken there from the rave. He finds out Jordan is one of them. Carter tells Warton to go snoop around the hospital for information but Warton tells him no way. Warton says he's heading to Milwaukee and that Carter should invest in another plastic surgery job and then walks out but not before telling him he'd bounce him off the walls a few times if he wasn't so wound up
  • Nikki joins Victoria at Gina's. Victoria tells her she left the house early because she didn't want to talk to anyone, including Nikki. Gina joins in and Nikki tells her how Diane is finally gone. When Victoria attempts to leave, Nikki insists she stay and talk. She tells Nikki about the Keith Dennison incident. Victoria insists Nikki stop talking about that and I agree with her because I'm so sick of this whole Tricia/Ryan/Keith/Victoria storyline. Anyways, Nikki tells Victoria that she was the one that switched the samples and Victoria errupts in joy. Victoria leaves happy
  • Paul and Victor continue their talk about finding out about the sample switch. Paul informs him that everything checked out at the lab and with the transportation procedures. When asked what his conclusion is about the switch, Paul says "aliens from outer space". They then look into any possible enemies Diane had might of made along the way but Victor thinks that list might be too long. Victoria shows up and Paul leaves. She asks why Paul was there and he tells her that he's got Paul looking into the sample switching
  • Phyllis walks in to Gina's wearing the worst outfit in history. It's sky blue, open in the back all the way down to her unattractive behind, topped off with a hideous fishnet hat and white gloves. Anyways, she's there to talk to Malcolm. She asks him if he knows who Bunny is and he tells her she's one hot looking woman. Malcolm tells her that there isn't another woman that could compete with her...ummm, Malcolm? You're an ok kinda guy, but hello? Are we both talking about the same woman here? Phyllis? My girlfriend's dog looks better than her!
  • Esther and Kay talk about Mack and her night out when Jill walks in and interjects herself into the conversation. She tells them how she saw Mack come home with JT. Kay refuses to believe it. Mack walks in and Mack says that JT gave her a ride home. Jill pushes to find out if she was out with JT the whole night or not. When Mack doesn't answer, Jill continues to insult her and then leaves for work. Kay asks Mack if she is dating JT or not. Mack tells her they did spend the evening together but it wasn't a date, but doesn't want to talk anymore about it. Kay also brings up the birthday party but Mack tells her they'll talk another time about it then leaves
  • at the coffee house, Nick and Sharon enter to open up. Cody walks in and tells them about the rave news
  • Carter heads to the hospital to try to find out some of the names of the kids when he comes across Mark's room (rave guy's friend). Carter tries to backhandedly get info from the guy to see if he's leading towards ratting out the guy(s) who sold him the bad drugs. The guy's girlfriend walks in and she tells him that Jordan is pretty sick. Carter leaves the room. Mark and the girl talk about what they should do if the cops start asking questions. Mark wants to wait to talk to Jordan first but she tells him that Jordan is in really bad shape. Mark tells her that if anything happens to Jordan, Nick Newman is going to pay