Marck 2, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon are greeted by the detective at the airport as they're just about to board the plane. He has questions for them. He asks them how come a large amount of drugs was found at Crimson Lights today if they both didn't know Jordan or anything about the stuff sold to them. When asked how they knew to search for the drugs, the detective tells them that they had a search warrant and good reason to look at the coffee house. Nick asks what evidence they have for them to want a search warrant. The detective tells them he'd prefer to talk about it at the station. At the same time, the desk clerk comes over to tell Nick and Sharon the final boarding call has just been made and they must leave now if they want to go on the flight. Nick and Sharon talk it over and deicde to go to the station
  • Carter and Warton argue and almost get to blows when Cody shows up at the door. Warton hides. Cody tells Carter the cops searched the shop and found drugs, the same kind that killed Jordan. He also asks Carter to change his plans and cover for him at the coffee house when he's called down for questioning. Carter agrees. Cody leaves. Warton and Carter celebrate. Warton then cuts the celebration short by reminding Carter he burned the bridges with Tricia just earlier and she has the potential to ruin everything if she talks
  • Tricia shows up at the apartment to find Ryan and her father waiting for her. She doesn't like the fact that her father has decided to take Ryan's side on the issue of her having problems and needs help. When pressed for the name of the new guy in her life, she refuses because she doesn't want them grilling him on anything. They want to take her to the therapist but she refuses. Keith then threatens her with resorting to other ways to get her help such as putting her into a mental hospital
  • Jill and Ashley discuss Jack's initial plan to use Phyllis for info but didn't manage to gain anything other than falling for her. Ashley tells Jill about how Bunny got locked in the closet and how Phyllis suddenly shows up at the Abbot house, making them both think Phyllis was responsible for the whole thing. Ashley then goes back to Jack using Phyllis for info and asks Jill if it was her idea to do that. Jill blows up and tells her she had nothing to do with that. After a few more heated words, Jill leaves
  • Phyllis' service show up with dinner. She pours wine for herself and Jack and gets into not wanting anything to do with spying on Jack for Victoria. Jack suggests that she should quit because Newman Enterprises needs her more than she needs them. She brings up the fact that she's got a non-compete clause in her contract that lasts for 6 months, meaning she can't quit and work in a position that would be against N.E. She asks Jack for help to satisfy Victoria and keep her relationship with him. He asks her if she ever considered following through with Victoria's idea and she gets a brainstorm. Her idea is for him to give her information that he thought about using but scrapped because it wasn't good and she can pass that along to Victoria and if Victoria questions it later on, she can tell her that it was good information at the time but if Jack decided to not follow through with it, it's not her fault. Jack agrees to go along with it. Later on, we come back to a shot of them putting their clothes on. Yet another romp together. Jack leaves the apartment
  • Alex runs into Olivia at the hospital as she's just coming in. Alex is shocked to find out that Olivia is a doctor. Alex tells her that no matter who Malcolm is seeing or whatever he's doing, he'll always want to be a part of Nate's life. Once Alex is gone, Olivia goes back to her office to find Malcolm waiting for her
  • over at Walnut Grove Acadamy, Malcolm shows up for a father/son thing for Nate. He runs into Neil waiting there for the same reason. Malcolm isn't pleased, especially when Neil asks him if he cleared it with Olivia. The teacher shows up and Neil tells her it makes sense for Malcolm to join Nate since he's there and is the father. Once it's over, Malcolm tells Neil he's grateful he backed off to let him do this with Nate. Neil tells him that he doesn't like how Olivia took the stance she did where Nate is concerned because it puts him in the middle of things and now Nate seems to dislike seeing him whenever he shows up. Nate tells Malcolm how he thinks Malcolm doesn't want to see him anymore and that's why he's not around much but Malcolm tells him it's not true and quite the opposite. Malcolm leaves with the intentions of confronting Olivia about what she's been telling Nate
  • Nikki visits Kay at her estate. Nikki calls her contact to find out if she can get the name of who Diane's baby's father is from the sample they switched it to but gets news this person is now deceased and the information can't be found
  • Jack shows up at Jabot and thinks about Brash & Sassy's spring break promotion he found out earlier. Ashley shows up and asks if he broke it off with Phyllis. He tells her he didn't and that he's worried that maybe his biggest mistake could be not to trust Phyllis now

March 1, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon yap at the airport about their trip. Boarding call for their flight. As they're walking towards the walkway to board the plane, the detective stops them to question Nick about the death of Jordan
  • detective and DA wait for the judge to review the case and grant their search warrant. A call comes in for them to meet with the judge
  • Ashley goes back to the Jabot boardroom looking for Jack. Brad walks in. They talk about Jack and Phyllis. Jill joins in shortly later telling them not to jump to conclusions that Jack has ended things. Ashley and Jill get into an argument and Brad has to break it up. Brad gets called away for a meeting. Jill tells him that Jack got involved with Phyllis because he wanted to get information out of her but fell for her as time went on
  • Jack gets a call on his cell phone from Ashley but he doesn't answer. He replays the message from Victoria on her machine and deletes it. Phyllis walks in and she's all over him. When she takes for for something, he takes a sneak peak at a Brash & Sassy folder. When he hears her coming back, he quickly puts his stuff into his pocket but drops his little notepad, which we all can see and hear hit the floor, but Jack must be deaf as he didn't hear the thunderous crash of it. She surprises him by telling him that Victoria has been pressuring her to get information out of him or else
  • Paul drops by Victor's office. He tells Paul his services are no longer needed. Paul asks if it was Victoria because she seemed too interested. Victor tells him her interest was only to cover Nikki's actions. Someone sent by Diane is there to see Victor. It's some guy there to take a test and needing a sample of his blood. When asked for id on who he is, he refuses saying Diane does not want Victor to know what the tests are for
  • Nikki visits Kay. She lets Kay know she told Victor what she did but is regetting things because the child has been brought into the world under bad circumstances. She's worried what will become of the baby down the road if Diane rejects him. She comes up with the idea of finding the father through the person she hired to switch the samples and get let him know he's a father of her baby
  • Ryan and Keith meet to discuss Tricia. Keith threatens to leave but Ryan convinces him to stay and work on something to help Tricia get better. Ryan suggests they track down the guy she's now involved with to help them help her. Keith seems open to the idea because Ryan is determined to find out who this new guy is
  • Carter and Warton get into it about Nick and how it seems like they're getting away before the law can catch up to them. Tricia comes in with her plans to leave town that day. Warton tells her that he was at the memorial and heard all the stuff Carter said about Jordan, which is all lies but she doesn't know that. Carter then tells her that he doesn't know if he'll even take the job now. She tries to get him to change his mind but he tells her to butt out. He then tells her to get out. She leaves and Carter then smashes a glass with a baseball bat out of frustration the setup is going down the drain

February 28, 2001

  • Victoria and Phyllis wrap up their meeting. Victoria isn't worried about Jabot's next move because she's expecting Phyllis to get information out of Jack. Victoria reminds her that getting information out of Jack was the reason she was hired at Newman. Phyllis leaves. Victor shows up later on and talks to Victoria about the memorial service Nick held at the coffee house and how impressed he is of that. Victor goes over the plans for Brash & Sassy's spring promotion and is impressed with it. She tries to hit him up for more money on the budget because they're at a point where they can throw more money into the campaign than Jabot. When asked where she got that information from and not responding, he decides to increase the budget for her
  • the meeting at Jabot wraps up too. Nikki and Jack talk about how she admitted to Victor the sample switch was her doing. When everyone leaves, Jill talks to Jack and tells him not to break up with Phyllis because they're at a point where getting information from Phyllis on Brash & Sassy's spring promtion is at the forefront. Jack tells her to get out. He then calls Phyllis and asks her if they can meet in a few minutes instead of that evening. She agrees
  • Raul and Rianna run into Mack at school, literally. They're all coming back from the memorial service. Raul and Mack argue, like he's jealous she's hanging out with other people. She leaves. Rianna and Raul continue their boring talks about Mack seemingly wanting Billy. Billy butts in once the discussion turns to Mack going to the rave with JT and what her motives for doing that is. He tells them that it's not so crazy that Mack chose to go with JT because she wanted to be with him. Once he leaves, Rianna tells Raul that she thinks she knows what Mack's motives are but won't say until she finds out more
  • over at the coffee house, things are wrapping up. Mark and his girlfriend talk angry about Nick, how he watched Nick sell Jordan the bad ex. Carter listens in to their discussion
  • Nick and Sharon get ready to leave when Sharon discovers her wallet missing. Cut to Carter in the back room hiding her wallet in his pants. Nick and Sharon find out that there's not another flight that day. The detective enters the place and talks to Cody about what was going on there. He also finds out about Nick and Sharon's trip, out of the country and hurries off to go see the DA. Once there, he fills Glen in on the info. Glen makes a call to a judge for a search warrant
  • DA Glen Richards meets with a reporter for an interview on the ex case. He can't make any comments as the case is not open for public record just yet. The detective walks in and the reporter leaves. He tells Richards they'll have an arrest that same day because the fingerprint reports from Milwaukee on the glass turns out to be Nick's
  • JT approaches Mack to find out what she wants to do on their date that evening. She thought they'd just say that for Billy's sake and just pretend but he tells her that Billy would see right through that, so they decide to go to the movies. When JT leaves, Billy suddenly shows up to talk to her. He wants to know what's going on between her and JT. She tells him it's none of his business and that he should lighten up because there's nothing wrong with her wanting to get out and have some fun after all that has happened between the two of them
  • while at Phyllis' apartment, he overhears a phone message left by Victoria telling her the increase in the ad budget is a go and that she should work on Jack for inside information
  • Nick and Sharon arrive at the airport

February 27, 2001

  • Cody, Nick and Sharon prepare the coffee house for the memorial service for Jordan. They wonder why Carter isn't there to help setup. Nikki shows up with Noah and Cassie. Nick and Sharon tell them about the memorial service and Jordan. Doris shows up with Miguel, followed by Victor. Nikki sees him and hurries out the door. Victor gets a call and while on the phone, Carter enters but avoids running into him. Sharon shows some attitude towards Carter because he failed to show up to help setting up. Doris talks to Carter but when he leaves, she gets another one of those "there's something about him that I just can't put my finger on" kinda looks. When Carter hears Nick and Sharon are taking off for 2 weeks, he sees his plans of getting Nick falling apart
  • Warton calls Carter on the phone once again. Carter's got another bag of coffee filled with drugs to plant in the coffee house so the cops would find it. Warton tells him he's going to check out the apartment they rented in Milwaukee to see if the cops have checked it out yet. Carter doesn't like that but Warton hangs up on him. In Milwaukee, Warton heads to the apartment and hears the cops coming behind. He hides and listens to the cops talking. The detective tells the cops to get him inside in any way possible, not caring about damage to anything, much to the cops' displeasure. The cops kick down the door and start confiscating things, including a tray with powder on it and the box with a purchase order on it that is from Newman Industries. Warton sneaks out the building
  • over at Jabot, Jack gets a call from Phyllis. He tries to brush her off after she wants to have dinner that evening. She also wants them to show everyone they're together but Jack balks once again at that thought. They hang up and Jill walks into the boardroom where Jack is. John walks in without knowing Jill is there and tells Jack to end his relationship with Phyllis because there could me major implications involved, business-wise. Ashley then enters and she too gets on Jack's case. Nikki enters and they get down to business
  • Victoria walks into her office to see Phyllis at her desk. Phyllis presents her with her spring plan for the site and Victoria likes it. Neil enters and they both want to know where Phyllis was the evening before, like it's any of their business. Neil then announces to Victoria that Phyllis has been dating Jack. Once Victoria says that she has no problem with that, they get down to their meeting. Their new campaign is to support a concert tour and have contests online to give away tickets
  • Brad and Ashley putter around the house after getting up. They talk about Abby acting up all night. Phone's the doctor...Ashley takes the call. Once off the phone, they both get into Jack and Phyllis. Brad tells her that he gets the impression that Jack's going to end things from the last talk he had with him
  • Mack shows up at school; Billy runs into her and they talk about attending the memorial. They also talk about the rave and how it was Brittany's idea to take the ex. Billy thanks her for stopping him from taking it. JT approaches Mack when she's alone and asks her if she wants to go ahead with his offer to make Billy nuts by being seen together. She doesn't know but JT tries to convince her. Rianna finds Billy and talk about Mack and Raul and their friendship going downhill. Mack overhears Billy telling Rianna that he and Brittany are closer than ever. Once Billy and Rianna are done talking, he goes to talk to Mack. When he does, JT comes over and asks Mack what time to pick her up that night. She tells him a time and JT leaves. Billy is not liking that at all
  • Carter calls Warton at the apartment. Warton tells him the cops found the stuff they planted in Milwaukee. Carter tells Warton that Nick and Sharon are leaving town in a matter of hours. Once off the phone, Carter comes up with an idea to keep Nick and Sharon there as we zoom into Sharon's purse
  • the detective calls the DA to tell him the stuff he found in Milwaukee and wants to proceed as quickly with the search warrants of Nick's place and the coffee house but the DA wants the lab results first so there's no mistakes

February 26, 2001

  • Brad and Ashley get home from their long christening day. They talk about Jack, Bunny and Phyllis. Once done talking about that, they talk more stuff we're not interested in
  • Jack arrives at Phyllis' apartment. He tells her about the Bunny/closet episode...she acts surprised but he knows she did it. He tells her that he didn't appreciate her doing that to Bunny. What does that lead to? You guessed it...straight into her bed for some nookie. Jack leaves when they're "finished", even though Phyllis wants him to stay. She tells him it's ok and they can continue it next time. When Jack leaves her place, he says to himself "there won't be a next time Phyllis"
  • Carter and Tricia finish up their dinner. She tells him her father is back in town and wants Carter to join her to talk with him to fix things
  • Ryan goes back to his apartment to pick up a few things when Keith shows up. He wants to know why Ryan doesn't just back off and leave Tricia alone. Ryan tells him that he only wants to help her and that's why he called him when he was in Europe. Tricia shows up and voices are raised by all of them. Ryan is surprised to hear that Tricia is planning to leave town for good
  • Warton continues his phone call with the DA. The DA puts Warton on the speakerphone. Warton tells them he was at this bar and talked to some guy that tried to sell him ecstasy but he didn't know what that was. Warton then describes Nick when asked for a description of the guy and the location in Milwaukee where the deal went down. When Warton leaves the phonebooth, he leaves the pencil behind. This is significant because I'm sure the DA's office is going to check where the phone call originated from...they'll find the pencil, keep it for an unknown reason for now, then when they nail Nick for the bum charges, Victor will want an investigation'll come back to the pencil and one of Paul's theories...they'll check the pencil for'll link back to Warton...they'll question Warton...he'll point to Carter/Matt Clark because he isn't going to go down alone...the charges will get dropped against Nick and all will be well with the Newman world once again. Look for this to take months in storyline. You can thank me later for saving you all the wasted time in seeing it all play out. Warton goes back to his place and calls Carter to tell him all went well with the call to the DA
  • at the coffee house, Nick and Sharon talk about the memorial thing they're having for Jordan when Victoria shows up. She tells them Keith Dennison is in town and yadda yadda yadda. She could have saved us lots of time by just telling Keith that she wants to jump Ryan's bones, making Keith happy to get Ryan out of Tricia's life and buh bye to the Tricia/Ryan plotline
  • Malcolm and Alex finish up their dinner and talk junk as usual. She gets a call from Neil about a paralegal named Jason that is looking for her
  • Olivia and Neil go back to her place and talk to Nate about the christening. Nate isn't so enthused about hearing they're both godparents to Abby and storms off. Olivia apologizes for Nate's behavour and then sucks face with Neil, much to his surprise. She goes to check on Nate and Neil gets a call. It's some message for Alex. He calls her to let her know some paralegal is looking for her. He then asks where she is but she doesn't answer and hangs up. Neil leaves shortly after
  • the DA got off the phone with a judge saying he got a search warrant but doesn't like the thought of knowing Victor Newman's son is a drug dealer