March 9, 2001

  • Nick has visitors in jail, Sharon and Victor. They talk about possible bail. Victor leaves to give Silva a call
  • Carter argues with Tricia about not leaving town. He doesn't tell her why he wants to stay though. He warns her about ways her father can track her down through credit cards and that it's not easy to just disappear from everyone. He tells her that maybe they'll leave in a couple of weeks. When Tricia goes to the bathroom, Carter calls Cody to find out what's going on. Cody tells him that they're holding Nick
  • Ashley sits in the Jabot boardroom when Brad shows up with breakfast for her. She tells him that Jack found out some information about Brash & Sassy. Jill shows up to join in the conversation. Jack enters and first thing he hears is Jill asking him what he found out from Phyllis. He takes out his notepad for everyone to read. Everyone is blown away by the campaign and are now worried how they can compete against it. They start to brainstorm with ideas. Jill tosses out the idea of doing the same thing Brash & Sassy are doing but with a bigger named group. Everyone shoots that one down. Jack comes up with the idea of taking the Glow kids to a tropical island for spring break and have a contest for people to join them. It's an expensive idea but they decide to get the wheels in motion, much to Jill's displeasure. Jack and Brad leave. Ashley sympathizes with Jack for having to hold on to that info for so long. Phyllis gives him a call to let him know Victoria bought the fake plans
  • Phyllis is all thankful to Jack for him giving her information to take to Victoria. He tells her about putting the Jabot kids into the pool house once again and have another contest. After hearing that, she tells him that she's curious what their real campaign is but Jack doesn't bite. He hands her that old plan in writing to take with her. She leaves
  • over at Walnut Grove Academy, Billy overhears a girl and guy talking about Mack and JT being seen together. Mack shows up. She asks him how things are with him and Brittany. When he doesn't answer, she heads off to class. Brittany confronts Billy about them possibly breaking up. When things heat up, he just walks away. She follows him and continues it and blaming Mack for all their problems
  • Isabella shows up once again in Paul's office to start on the case. She tells him the background information he needs to work with. She doesn't tell him all the information right away so Paul tells her that if she really wants help, she has to tell him everything. She then tells him that her husband use to hit her. She blames herself for his actions and why he's in prison now because of finally telling someone and now is paying the price by having someone follow her on his behalf. He tells her not to worry because they don't know if she's even being followed, but will monitor her 24 hours a day and have her stick to a schedule to see if there's any pattern to people around her. Paul has Lynn book a hotel room for her and have her wait in the book store downstairs until everything is setup incase someone is watching her. She leaves
  • Phyllis shows up at Victoria's office to update her on Jabot. She hands her the paper Jack gave her. Victoria can't believe Jabot is still doing the Glow House thing. Phyllis then tells her that she's not going to do the spying thing again and Victoria backs off of having her spy
  • the DA and the detective gain more evidence against Nick, including a bank withdrawl of $20,000 but the DA says that's all circumstantial he was planning to use that money to live off of after leaving the country. They get a call to head to the courthouse for the bail hearing. Victor then shows up. He tells them that Nick is innocent and wants to know the evidence they have against Nick. They both refuse to disclose anything to him when Silva shows up with papers informing them of a court procedure for Nick beginning. Victor tells Silva to watch the detective, Mario Edmunds, because he thinks he's out to get the Newmans for some reason
  • JT talks to Mack, tells her how everyone seems to know about their date. They both notice Billy and Brittany talking when all of a sudden JT starts kissing Mack. Billy makes this disgusted face and Brittany notices it

March 8, 2001

  • Nick talks to John Silva from the holding cell of the police station about Mark leaving the DA's office just moments before they walked in and how he hardly ever spoke to this kid. Nick is afraid of the fallout once his father finds out as they've reached the time where they have to go for a bail hearing. As he's being fingerprinted and photographed, he thinks back to the first time he had to go through that
  • Warton walks into Carter's apartment and startles Tricia as she's packing up her stuff. She tells him that she and Carter are leaving town and it'll be the last they'll ever see of him. Warton has a hard time believing they're leaving because Carter seems to go back and forth on the time they plan to leave town. Before he leaves, he tells her to inform Carter that he's heading back to Milwaukee to his job. Once he's gone, she calls Carter at the coffee house wanting him to come over right away. When she threatens going there to see him, he tells her not to, that he'll be over, thus messing up his plans of supporting Sharon through this tough time. Once he gets there, he tells her, well more like shouts to her, he's not going anywhere and that she should shutup about that
  • Paul talks to Isabella Bragnia, if that's how her name is spelled, about her problems and why she's there. She tells him she thinks she's being followed and that if it's true, her life could be in danger. She brings up the name Samantha Lee and Paul remembers the name as being someone who worked at Christine's former law firm and that she recommended him to her to help her. She makes her pitch to him to take her case and then leaves. Paul then informs Lynn that he'll take the case and figure out if she's being followed or not and has the hopes it won't take more than a couple of days so he can then decide what he wants to do with Christine
  • Phyllis yacks it up with Baldwin. Once she leaves, he calls his secretary to find out when Christine will be back in Hong Kong because he'll be definitely going to see her
  • Mack continues her online chat with Billy on the Glow By Jabot chatroom, asking him questions about how his relationship with Brittany is going and why his former girlfriend is still on his mind. During their chat, Brittany calls Billy and wants him to meet her at the coffee house as Mack had just asked him if she can help him sort out his problems. When she finds him taking too long, she sends another message and is alerted that Billy is no longer online
  • Victor's secretary comes into his office to inform him the fax he sent off to Nick and Sharon on the boat they're supposed to be on got there but the two of them aren't on the ship. At that moment, John Silva comes in and tells him Nick has just been arrested. He goes over to the coffee house and talks to Sharon. She asks him where Nick was and when he doesn't answer, she fears the worst and starts to cry
  • Ashley continues to demand Jack end things with Phyllis or at least tell her what he found out and how they can stop Brash & Sassy's new campaign. Jack balks because he doesn't want the Newmans finding out she may be a spy for Jabot. Just then, Phyllis shows up at the front door. Ashley leaves and Phyllis asks Jack for the info she can pass to Victoria. He tells her he'll give her something that they had planned for their spring web campaign, but scrapped. She said that'll do
  • over at the coffee house, Brittany keeps nagging Billy about where his love lies, if it's with her or Mack. She suggests that maybe they should break up if things aren't going to change. Billy tells her that if that's how she feels then maybe she should break up with him, then walks out
  • Baldwin gets word that Christine will be back in Hong Kong the next day so he leaves his office to go pack

March 7, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon wake up on the couch from their little romp the night before. Once they've gotten dressed, John Silva comes over. They fill John in on what the cops are implying about the drugs. Silva wants to talk to the DA about things and Nick insists on going. When asked if Victor knows anything about it, Nick makes it clear he doesn't want anyone knowing
  • Carter wakes up to find Tricia making a huge breakfast because she fully expects to be travelling out of Genoa City this day. He starts hallucinating that Tricia is Sharon talking and kissing him but comes to his senses shortly after. He tries to get her to stick around town for now but she puts up a fight. He leaves to go by the coffee house and tells her to stay there. He mumbles in the hallway to himself first, saying if Tricia messes anything up, she'll pay for it
  • Baldwin heads into work and talks to his secretary, telling her to hold off on cancelling his flight to Hong Kong when Phyllis walks in behind him. She asks him about the trip and he explains that Christine needs some help and it would be easier and quicker if he went over there to handle it. She questions him about his real reasons for wanting to go
  • Jack checks in the Jabot site from his laptop at home. Billy comes down and chats with him. Billy asks if the spring campaign is still a go but Jack tells him they'll probably use the pool house again since construction on the new place is going slow. Billy also tells him that there's trouble in paradise with Brittany lately and it's all due to what she's been thinking about him and Mack. After Jack leaves, Billy goes onto his laptop and sees that he was in the Glow By Jabot chatroom and chats with the same person he talked to during the New Year's campaign, which was Mack, but he doesn't know that
  • Rianna drops by the Chancellor Estate to talk to Mack. She asks Mack if the rumours are true about her and JT dating. Mack asks if Raul asked her to find out but Rianna tells her it's not. Rianna tries to warn Mack about JT because she was once hurt by him while dating him, plus she has come to realize that Mack isn't dating JT because she likes him, but because she knows it drives Billy crazy when they're seen together. She doesn't admit to anything. Mack tells her she's got to get ready for school and have breakfast but invites her for some of Esther's healthy cooking meals, aka wheat germ pancakes and crap...Rianna passes and decides to leave. Mack then finds Esther using the laptop and gets a message from someone in the chatroom but has to take off because she's got something in the oven so Mack takes over and chats to this person, who turns out to be Billy on his computer
  • the two kids from the hospital that knew Jordan show up at the coffee house when a third person comes in and asks Cody about the cops finding drugs there. The other two talk about what they just heard but there's still the worries about having to testify in the case
  • the detective informs the DA about the apartment in Milwaukee and how it was rented using Nick's name but the rent was paid in cash under the door of the landlord. The thing they most want is a pill from that night to link the drugs they found to the ones that were sold to the ravers. When asked why the DA isn't arresting Nick, he tells the detective all they have is circumstantial evidence when one of the raver kids (Mark Hanson, Jordan's best friend) comes in to tell him what he knows. As Mark was leaving, Nick and Silva see him and are informed by the DA that he's being arrested
  • Mary shows up at Paul's office and lays into Christine about their marriage and how it's a mistake for Paul to go over there. Paul gets upset and tells her to "get the hell out of here". She leaves. Lynn comes in and asks him if he's still going to go to Hong Kong but he's not so sure anymore. He attempts to call her but she's now in Singapore and won't be back for a few days. Some other woman shows up to see Paul, named Isabella, with a problem that only Paul can help her with. Since she's a good looking woman, naturally Paul will get close to her and he'll forget his troubles with Christine, which isn't a bad thing because I'd choose Isabella over Christine 100 times out of a 100
  • Carter shows up at the coffee house and asks Cody if Nick and Sharon know about it because no one has contacted either of them. Cody suggests that maybe they were able to leave on their trip afterall but then in walks Sharon to tell them their trip might not get off the ground anytime soon. Cody fills Sharon in on what happened at the coffee house with the cops. She also thanks Carter for sticking around, even though he's got his "other job" waiting for him. He tells her that he's come to a decision, that he's not leaving them for now that the other job can wait

March 6, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon reach home and discuss how the drugs were found at Crimson Lights and who put them there. Sharon suggests calling John Silva to protect themselves but Nick balks at that saying they haven't done anything wrong. They decide to not think about that stuff for the rest of the evening and just have a nice, quiet night together because they'll be off to the Caribbean by that time the next day
  • Neil tries to call Malcolm but gets his machine. He leaves a message for him. Alex appears and overhears his call and asks what's going on. Neil explains what happened at the father/son thing with Nate and the discussion he had with Malcolm there. He asks her if she's still seeing Malcolm. At that moment, Victor comes in. I didn't realize it was Victor's office, but anyways, they all talk about the upcoming court case. Later on when everyone leaves, Neil tries to call Malcolm again but get his machine. Alex walks in again and he reasks her if she's still seeing Malcolm because after tonight, Malcolm might need a shoulder to cry on
  • Olivia and Malcolm continue talking about her plan to completely cut him out of Nate's life. They argue loudly. Malcolm threatens her with exposing her thoughts to Nate and how she doesn't want the two of them to be together anymore, thus turning Nate against her. He tells her that there's two Olivias, one that gives to the rest of the world and another one for him which is a "manipulative bitch", then walks out her office
  • Paul and Nikki continue their dinner at Gina's and their talk about Christine. Once Nikki leaves and Paul is ready to leave, Mary comes in and greets him. They sit down and have a talk. She tells him that she talked to Lynn and knows business is slow and how she doesn't want him to go to Hong Kong to see Christine as it'll be a big mistake. Paul argues with her and storms out. Lynn comes in and Mary tells her that she's sure Paul is going to see Christine
  • Warton presses Carter about what Tricia said on the phone. He tells him. Warton is worried that Tricia will break and mention Carter's name and all hell will break loose because Ryan has already met him in the past. He tries to call her but gets Keith answers so he hangs up without saying anything. Warton warns him that if he goes down, he'll be taking Carter along with him. Warton then grabs Carter and slams him against the door. When he lets him go, Carter fights back but has to stop when he hears Tricia knocking on the door. Warton hides and Carter lets her in. She tells him about all that went on back at her apartment. She says she can't take it anymore, especially the plans of her father to put her in the hospital and wants to leave town right now. He tells her to go back to her apartment tomorrow to pick up her stuff, just to stall for time
  • Tricia still gets grilled by Ryan and her father over the identity of her new man. She starts to break down and cry. A phone call comes in and Keith answers it. No one speaks and he hangs up. It's Carter calling, hoping that Tricia would answer. While Tricia is off in another room, Ryan makes a call to her therapist and sets up a visit for the three of them. When Ryan goes looking for her to tell her, he sees that she's gone. They both assume she took off to go see her guy. Keith is worried she and the mystery guy will leave town that night
  • Mary questions Lynn about if it's true Paul is going to go see Christine in Hong Kong, but she tells him she was only speculating on things and that Paul hasn't mentioned anything like that to her
  • Baldwin and his secretary talk business while over dinner. He's going to Hong Kong to see Christine to discuss business. His secretary tells him that there's probably another reason for him to go see Christine, and that is because she might be lonely out there so far away from her family. As Baldwin gets up to leave, he overhears Mary and Paul talking about Paul possibly going to Hong Kong
  • Baldwin goes back to his office to think over all he has learned. He says he has to do something and not let this happen. I'm assuming he's referring to Paul going to Hong Kong

March 5, 2001

  • Nick and Sharon show up at the DA's office for questioning. The DA brings out a bag of coffee and ecstasy pills, the evidence they seized from the coffee house. Nick and Sharon deny knowing anything about it. The DA tells him that Jordan mentioned Nick's name in the ICU. The detective blows up and wants to arrest Nick there but the DA ushers him out the door. Nick gets upset that they're trying to point the finger on him. The DA tells him he's not arresting him now but he's not going to allow them to leave town. Nick tells him that's not acceptable, that if he wants them to stay in town then he has to arrest him. the DA doesn't arrest him and Nick and Sharon walk out. The detective walks back in and questions the DA on why he let them go. The DA tells him he's still waiting for test results to come in but finds it hard to believe Sharon is involved in this. Nick on the other hand? Well he has his suspicions on that
  • Victoria and Victor go over plans for Brash & Sassy. Phyllis shows up for the meeting. She explains to Victor her plans on getting inside information on Jabot but lets Victoria give the details since it was her idea. Victor senses she's reluctant to get the scoop and questions her. She tells him that she's not reluctant about anything but seducing a rival is not something she wants to do in her spare time. She walks out and Victoria follows after
  • Jack explains to Ashley why he hasn't broken up with Phyllis yet, including the message left by Victoria instructing Phyllis to spy on him. He says he was livid over hearing it but things changes when Phyllis told him Victoria's plans without him asking her about anything and all of the consequences she might face from the Newmans if she didn't go through with it and how sincere she was in telling him all of this. Ashley still has concerns and tells him to still break it off but Jack then tells her he saw information on Brash & Sassy's spring advertisement campaign but doesn't know how to use it because once Newman finds out they know, they'll know it came from Phyllis and they'll make her life a living hell. Ashley tells him it's his problem now and walks out. Phyllis calls him on his cell phone and tells him she had a meeting with Victor. He tells her they'll talk tomorrow about things and hangs up
  • Tricia continues to fight Ryan and Keith on meeting her new guy. They wear her down and she gives Carter a call. She asks him to come to the apartment to talk to them but he refuses and tells her not to mention his name to them. She hangs up on him. She tells them that Carter doesn't want to talk to them, not even on the phone. Keith blows up over hearing that. Ryan poses a question to her on whether or not she feels Carter is looking out for her best interests
  • Warton and Carter listen to the radio in hopes of hearing news on an arrest of Nick but there hasn't been anything so far. Carter tells him that perhaps he might not skip town afterall now that Jordan is dead, the only person that could finger him for anything linked to the drugs. Warton doesn't like that and accuses him of wanting to stay because of his liking for Sharon. Carter tries to cover it by telling him that he originally intended to stick around anyways so it's no big deal now. Warton doesn't believe a single word of it
  • Malcolm and Olivia get into it over Nate once again. She threatens calling security if he doesn't leave but he gets her to just listen one last bit. He tells her that he can't just turn around and walk away from Nate whenever he begs him to stay wherever they meet up. She tells him she finally sees where he's coming from and tells him their current visitation limits aren't fair on Nate and it's only hurting him. Her solution? Ending contact between Nate and Malcolm
  • Paul and Lynn talk business. Paul starts reflecting on his personal life now that the business isn't so busy after wrapping up the Newman case. He leaves. Paul shows up at Gina's to meet with Nikki. She asks him how he's holding up without Christine. He tells her he's surviving. The continue on that subject, one that I find rather boring
  • over at Paul's office, Marissa and Lynn talk about Paul and how he might be considering a trip to Hong Kong. Right then Mary walks in to hear that and doesn't like that one bit