Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999: I know what you're going to say diary....yes I have neglected you for almost a whole month, but hey, what do you expect when it took me over a year to update my site in the first place!!  One lousy little month isn't a big deal in the big picture now, is it?  Ok, I'll catch you up on my comings and goings.  First, I only went to see Melissa 6 times throughout the month, not too bad considering 3 times came early in the month in a span of 9 days or so.  I found out that going to see her this way isn't so bad after hearing of a "Vons" situation and was told my actions aren't crazy, so that's good.

What else happened in the past all seems like such a blur with the whirlwind life I have...yeah right...oh I, that wasn't me...just wondering computer, I was just looking over my previous entries and I'm wondering why I keep calling myself an idiot, can you explain that to me?  Ok ok ok, you don't have to rub it in, I heard you the first time...sheesh!!  NOTE TO SELF: Find out if it's normal to be the only one that can hear your computer talk back to you...especially with the speakers off!

So, this is first entry in so long and I'm drawing a blank, feels like I'm writing an exam or something (flashback to grade 9, history final...oh what a feeling of helplessness, staring at the questions as if they were written in offense there to all you Chinese speaking people around the world, Chinese is a wonderful language, I'd speak it everyday if I had the chance...that is if I knew how to speak it in the first place!  Right now, that language is a little harder for me to learn than it is to learn rocket science.) NOTE TO SELF:  E-mail NASA and have them explain rocket science to me and what I need to build my own launching site and space shuttle.  I wonder if Radio Shack carries all the parts I would need...hmmm.

Oh, I remember something computer...I should really try not to insult the Backstreet Boys, boy oh boy, the wrath I took from that!!  Their fans can just tear you to bits if you say anything negative about them...right Cali fans?  One night after I had just finished writing it, a certain friend let me have it with both barrels, in a nice way of course...left me feeling that there was something wrong with my medulla oblongata!  I tried to have it checked out by a doctor a friend recommended, someone by the name of Dr. Jack Kervorkian, not sure of his background but I hear he's got a pretty high rate of non-return visits, but I couldn't find him so I went elsewhere.  Turns out it's not in such bad shape, only 92% of it is a write-off...whoo hoo!  NOTE TO SELF:  You can't stop irking those fans of New Kids on the Block...I mean, Menudo....whoops, make that Backstreet Boys...yeah, that's it.  I knew I'd eventually get it, took a little thinking but I's hard at times distinguishing them apart.   NOTE TO SELF (part 2):  be prepared to hear about that comment sometime soon!

Also found out that Nickstreet Boy has a girlfriend, normally I wouldn't pay too much attention to something like that but after seeing her, well I'd agree with those who say she's not so hot looking.  See computer, I agree with their fans sometimes.

What else...well, felt disappointed my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs lost to those retched Buffalonians.  I mean, any team but THEM!  Ugh, a city that has nothing to boast about except their beautiful fires to just about every property in existance and their 5 time professional sports appearance in a championship game/series and flopping on the faces each time...hehe, thanks for that Firecity!  It's a city that I would never recommend going to, in fact, their city growth in population has been on the negative side for the past 10 years what does that tell you?  Looks like people in Buffalo are finally realizing just how much of a hole the place is.  Ok, calming effect is being put into motion now....thanks computer for calming me down...ahh, you're the greatest!  Now hide those nudie pictures from your screen before anyone sees them!!  NOTE TO SNOOPERS OF MY DIARY:  No nudie pictures were used in the creation or creative process of this journal...but they won't be turned down if send to me through e-mail...hehe, just kidding!

I do not encourage the trading of pictures of scantily clad women...only fully nude ones...hehe, just kidding once again!  I am happy to say that anyone with the ability to check my computer will see there are no pictures of that sort on here.  Ok thanks computer, they wouldn't have known I transfered them to floppy disks if you hadn't mentioned it!!  You know computer, sometimes you get to be a pain in the neck, maybe I won't insert my hard drive into your bay...yeah I know you want me to but I don't're always beeping and giving me blue screens when you've had enough, but what about me?  What if I want to play with you some more?  Sometimes you just leave me so unsatisfied, like today when you didn't do what I wanted you to do.  I hate forcing you to do it, but I get so frustrated at times, I thought it would teach you a lesson but I guess not, you're just one stubborn thing!  Maybe it's time I dumped you and found myself something new!  IMPORTANT NOTE TO SNOOPERS:  What are you thinking???  Shame on you!!

Ok, back to what's new, or a month old...I almost killed myself doing landscaping!  Well not really killed, but maimed helping a neighbour cut some blocks with a circular saw.  At least when my father used it, all I got was a face full of concrete dust...mmmm...yummy!

Good news is we finished it in 3 days and it's a work of art if I do say so myself!  Could do without the digging and saved my back but oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do...or else feel the wrath of dear ol' daddy, oh joy...oh fun...hehe.  But I had a good time, yeah right, doing it so Pops, if you're snooping into my diary...I loved every minute of it!!  Now where's that $20 you owe me???  Money doesn't grow on trees you know!!  NOTE TO SELF:  Try to genetically engineer a tree so that money does grow on might be something a few people out there would be interested in and would pay top dollar for!

One last noteworthy thing I did, a couple of weeks ago I volunteered with the 'Wheel 'n Heel-a-thon' where the money raised goes to the Hospital for Sick Kids.  And once helping out was over with, I joined in the fun and rollerbladed the course.  Fun, all for a good cause and it sure gives you a good feeling inside.  Bet you didn't know that side of me huh?  Ah, who am I kidding...I'm still evil to some people...ha!

Ok, I think that's all I can remember, my medulla oblongata is starting to overheat, so ciao for now.