Saturday, June 26th, 1999: Oh diary, you're still around and speaking to me after all the stuff I said to you last time....aren't you just special!  Ok, some stuff I had to remember before I forget it.  First off, why did you tell me to go camp out in front of Sunrise Records 4 months ago just so I could be the first one in line to see Ricky Martin at his appearance, knowing full well that he was going to show up only yesterday???  No wonder the store manager kept calling the police to have me removed.  I didn't know what he meant at first when he asked me if I was homeless and that puzzled look on his face when I told him "nope, just waiting to see my idol".  You dirty little rat...just wait til next time when I DON'T shut you down properly!!  Ha, what will you do then huh?

Ok, so there were something like 6,000-8,000 people waiting for him, mostly girls for some reason...luckily I didn't go ahead and ask him for a kiss! NOTE TO SELF:  You didn't actually go see him so who you trying to fool?

All I have to ask is, "what do they see in him?".  So he's got the little latin hip swinging thing happening there and that mixed in Spanish dialog in his songs, does that make him so hot?  I just don't see it.  Just ask yourself, would you like to live la vida loca with him?  Please, count me out!  NOTE TO SELF:  Just keep saying to yourself that he's only here for the Gay Pride parade tomorrow...yeah, the thought of that just makes you wanna puke!  And I don't care what you say computer, that parade is just one nasty thing!  In fact, this whole Gay Pride week is just one bad nightmare...first you get the radio people having discussions about being gay, which is ok as long as people express their own views (not that I would still stick around and listen to it), but when you get into people telling their best gay pick-up lines and their most imbarassing gay incidents, then it becomes too much.  And what's the deal with guys going out in the parades wearing only a headband and kissing their 'boyfriend'...that's when it becomes puke central.  NOTE TO SELF:  Stay away from the downtown area tomorrow, don't want people to think you're going for the parade!!

Is this gay bashing to some degree?  Well if you think that then you're wrong, it's just my own opinions, that's all...if you don't like it then... NOTE TO SELF:Careful how you word this because the last time you said a tough phrase, it turned out to be an invitation to a gay guy...see an entry way down below... then...bite me! NOTE TO SELF:  Doh!!

Ok, what else...aren't you glad it's summer?  Oh I forgot, you can't get your butt off my desk here to see sure don't know what you're missing!

Is it my imagination or are the girls wearing less and less these days?  Ummmm...nope, not my imagination, thank goodness!!  Talk about skimpy, whoo hoo!  Ok, I'm back under control now computer, couldn't help but say that, you would too if you saw that girl in her backyard working. NOTE TO SNOOPERS:  I wasn't spying on her from some house next door, this happened to be a backyard that ended facing a park and the only separation was a linked fence. There she was, in her thong and the smallest of bikini tops that you can't really say held in much...the only down side was that she only was outside for 5 minutes.  Oh well, there will be other days...I hope!  Now I know where to look on hot days...hehe.  I'm sure I'll be asked about that one by people.

Hey computer, you didn't mind the other day when I bled a little on your keyboard, did you?  Blood stains are hard to get out, I'm glad O.J. warned me ahead of time!  And don't use utility knives in an unsafe manner ok, they're a little painful when you miss what you're cutting and get your finger instead.  Thank goodness for bone or else I'd cut clear through! NOTE TO SELF:  No need to lie about the bone part, a 2 inch cut is plenty severe enough!

Well computer, so ends another episode of "As the Creature Turns"....acutally, I like "The Creature, and the Restless" better...and don't tell anyone I watch that show ok!