Sunday, August 6th, 2000: Has it been long enough between entries? What can I say, I've been a busy boy...well at least you have to take my word for it. If you know me, then maybe you know the real reason why I've neglected my book. For those of you who don't know, I guess I can fill you in on what's been happening since my last entry. It took 3 months to recover from my Maple Leafs losing out in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I did have help though, I had help one was here to help remove that remote from my hands...the one I clutched so hard, it started to crack from the pressure...until one kind soul came along and eased my mind. She pointed out that there IS life after hockey, and I have to say, she's right. Who is this girl? It's none other than my girlfriend =)

So, the past few months have felt like that Rascalz song "Top of the World" to me. When all seems wrong, she's the one thing that makes me smile and feel good. I've never felt this way about anyone before...her sensitive side, her warmth and caring, her witty sense of humour, her beauty and her intelligence are the fine qualities that I cherish. So to sum up my feelings for her, the best way I can put it is that I love her to death. What's her name? I simply refer to her as my Mandy =)

In other news, during that 3 month layoff, I spent time doing things I've all but given up in the past. Things such as reading actual books and not just magazines, writing letters, making my girlfriend feel special (because she is, though she won't admit it), talked on the phone for hours everyday (to you-know-who), worked ridiculous hours (meaning getting up at 5am and 6am) for a few weeks, cried when Napster was about to shut down (that lasted all of 30 seconds), watched a few movies (if you know me, I'm so far behind in being up-to-date with the latest ones), pulled my hair out everytime I see Susan and Richard from Survivor (I swear that Susan is a guy!), almost drowned in the 40 feet of rain that has fallen since the start of "summer" here in Ontario, watched my bathroom shower tiling finally get repaired (it only took a year, but I must say it looks rather spiffy), and a few other things that have escaped my mind at this moment. Pretty busy huh?

This weekend was Caribana 2000 weekend here, meaning one big party for the whole city to enjoy, plus a parade. Caribana is a celebration of Caribbean culture, for those of you that don't know. The annual parade is the largest of it's kind outside of the one held in Trinidad. Of course I had to go check it out. It was fun, the weather was nice and the atmosphere was electric. The costumes were very nice, such as the one to the right, and naturally there were those (females to be exact) that came dressed in things you'd normally see behind closed bedroom doors.

Caribana 2000

After a good night's sleep, I feel refreshed...all I need is something to do! Grrr...ah well, I guess I could spend more time updating...or I could dress up like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and go for a walk (for those that don't know, they came out on stage recently wearing nothing but a single sock strategically placed)...won't that go over well with my girlfriend!!