Friday, May 21th, 1999: My first entry in my diary!!  Whoo hoo!!  Exciting stuff, I'm jumping for joy as I'm thinking this will be revolutionary.  Oh well, maybe it's not so exciting but who cares, it's not like anyone else is going to read this.  I'll have a good laugh when I'm 70 looking back on my "better years".  Ok, today was a pretty good, I only fell down four times!  Who say's I'm unco-ordinated??  Anyways, after that I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and got dressed.  This time I remembered to use a hairbrush instead of my toothbrush (there's a first time for everything right!).  NOTE TO SELF:  I before E, except after C.

So anyways, went to work and promptly burned up a manual that was some sort of ancient scriptures thing (as if anyone would want to touch a decrepit thing like that!  Next thing I know, people are screaming at me shouting "nice going Einstein", sure makes you wonder how people can be so cruel!! NOTE TO SELF:  I wonder if when Albert Einstein was around and he messed up, did people say to him, "nice going Einstein"?  hmmm, makes me wonder (looked at my watch and realized I spent 15 minutes wondering that).

Got home in one piece and took a shower, this time remembering to use the tub instead of the neighbour's sprinkler (I wondered why it was so cold when I was showering in the past).  Next step was to have a snack and go to bed, that is after I made this entry in my diary, my SECRET diary!  Yeah!!  ' diary....the one....and onnnnnlyyyyyy....', whoops, started to sing to myself.  NOTE TO SELF:  STOP SINGING TO YOURSELF YOU FREAKIN' IDIOT!!

So that's my first entry, damn I'm good!!  I hope I see you more often diary, so for now, goodnight you sweet, transister laiden box of radiation!!