Here's the internet page...pretty exciting huh?  Ok, so it's just another page by me...but not just any page mind you, this is a page that I figure if you're bored and don't know where else to go, then I'd have a few links for you to check out.
First off, I'll recommend you check out a couple of sites that look impressive...and I'm not just saying that because I know these people...

Mandy's World of Uncreativity...well what can I say, aside from my site, this is my favourite place to go to.  Why you ask? Well, the site is very well done and I personally know her, though I won't say anything about the content of some of her pages, but go check it out...it's well worth your time.

Rachel's Picture Page...the site of Mandy's sister, and friend of mine.  This is one that is filled with pictures of gorgeous, hunky men...and women too, which surprised me.  By the way, the "gorgeous" part was not an indication of any liking for guys by me, I was merely peaking the interests of females out there to go check out her site.  It's quite good and I'm sure you'll enjoy taking the time to go visit.


And now, the best of the rest:

Looking for the latest scores and highlights in the world of sports? Well Canada's online source for sports is TSN.  Personally, I watch the network more than going online since the TV turns on quicker than my computer...but if you want updates then this is a place you should check out.

If you're interested to see the seconds remaining in your life just tick away before your eyes, then check out The Death Clock.  A little morbid, but if you're into such things then this is right up your alley.  Why did I choose this site you're asking? I don't know really, just got caught up in it one day...never been back there though since it's rather depressing to look at.

In the mood for movie, music or fashion news? Well Canada's all music station, MuchMusic, along with its sister station in Toronto, CityTV, have the information you crave.  It's a cool site, just takes a little time to load with all it's overloaded graphics...someone should have a chat with them one day.

Searching for a particular piece of software to improve your time on your computer? Well Shareware is the most popular form of free software available on the web.  They have a large inventory of games and utility programs for almost every task you can think of.  And who actually registers these programs anyways? Sure, it's the honorable thing to do if you want to use the program for extended periods of time, but do you know anyone who does? There should be a reward for anyone who comes forward claiming they've registered something and paid the fees...

Are you looking for a free E-Mail service? Well give up, use your own service provider!! Just kidding...I use an online one for the simple reason, I hate SPAM!! Lousy stinkin' people that think sending crap, junk mail will get someone's attention, well think again! All it does is give the trash bin a good workout. Here is one of the most popular free web based services available, Hotmail... despite it being now owned by Microsoft, that evil giant that wants to rule the world...whatever happened to competition? I know, Microsoft bought it out!  If that doesn't satisfy your needs, then there is also another web based E-mail service provided by Yahoo...hey, could this be competition??? They both have a handy option that let's you have all that crap mail sent directly into a folder, allowing you to simply empty the folder without having to go through it.

Want some pure metal? Well why not check out the metal kings of music, Metallica.  Sure, some of you aren't into this type of music, it's no fluffy BSB or 'N Sync, it's just rock with a mature twist.  A couple of sites to check out, Metallica Online...a top notch site for info, or you can check out their record label, Elektra, and the Metallica site they've created.  If you're interested in joining their official fanclub, check out the Metclub.

Speaking of good music, why not drop by Sarah McLachlan's site, an informative site...almost in the same league as mine!

If you're into dance music and want to listen to an online radio station that's located right here in Toronto, then check out HITS 103.5...a station I listen to quite often when I get a chance...plus the clubs they broadcast live from at times are pretty darn good, if you're there in person that is.

Want some news from Toronto? How about checking out 2 of the city's newspapers? One is the Toronto Sun...a not so informative paper, with there being almost as many ads as there are news items.  One thing it does have that other papers don't, is it's Page 3 Sunshine Girl...and yeah ladies, there is also a Sunshine Boy page tucked somewhere back around page 90 or so.  The other paper, which is my choice for information, is the Toronto Star.  It's an informative site.

Watch TV much? Well one of my favourite shows is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  If you haven't seen an episode, you're really missing out on some good stuff.  It's funny, it's got violence, it's got sex...no, not porn, and it's got Sarah Michelle Gellar, for those who still drool over girls other than their girlfriends/mates.

Still with the TV theme, how about checking out that other WB show that is entertain to watch.  I'm talking about Felicity.  It's a good little show, despite falling into a lull at times.  It's still much better than 7th Heaven, which for some reason is the number one rated show on the network.  I just don't get that.  But anyways, check out the site and catch up on the episodes you've missed.

One last show from the WB that I watch, and enjoy watching with my girl, even when it sucks, is Dawson's Creek.  The show may have gone downhill since its first season, but it's fun for me to criticize it with my girl every week.  That may not be a good reason to watch a show, or go visit their site, but maybe you'll see the things we have fun laughing over.  Check it out and bust a gut.

One magazine I subscribe to is Rolling Stone.  Their site is filled with all sorts of interviews, reviews, artist information and pictures, and previews of songs.  It's a site that can keep you busy for a while, just like my site does!

Is there a site you think we should all visit? Why not add it to the list by clicking on the button below and filling in the site location and description. It's that easy! Give it a try.