Monday, March 25th, 2002: I woke up this morning wishing it was May 25th instead of March 25th.


Good question, not one I'm going to answer, but let's just say it's part of speeding up the process...the process of getting to mid June.


You bet!

But it's something I can't help but thinking at this time.

Making things right again is the only thing I want and until I do that or feel like it is right, I'll probably feel like I'm in a dark pit that needs someone to come and pull me out. Not just anyone, someone special...that knows me and needs me and more importantly, wants me.

Won't anyone need me?

I need to crawl out of the swamplands and find higher ground, away from all the water (tears?) and back into the sunshine of life...perhaps I should move to Florida.

How many of you get that feeling right now? One where you're feeling like you're glowing and everyone can see it, caused either by a new job you fought hard to get, or getting a teriffic grade on a long paper you wrote, or even the feeling you get from knowing someone loves you and thinks of you as their world and they get excited to see you or talk to you...ah yeah, the feelings you get from a new romance now starting out.
All such nice thoughts to have and for sure, and all great ways to pick you up out of a dark time in your life, if you're going through that.

Alas, it's still March 25...blah!