My Life title
Mysterious Swamp

Do you wonder about what kind of person I really am? Well wonder no more! Here I am, about to reveal all my secrets...some of which you've probably already known...some you of which you might have not have.

I'm not here to toot my own horn, just here to let you all in on my humble little life. I have been around and some things will always remain highlight to me, but other...well, let's just say they belong in the past.

Step inside...go won't bite...take a look at a few of the people I've hung out with, some of the jobs I've had over the years, and other things that most people do. I'm sure you'll enjoy a look into the life of the Creature! If not, what can I say, my life wasn't perfect.

from the early beginning through high school
coming soon:
the life and times after high school