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Are you wondering what the meaning of some words on my site are, or need a refresher course on some old ones? Well fear not, you've come to the right place! Not only will you find old words, you'll be introduced to some new ones that I'm sure will give you hours upon hours of fun the next time you talk to someone.

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Basketweave, Boxing Day, Canada Day, chesterfield, eavestrough, elastic band, glove box, GST, Hogtown, housecoat, how zit goan eh?, Joe Louis, Kay-Beck and more...
New words added:

Amanda: (1) a female name; (2) A functional programming language derived mostly from Miranda with some small changes. Amanda was written by Dick Bruin and implemented on MS-DOS and NeXT. It is available as an interpreter only; (3) a town in Ohio (village, FIPS 1630) Location: 39.65038 N, 82.74326 W Population (1990): 729 (284 housing units) Area: 0.6 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water) Zip code(s): 43102; If anyone knows of someone named Amanda, that lives in Amanda and writes Amanda, let me know!

Basketweave, The: Highway 401 across Toronto; You've got to be joking thinking I'm going to hit the basketweave during rush hour!

Boxing Day: the day after Christmas. So named because of the British tradition of giving gift boxes to people such as mail carriers, milkmen, etc., on December 26. In Canada, Boxing Day is the date for many huge annual sales; Boxing Day is my favourite day of the year to drop some cash

Canada Day: Canada's birthday. July 1, the anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in 1867. The day is marked by parties and fireworks; crack out the 'works Herb, we're gonna party like it's 1999...err, I mean until it's July 2nd!

Cecie: a female name; I do not flirt with that 50+ year old grandmother named Cecie

Chesterfield: a couch or a sofa; "Welcome to the Brick, can I interest you in a new chesterfield?"

Crappy: very bad; Some of my pages on this site look crappy

Creature: A living being, especially an animal; The creator of this site is a strange creature

Dork: a dull stupid fatuous person; Tom Green is a dork

Eh: Used in asking a question or in seeking repetition or confirmation of a statement; So, you think I'm hot, eh?

Eavestrough: a gutter, the sort that is attached to houses and funnels rain water down a pipes; aww man! do I have to go clean out the leaves from the eavestrough today? the game is coming up and it's a million degrees below outside!

Elastic Band: rubber band; D! stop shooting elastic bands at the girls or else I'll send you to the Principal's Office!

Fatuous: Feeble in mind; weak; silly; stupid; foolish; Tom Green is fatuous

Fourteen: (1) The cardinal number equal to 13 + 1; (2) The 14th in a set or sequence; (3) Something having 14 parts, units, or members; (4) Four and ten more; twice seven; Ah geez, four is fourteen minus ten (4=14-10)

Glove Box: same as the glove compartment in a vehicle; come on officer, I wasn't speeding! But since you insist, let me get my registration out of the glove box

GST: the wonderful Goods and Services Tax at 7% that goes on top of just about every purchase (in addition to the provincial sales taxes which varies throughout the country, though it's 8% here in Ontario). It's also called the "Grab and Steal Tax" or the "Gouge and Screw Tax." If you're visiting Canada and think you're getting a bargain with the currency exchange, think again when it costs you $12,000CAN to buy a pack of gum! GST...you SUCK!

Hogtown: nickname for Toronto; screw this Buffalo crap, I'm heading to Hogtown

Housecoat: robe, bathrobe; crap, we have company over now? Where's my housecoat?

How zit goan, eh?: (not exactly a single word, but it's staying here) the Canadian way of saying "how are you?"; Aay, Dougie, how zit goan, eh? (yes, even I say that phrase often)

Hydro: electricity supply. This term is used in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and elsewhere, but not throughout the entire country; why do you leave the computer on when you're not using it? Who do you think pays the hydro bill around here?

Ineffable: Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable; Susan from 'Survivor' is so awful looking, 'she's' ineffable

Joe Louis: snack cake treat similar to a Twinkie, made with chocolate cake and a white icing interior. Available in Ontario and Quebec; before I go to my next class, I'm just going to run across the street and grab a Joe Louis

Kay-Beck: the way you're supposed to pronounce Quebec in French; Aay Jean, ware did dat team, you no, dat awwkey team, de Kay-Beck Nordiques go? Eh?

Klick: kilometer, or kilometer per hour; you said I was going how many klicks officer?

Knapsack: backpack or bookbag; I put all my books in my knapsack, slung it over my shoulder and shuffled off to school this morning

Kook: A person regarded as strange, eccentric, or crazy; Denise

Kookie/Kooky: Characteristic of a kook; strange or crazy; Denise was a kooky girl

Lagoon: A shallow body of water, especially one separated from a sea by sandbars or coral reefs; Come play Survivor in my lagoon

Loonie: the Canadian one dollar coin; That guy should be put away,he thinks a loonie is actually worth something

Love: A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness; I love Mandy =)

Macaroni Salad: tasty dish made with macaroni, bell peppers, mayonnaise and carrots; My girl loves macaroni salad

Manda: a Dravidian language spoken in south central India; Manda is hard to understand at times (no, not that Manda!)

Messausaging: the act of sending online messages using multiple messaging services (not necessarily at the same time); pronounced "meh-sausage-ing"; It's 7 o'clock, time to start messausaging!

Parka: a coat or jacket with a hood and usually a warm lining for cold-weather wear; D, don't forget to put on your parka when you go to play outside because it's cold

Peg, The: nickname for Winnipeg; I sure hope the Grey Cup isn't being held in the Peg this year!

Pop: carbonated soft drink; Gimme the largest bottle of pop you can find...that's right, POP not SODA!

Poutine: Quebecois specialty. French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy; don't you ever bring me poutine if you know what's good for you!

Remembrance Day: November 11, known in the US as "Veterans' Day"; let's have a moment of silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and remember those who fought for your country

Robertson screws/screwdriver: screws (for metal or wood) with a square hole in the top rather than a straight or X-shaped one. Robertson screwdrivers come in different colors to indicate what size they are. Green and red are the most common. Robertson screws are just about impossible to strip, unlike Phillips-head ones, which become unusable about thirty seconds after you've tried with all your might to screw them into tough material. They'd be popular in the US, but Henry Ford wanted exclusive rights to them, and Robertson (the inventor, a Canadian) refused to sell; this is delicate work now...hammer...punch...a number 10-32 screw...red Robbie...perfect! Now you can be Bob Vila anytime with this little bit of information!

Rock, The: this island of Newfoundland; you don't expect me to go to the Rock for the winter, do you? I'll freeze my &*#$ off!

Rockets: small, chalky candies packaged in rolls wrapped in clear plastic; don't let our supply of Rockets dwindle to nothing or else I'll start to cry because they are my little bits of heaven :-)

Runners: sneakers, running shoes; I can't take part in PE today coach, I washed my runners yesterday and they're still wet

Serviette: French for "napkin" used throughout Canada, though not a regular thing; here's your Big Mac sir, would you like a serviette with that?

Shinny: a pick-up hockey game where people just show up and play. Played recreationally all over Canada, in ice skates, on inline skates, or in shoes; hey guys, wanna play some shinny this weekend?

Ski-doo: generic term for snowmobile. Also the brand name for snowmobiles made by a company named Bombardier (pronounced "bom-bar-dee-eh"); now son, I want you to go warm up the skidoo for me before I go to work every morning, ok?

Smoke Shop: a small variety store, usually on a corner in a residential neighbourhood of a city. Similar to the American "convenience store"; don't worry, I can get Fritos at the smoke shop whenever you want some!

Snowbird: a Canadian who flees to the southern United States (usually Florida) for some or all of the winter; only snowbirds can't handle the Canadian winters

Solicitude: care or concern, as for the well-being of another; Once you get to know Mandy, you'll instantly become solicitude towards her

Stubby: a short-necked, fat beer bottle once used by Canadian breweries, though they are very hard to find now; take my money, take anything you want Mr. Robber, but don't touch my stubby

Sweater: hockey uniform top, called a "jersey" in the US. Also refers to a warm top worn in winter to combat the cold weather; aww, Santa got me a sweater for Christmas, how nice!

Thanksgiving Day: celebrated on the second Monday of October, to reflect that Canada's harvest comes earlier than the American one. Very similar to the American Thanksgiving -- family get-togethers, big turkey dinner with potatoes, gravy, etc., but not as big a deal here, and there's no mention at all of Pilgrims; oooh, turkey all week long, now that's something to be thankful for :-)

Three-sixty-five: formerly known as a learner's permit for new drivers in Ontario. Also referred to the number of days that the permit is valid for; woohoo, my 16th birthday has arrived and I can finally get my 365!

Timbits: donut holes from Tim Horton's; yo mom, bring back some Timbits when you're coming home, k?

Toonie: the Canadian two dollar coin; You can't get anything with a toonie these days!

Toque: a small, brimless, close-fitting hat mostly worn in colder places to keep your head and ears warm; little D, don't forget to take your toque when you go to play hockey!

Trackpants: sweatpants; mooooommm, did you wash my trackpants yet?

Two-Four: a case of beer; Yo Bob, can you get me a two-four...like now...eh?

Victoria Day: Queen Victoria's birthday, May 24th. It's celebrated the Monday before Memorial Day. Beer is the official beverage of the Victoria Day weekend, because it's more or less the first weekend of the summer, when everyone goes to their cottages or cabins and opens them up for the first time since fall; yay! summer is almost here, thank you Queen Victoria :-)

Zed: the 26th letter in the alphabet; ...t-u-v-w-x-y-zed