Friday, July 30th, 1999: Oh stop your it's been a couple of weeks since the last entry, you think I WANT to do this?  Ok so yeah, I do want to do this but only because I have a little bit to add to the I was threatened by someone to update or else...ha!

So, how's things going people?  NOTE TO SELF: Who are you referring to by 'people'?  You're the only one who's going to read this so what's with the pleasantries?  You're insane you know that!  Or maybe not...hmmmm.

Anyways, on the eve of Caribana weekend here in the Big Smoke, should be lots of fun, sun and hot women!!  hehe.  Since you (Compy) don't know what Caribana is, I'll explain it to you.  It's a West Indian carnival celebration that includes a big parade of colourful costumes and floats, along with the island sounds of steel pans, calypso, chutney and soca music (how do I know so much?, well I've been exposed to tons of it).  The parade is on Saturday and I'm heading down there, as will three quarters of a million others from all over the world.  It should be a blast, hopefully the heat and humidity won't spoil the day.

So what went on the past 2 weeks?  Well I did a little shopping, spent too much money all at once, but hey, you can't have enough Furbies right?  Actually, gnomes are a hot commodity right now, get yourself one before it's too late!!

So is $230 for a pair of RayBan sunglasses too much?  And who says Adidas stuff is cheap?  So it cost me a little more than most other shirts, can they say they're that cool looking?  I think not!  And the spending just seems to flow like a broken damn...I want to stop but opportunities keep knocking at the door.  Now I have the chance to get an increase in my investments at not charge of paying for the new value but rather at the value I originally invested.  How could I pass this up?  The question is, can I afford to sink in more right now...hmmm...decisions decisions.  Ah well, at least I have until the end of next week to make up my mind.

Next up, being just slightly ticked off at almost getting killed at work when a piece of equipment practically blowing up and ejected pieces of foreign objects that blew through a steel guard cage and just missed me.  Ok, so sometimes people make mistakes and don't screw down things tight enough or leaving something disconnected, but to leave a piece of something that doesn't belong in the first place, inside of a fan belt driven motor is totally unacceptable.  I swear, if I was slightly over to the right of where I was standing, I would have been in some serious trouble.  Can you say, 911...

Just a random, out of the blue, thing that popped into my mind come the song by Boston, titled 'Amanda', is such a good song once again?  Hmmm...hehe.  And sitting in the sunshine (well actually under a pine tree in the shade), just daydreaming with a smile on my face in the middle of the day, and getting paid on top of it!...gotta love it!  Such wonderful thoughts too...

Ok ok, getting my mind back on track...heard this pretty funny (at the time it was) thing at work that someone asked this other guy, who, to his disadvantage, doesn't understand english 100%, so he was fooled by it.  But anyways, this guy was asked by the jokester, "if Jack was riding his horse for hours and hours through the desert and reached a town you were in, and he asked for your help, would you help Jack off his horse?"...our unfortunate victim in this case blurted out, "yah yah, I help Jack off his horse".  Hehe, ah geez, we couldn't stop laughing at that one...what a comedy club I work at!  Gotta love it!  So you may not find it so funny but hey, you had to be there to see it.

Other news worth mentioning, what's the deal with bank machines that just won't accept your card no matter how many times you stick it in and enter your id?  I got so upset at this one machine that I kicked it...hehe, so what if people turned at looked at me, haven't they seen bank machine rage before?  It's catching on you know...and no, I wasn't taking out money if you're interested, I was trying to actually make a deposit for a change!  But when the machine didn't accept my card, well I had no choice but to spend the money...hehe, just kidding.  I may be crazy, but not that crazy.  Instead I handed the envelope that contained the cheque I was depositing to this guy standing next to me to hold while I went looking for someone to help me...yeah right!!  I'm not that crazy! NOTE TO SELF:  Keep saying you're not crazy and eventually you'll really believe it's true!

So what else...oh, I gave my kidney to this guy that was begging on the street for something to warm his insides...I now wonder if that's what he meant?  Oh well, you win lose some.  Oh, one thing that made me shake my head...does Shawn Green really look hot?  I just don't see it...all I see is a skinny guy with big ears...hehe.  Ok, so he can hit a baseball and is a pretty darn good all-around player for the Blue Jays, but come  Oh please!  But hey, everyone has their own tastes and if he does something for them then who am I to say it's wrong.  And why do certain people, and you know who you are, like Ricky Martin or find him hot?  The guy is gay...what more do you need to know?  hehe.  He was overheard the other day in a bar asking this other guy, "hey buddy, would you like me to push in your stool for you?"  Ok enough of that...hehe.  That's just bad and disgusting!  I shall move on, and I really hope no one asks me to explain that one, it's rather self-explainatory, if you look real close.

Where is this new Britney Spears video???  What's the deal there?  What's the hold up?  I'm dying here...come on people, get with it!!  I want to be driven crazy...NOW!!!

I think my brain is in overload right now, thank goodness it's Friday and I don't have to work tomorrow!  I don't think I could take another day of that stuff.  And on that note, I'm am headed out the door for a to round off my 2 week hiatus, it's good to be back in the swing of thing...hope this lasts me for another 2 weeks!!  Ta-ta for now!