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There's just so much information about TO, it requires another page! The first page contained the basics about the city, but from here on in, you'll see all the unique things going on, some of which aren't necessarily tourist attractions, but are noteworthy in my mind.

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Guess Who? Moose
Guess Who? Moose

Help! We're being invaded by the moose colony throughout the city! Everywhere you go, a moose, there a moose, everywhere a moose. Ok, they aren't the real animals roaming all over, like those darn geese, but that's another story. These are sculptures of our fine furry friends placed in different locations.

The summer of 2000, herds of majestic moose have taken to the streets of Toronto in an extraordinary new outdoor art event. Moose in the City, presented by Labatt, has street corners, squares and boulevards turned into grazing land for colourful moose sculptures. More than 325 life-size fiberglass moose are the canvass for local Toronto artists whose whimsical creations are on display in prominent locations throughout the city.

At the end of the moose season, patrons will be invited to donate their unique creations to a moose auction, with the net proceeds going to the Canadian Olympic Team and local Toronto charities.

Toronto's moose began appearing on city streets in May. The full 325-plus herd will be grazing by July and will remain well into the fall. The event is part of the City of Toronto's yearlong Millennium Celebrations which started with a bang New Year's Eve with Toronto Millennium Lights, the largest ever fireworks spectacle in Canadian history.

Now, if only people would leave them alone and stop vandalizing some of them by sawing off their antlers. Just imagine how painful it is to lose your antlers!

Canadian "Natural" Anthem Moose
Hockey Sweater Moose
Anthem moose
Hockey moose
Dragon Moose
Dragon moose

It's not always practical getting around the city by car, so the next best thing is public transportation. That's where the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) comes in. So what's the big deal about the stupid, overpriced transit system? Well, for one, it's one way people find the easiest to get around in the downtown core, since parking practically costs you an arm and a leg and perhaps another body part.

Here are some shots of the subway system and the streetcars used on various roads, mostly in the downtown area.

subway2 subway3

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