Saturday, March 2nd, 2002: What is it with people that think they own the world? These kinds of people really annoy the hell out of me. Case in point, today I go to the mall after work to pick up a couple of things. I get everything and was on my way out when I came across a bunch of people, milling around the entrance inside taking warmth from the cold, either waiting for someone to pick them up or just to annoy the rest of us.
In particular, this one girl, looking like one of those stuck up prissy types, stood in front of the door, turned sideways, talking to her friend without a care in the world. She sees me coming out of the corner of her eye, yet doesn't move out of the way. It's not like there are a lot of doors for me to choose from, so it was quite obvious to her that she was blocking my way.
Not one instant did she attempt to clear the way for me, so I resorted to trying to squeeze by her. I ended up lightly bumping her in the back, to which she turns around and says to me "God, some people!"
I turned back to her and said right to her face, "if you had moved your ass out of the way, I wouldn't have touched you", all the while giving her a pissed off look. I then walked out and into my car.
While in there, I thought to myself that I should have given her a few options. (a) use the door and leave the mall, (b) step outside and hold the door open for me to leave, (c) step out of the way and let me pass, or (d) stand in my way and allow me to put my foot up your ass and wish you a good day upon pulling it back out. Seemed she chose (d) on this day.

In the past, I think I was more accomodating to others and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but maturing (I think I have since high school), I've realized that there are those that just don't get it and won't until you give them a clue. So I've been doing more of that the past few years now.
I wonder if I've become more cynical over the years...what do you think?