Tuesday, March 5th, 2002: Can you feel the joy? After seeing the Canadian women's hockey team win gold, it was only natural I wanted a sweep of gold medals in hockey at these winter olympics. And what better way to go out in style than beating the hometown USA, right in their own backyard!

I was sick and tired of hearing all this Miracle on Ice crap all over again and how the USA had played way better than most of the other teams before getting to the finals. It would only be fitting to have the Canadian team whoop their asses on national tv in the jewel event of the entire olympics.

I could recount every detail of the game, but I've let so much time pass since the Olympics have ended, it's almost impossible for me to remember all the details.

I could put in the videotape and rewatch the game, yes, that's right, I taped the game. But that would take too much time and time isn't on my side right this minute.

All I need to say is 5-2 Canada...Gold Medal...first time in 50 years...gotta love it!!

I'll just include a few snapshots of the game below. Feel free to celebrate for us once again, no matter where you're from in this world.