Ok, if this page looks different to you, it's because it is. The old version became too clumsy to keep adding to, so here I am, with a new version of the update page. I figured, new year (this being Jan 1, 2001), I'd change the style of this page. If you're interested in seeing what had been updated, and when, before Jan 1, 2001, visit the following link to the old page.

I try to update as often as possible, so check in often...you may be surprised!

Main Updates Page

October 12, 2002 -- I finally got around to updating the song samples section. Well, I've only managed to put one new song for you to listen to. To get to it, read the scrolling info box on the main page and click on the link that says "click here for more..." Then pick the song you want to hear and sit back

October 2, 2002 -- Three days in a row and counting...don't hold your breath for a 4th though =(
This update was made to, you guessed it, the Diary Section. Happy reading!

October 1, 2002 -- I'm on a roll, better enjoy it while it lasts! Updates to the Diary Section were made once again

September 30, 2002 -- It's diary time! Yes folks, I updated the diary once again! New songs to sample are coming soon

September 25, 2002 -- I'm dead tired, but I had enough strength to make another update to my diary...go read it!

September 24, 2002 -- It took a little time, but I finally got around to updating my diary again. I made two new entries, both based on films I watched over the past couple of weekends

September 11, 2002 -- A new Diary update was made, one that words can't describe, thus it's a small picture tribute entry by me

September 9, 2002 -- I've been tardy in putting up an update I had created back on the 4th. I finally got around to adding it to my site today. It's a new entry in my Diary.
I also added two new songs for you to listen too. The link to it is found on the main page inside the scrolling message box under Odds and Ends. Just click on the "Click here for more..." link.
I got creative and made another entry in my Diary, so go read it!

September 2, 2002 -- Yet another Diary update...holy mackana!

September 1, 2002 -- An update!! Yes, a brand new update was made in the Diary Section. That section was also changed up with new intro pages

July 23, 2002 -- I decided to add a new page to my Personal Pictures section. This page contains the sketches done by a friend of mine, Kim

July 17, 2002 -- Long time between updates, huh? Well there was good reason for it. I've had many ideas and I've tried to work on them...problem is, I was trying to do them all at once! There are so many things I have to add, but one thing at a time.
This update consists of changing the way I share my thoughts on new songs to check out. Not only are they listed, but there's now a link in the main scrolling information box on the main page that will take you a page in which you can now listen to my selection of new songs, as well as follow along with the lyrics.
If you have suggestions for new songs I should put, leave me a message! So, for now, hope you enjoy my selections of this week

July 1, 2002 -- Guess who's back...back again...Kreature's back...tell a friend...guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...that's right, I'm back...well sorta. With it being Canada Day and all, I decided to make my return with a bang. I updated the Diary Section, mostly just to tie up loose ends with it

March 25, 2002 -- It's been a long time, but the good news about the delay is that I've finally been able to catch up on my diary entries. I also redesigned the Diary Section to the way I originally imagined it to be. It makes things a little easier to navigate, or at least I think so.
More to come though, maybe later today...
And yes, another entry in the diary, one for today that is

February 20, 2002 -- A bitter diary entry relating to the Canadian performance at the 2002 Winter Olympics

January 28, 2002 -- Recounting my latest weekend escapades in my diary

January 20, 2002 -- My first update for the new year. And wouldn't you know it, it's a diary entry!
Something old, left over from last year, called "The Lost Entry- 2001", as well as new things. Check it out

December 16, 2001 -- I made another entry in my diary, bringing the number of pages to 13 now. It's yet another festive entry

December 12, 2001 -- I added another page to the Diary section. It contains my thoughts on the upcoming Christmas season. I also fixed up a mistyped statement on one of the Dislike pages in the Wasteland section

November 29 & 30, 2001 -- I had so much to say, it took me 2 days to do so! Well, sorta...new entries in my diary were made on both these days. I wasn't quite finished the first day because I'm currently battling a cold, so it took me longer than usual to get it completed

November 21, 2001 -- Another page was added to the Abstract section. Go check it out!

November 18, 2001 -- I altered the Internet Links page by dropping a couple of dead links

October 28, 2001 -- I added a new page to the WasteLand section relating to those we dislike

October 23, 2001 -- Lots of updates today. First off, I added a few more songs to the singles page in the Music Section. Secondly, I expanded the WasteLand Section by adding a couple of new pages, one being a menu page and the other a new page of content. A third page is close to being complete, but that won't be up just yet.

October 21, 2001 -- I created a subsection to my Abstract page. It's all about...well, you'll just have to go check it out to find out!

October 15, 2001 -- another Diary entry...rants and raves...mostly rants this time around though

October 11, 2001 -- random stuff in my Diary section yet again

October 9, 2001 -- I created a brand new section to my site. It's for personal pictures. It can be found under the very original title of Personal Pictures in the navigation menu, or can be accessed by clicking here.
Today is also a special day for a wonderful woman in Atascadero...Happy Birthday Kathi =)

October 8, 2001 -- Page number 9 is up and running in the Diary section. Read my latest entry made on this day, which happens to be Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!

October 6, 2001 -- Yet another new diary entry, only this time it's back to the regular things here in the land of Nanook

September 26, 2001 -- The second half of my trip to California is now up...check the Diary section for the link to the page

September 25, 2001 -- I finally put up the events of the first half of my trip to California! Hooray! Check it out in my new diary page

September 19, 2001 -- I have lots to update, especially in my diary, but it'll take a few days, so be patient with me. Hopefully you'll enjoy my adventures! Until then, hope everyone is safe and sound. God Bless America and those in New York. We up here in Canada all wish everyone the best and we're thinking about you

July 16, 2001 -- first update in a long time! What I did today was add another section to the software page about hacking

July 5, 2001 -- Some of you may have noticed that my site was recently removed completely. That was due to some personal problems I encountered that caused great pain to a number of people. Recently, I was asked to put it back up. Luckily for me, this all happened just after I upgraded my computer and I was able to recover my files from the old computer. So anyways, here it is, all back the way it once was, minus a couple of things edited

May 22, 2001 -- it hasn't been that long between updates...right? only 5 1/2 weeks, not too bad if I do say so myself! Though I couldn't go much longer with all those threats to update by some people. Life is a precious thing...I wanted to keep mine, hence the updates. Anyways, the news you should all hear is that the Y&R plotline updates took too much out of me to keep going on a daily basis, especially with the amount I wrote and the fact no one even cared to read them once they were up! Thus, I've decided to terminate that part of updating. I know, but the pain of this bit of news will dull in time. In other news, I decided to expand my Weird section, along with updating the Singles page in the Music section. I'm starting small, just for now. Maybe more will be added before the next 5 weeks pass us by!

April 11, 2001 -- added the latest Y&R plotline updates

April 9, 2001 -- Y&R plotline updates were made today to make it up-to-date

April 8, 2001 -- I changed the look of the main page completely

April 4, 2001 -- Y&R plotlines updated

April 3, 2001 -- A Y&R plotlines update is what you'll find new today

April 2, 2001 -- After a weekend off from updating, I put up the last 2 Y&R plotline updates from last week

March 28, 2001 -- Once again, a Y&R plotline update is all I've put up today

March 27, 2001 -- I updated the Y&R plotlines today, that's all I felt like doing. I'll change the main page graphics soon, but right now it's still valid because it was snowing today, ugh!

March 26, 2001 -- Yes, I know, long time between updates. Ran into a little problem when viewing my tape. One of the Y&R shows was somehow not on there so I'm missing a show from somewhere during the week. Oh well, it's not that bad as one show doesn't impact the way it would if it was a weekly show and missing one of those. So I put all those plotlines up, along with the one from today. I'm updated out so don't expect anything else today

March 19, 2001 -- I know, a long delay between updates but hey, I updated today. What did I update? Well, I put up the last two Y&R recaps from last week. Due to stupid American college basketball, the show wasn't available for two days, so don't blame me for anything. I also put up today's plotline updates

March 14, 2001 -- Another day...another diary entry. 3 days in a row...what's wrong with me?

March 13, 2001 -- New diary update today to reflect my experience at the dentist. Y&R updates will be put up soon

March 12, 2001 -- Since it's been a slow day, I thought I'd put up the Y&R plotlines update from March 9 and today, as well as expanding my diary and adding another entry for your reading pleasures

March 8, 2001 -- I added a new entry to my diary as well as updated the Y&R plotlines

March 7, 2001 -- Y&R plotline updates are up

March 6, 2001 -- Part 2...I added today's Y&R plotline update as well as put up a page that contains various awards my site has won lately, along with introducing my own award for those interested in trying to win it. The awards stuff can be found through a new link on the main page under "Awards/Win My Award"

March 6, 2001 -- Part 1...I'm falling behind a little but I got the Y&R plotlines from the 5th up today

March 5, 2001 -- I finally put up the Y&R plotline from March 2nd

March 1, 2001 -- Y&R plotline updates

February 28, 2001 -- Y&R plotline updates are up

February 27, 2001 -- Y&R plotline updates folks, that's all

February 26, 2001 -- Part 2...added today's Y&R plotline update

February 26, 2001 -- Part 1...a few days late but I finally put up the Y&R update from the 23rd today

February 22, 2001 -- Y&R updates are the only new things added today

February 21, 2001 -- guess what? I actually updated more than just the plotlines for the Y&R! I added a few new items to the Music Page: Singles Section and a brand spanking new entry to my diary. Also, I did a little tinkering with the main page

February 20, 2001 -- I updated the Y&R plotlines

February 19, 2001 -- I updated the Y&R plotlines

February 16, 2001 -- I'm so lazy right now, all I could update was the plotlines for the Y&R. I'll try to update some other things soon

February 15, 2001 -- I updated the Y&R plotlines in this round of updates

February 14, 2001 -- Aww, it's Valentine's Day. Let me wish Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there, especially to that special someone close to me, Mandy =) ...as for updates, I updated the plotlines for the Y&R today

February 13, 2001 -- Part 2...updated the Y&R plotlines

February 13, 2001 -- Part 1...I added a new feature to my Internet Links page which allows you to add new links to the page. All you have to do is click a button and enter the site URL. It couldn't be anymore easier than that

February 12, 2001 -- Part 2...I updated today's Y&R and included a counter on my main page. I had one long ago but removed it about 2 years ago after it had something like 1350 hits registered on it for 8 months, but I had started keeping track once again, from November of 2000 up to this date. Currently I have have a total of 772 hits. So, roughly working with the data I have, I'd probably have somewhere around 6847. Not much, but oh well, it still means people are dropping by now and then

February 12, 2001 -- Part 1...I had some extra stuff to do lately and the Y&R updates had to be delayed. But the wait is over. I put the last couple of days, the 8th and 9th, up today. The show for today will be added once I get through it, which should be later on today

February 7, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

February 6, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

February 5, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines and added a brand spanking new entry in my diary. I also changed the look of the latest diary page as I've expanded to a 4th page now

February 2, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

February 1, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 31, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 30, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 29, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 26, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 25, 2001 -- once again, I updated the Y&R plotlines. I had to add a few more words here as it looked like a bad trend having only put 4 words for what had been updated for the past 7 entries

January 24, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 23, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 22, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 19, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 18, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 17, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 16, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 15, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines and created a new main page for the plotlines section

January 12, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 11, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 10, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 9, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines and touched up the Main page slightly

January 8, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 5, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 4, 2001 -- updated the Y&R plotlines

January 3, 2001 -- added a new page to the Y&R section that contains beefs I have about the show. I also updated the plotlines for the Y&R

January 2, 2001 -- updated the plotlines for the Y&R

January 1, 2001 -- added a new section on the Young and the Restless and changed the look of this section

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