Wednesday, March 14th, 2001: I'm going to stray a little from my norm of just diving right into my entry. Tonight, I'm going to give this entry a title (considering my newly revamped diary format, the title idea isn't a foreign concept anymore, though it was a new idea way back when this was originally written).

Nitrous Oxide: Man's Best Friend

Oh yes, did I ever get some of that today...woohoo! And of course, I was flying so high...mama mia.

The procedure went well because there wasn't any pain but that wasn't due to the nitrous oxide. It was just to refill a spot that had lost a filling. The dentist told me there wasn't any need for the gas but since he had to clean the area a little with the drill, he thought why not just incase it did touch a sensitive spot, which it didn't.

So he put the thing over my nose and things seemed ok. A couple of minutes later, oh man...I was in heaven! Before he did that, we were talking about the Leafs and going to games and stuff, but once the gas kicked in, he continued talking about that but to me it was just mumbling as I totally lost attention to his chatter and just enjoyed the gas =)

He finished up and gave me the bad news. He said, "I'm just putting the laser on the filling now to harden it but I have to shut off the gas now. Sorry buddy". I thought to myself "aww crap, do you have to?"

Ah well, I guess all good things come to an end when you least want them to.

I made it home though the buzz left 2-3 minutes after he shut off the gas, so the drive home wasn't any concern to me.

My quest now is to find my own little supply of nitrous oxide! I'm so tempted to damage more teeth on purpose, just to go for the gas!

Yeah yeah, I'm me!!

Odds & Ends: the stuff I left to people in my previous entry should I not make it through the procedure...forget it! No stuff for you! I'm keeping everything, especially my satellite launcher. There seemed to be too much interest in that little gadget so I'm thinking about putting it up on eBay to see what people would offer for it. The initial list price, set by me, is $25,000 but if someone offers me a really really good, mad cow disease-free, hamburger, I'm willing to negotiate a one for one swap! (Sorry mom)