People...have you always had the urge to try to hack into someone's Hotmail account? I can't begin to count how many times I've seen that one come up! There are programs out there that claim they're able to do this.

How do they work? Well, they simply ask you for the person's account name and it then begins to attempt to login using a bunch of words it has in it's database for the password.

Does it work? In one word...NO!

These words are never words people would choose as their password...that is, if they're original when choosing a password.

Another way most commonly suggested is this...

What you have to do is send an email to the following address...

In the subject of your email, you enter "Forgotten Password"

In the body of your email, you enter the following...

Password Retrieval@xxhotmail.admin990150"******""******"getuserpass!

In the first set of *'s, you replace it with the name of the account you want the password of and in the second set of *'s, you replace it with your current password.

This is to trick the hotmail automated service into thinking you want to replace your current password with the one of the person you want to find out and the other person would never know any of this is happening because the request comes back to the account you're sending the email from.

Does it work? I'm not saying a word because hacking is illegal, no matter where you live!