California pictures continued...

The trip was made from September 4th to the 17th, 2001.

Below is a shot of the famous Morro Rock, located in Morro Bay. Morro Bay is quite a peaceful place with many large out of my price range I'm afraid.
It was a fairly nice day, minus the slight haze. But that was minor since it was a fun day of sightseeing and shopping
Here's a shot of the beach and the rugged terrain in Morro Bay.
The sun wasn't out and it wasn't the warmest of days, but nothing could describe the feeling of standing on the sand and looking out at the Pacific Ocean.
On a side note, this was a day of excitement, to some degree. We got to witness Animal Control & Rescue capture a seal on the rocks for medical treatment.
I would have offered to help carry the cage up the rocks from the shore, but they already had enough volunteers. Oh well!
These are 2 of the souvenirs I got on my trip...the tree was from Morro Bay, while the jar of sand and shells was bought when I was in, as you can tell, Monterey.
These two shots weren't taken with my Cannon. They were taken using a little device from Intel
Yet another shot of the hillside. Couldn't resist this shot as there was so much greenery, along with big houses up in the hills.
This was taken along the 101 between Atascadero and Monterey
Can you guess where this is? Yes, that's right...I was in Hollywood!
This is a shot of the world-famous Hollywood sign. It wasn't the clearest of days, but it's still a treasured shot.
I was hoping to see the 90210 gang while passing through Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades, but it wasn't meant to be...'sigh'.
As a request, can someone buy me a house in Beverly Hills? They are soooo big and so beautiful, but a little pricey for me. I'm just a hair short of the $1.4 million average price tag for a "small" house there