Monday, February 5th, 2001: Well well well, my first entry for the new year! This is so special I think I'm going to celebrate it the only way I know how, with music! So let's see, what shall I play...hmmm, oh I know, I'll put on some Dream and have a throw down...a showdown...and let my backbone slide!

So anyways, a lot has happened since the end of the new year. I've had this little annoying mole removed permanently, though it was sad to have the cops haul Billy Bob away, but oh well, that mole had to go! Another big event was trudging through the tundra, through all those whiteouts and blizzards in search of the magnetic north pole. Too bad I didn't make it further than my backyard before I felt too cold and headed back inside. What a wuss I am, aren't I? But at least I didn't get sunburned on my face like a certain someone :<)

I also had to put up with a thunderstorm last night, though I didn't actually hear any thunder, nor see any lightning. I took the word of my brother and his friend when they said they saw this gigantic flash of lightning that knocked out power in surrounding blocks. Personally, I think it's the Russians testing another A-bomb, but oh well, not everything can be documented. They'll just say "Nyet, no bomba go boom. It ah alien flying plate tingy dat comb for de baad Kanadians in retaliation for de 1972 Kanada/Russia 'ockey tore-na-mient in witch we lose. Phooey to you Kanada!"

Umm, yeah, whatever dude!

Oh, before I continue too much, I have to say that I was "pressured" to make a new entry from a certain person down south, whom we shall call Cat-lady. She's got a herd of cats roaming her Ponderosa and also has a variety of barnyard animals that love to graze in the "backyard." A quick not to you Catty (ooh, that's quite creative and close to a certain name, eh?), if you want to get rid of those oak trees, call Paul Bunion and blame the golfing fool next door! I'm seeing another Red Light Roundup headline for him in his future (thanks to Cleo the psychic woman that annoys me on TV).

Today's events, before I forget about them, deals with three VERY unknown girls walking past me out on the street. Here I am, minding my own business, moving my feet in order to get me from location A to location B when I walk past these girls. The first girl, we'll call her Laquisha, is all giggles, though I don't pay much attention. Her friend next to her, we'll call her Rudina, looked like just another girl you'd pass by, no emotion, no smile, just a regular girl. So as I get within 5 feet of them, Slut A blurts out, in my direction "my friend thinks you're hot!" in this obnoxious way. I was like "OK?" but when she started giggling like a dork, I said "well thanks, now I can finally get some good sleep at night knowing that bit of information." Was that bad? Who cares. I just kept on walking and didn't look back. They weren't girls I'd be interested in for two reasons. Reason one...I'm already involved with someone. Reason two...I'm not into skank.

Moving right along...I've just decided that this background sucks. Well, the background that was used in the first 3 pages of this section, so I'm going to change it (doesn't apply now since I've completely removed all backgrounds I used in the past). It means some work as I have to make a new title, but oh well, not like I have much else to do right now, other than updating another section of the site. Ah, there we go, I've settled on the right text colour and things, but no background yet. Any suggestions? Something dark is what I'm looking for. (Aren't you fascinated in seeing how my mind works when creating a page? Yeah, this is what I have to live with my whole life. Consider yourself lucky!)

Next order of business..I'm so sick of 7th Heaven. How sick you ask? Sick enough to want Satan to visit Glenoak and possess one of the Camden kids, preferably Lucy. It'd be so cool to see Lucy spitting green pea soup and swearing at the rest of the family. Now that would be a ratings grabber. WB...are you listening?

Favours...why do people ask for a favour but don't bother to follow up with it? I've had people ask me to do a favour for them which involves heading over to their place, but then don't bother to call and tell me they're not needing the favour afterall. And they have the nerve to wonder why I don't bother answering their phone calls a few days later? According to Moses, two of the Commandments that were dropped from the Top 10 were as follows:

Thou shalt be allowed to ask for favours from thy neighbour, but thou shalt do one of the following...(a) follow through with thou favour or (b) let thy neighbour know thine favour is no longer requested

Thou shalt suffer the consequences of not letting thy neighbour know thus favour is not longer requested

If you can't follow these basic little rules, then all I have to say is screw you!

I'm sure if I had decided to go somewhere the same day this other person asked me to do them a favour and they actually come looking for me, they'd get pissed off and give me the second degree. I'm too nice to wale on their dense head. If I had a dime for everytime someone backed out of a requested favour, I'd be Richard Hatch, minus the gay side and minus the tendency to walk around naked, flashing my 2 tonnes of lard, but that's beside the point.

So boys and girls, papa's got a brand new bag! That's about the extent of my last couple of months, or at least all I could remember of it right now. If I remember some more useless stuff, I'll paint you a picture of it on here. If it turns out looking like a first grader's finger painting, just remember, I never said I was Picasso!

So raise your glass with me in a maladie folle de vache EST mauvaise!

(For those of you that don't know French, learn it!! But for now, I'll translate that bit for you. It says..."mad cow disease is bad")