Wednesday, September 1st, 1999: Ok, I am now making a new entry after only one it a crime to take some time off from dear ol' diary?  Well?  Is it??  I know I should write more (yeah right), but there were some more important things to do than type something here, like goofing around and not getting sleep for the entire month!  What could be more fun right?

One reason I'm "finally" making a new entry is the fact that I was threatened to do so or else... by someone who shall remain nameless (the same person I just got through completely trashing in the game 'GO'...hahaha!).  Oh what joy it is to see someone take advantage of you early in a game you have no idea how to play and they won't tell you what to do, then you come back and give 'em an ol' fashion whooping!  hehe.  Ah yes, something like 65-23, and the game was incomplete!!  Imagine how it would have been if the game was played to it's end!
Why am I going on about this?  Well good question...since I was told not to write about a certain 5 member guy band in exchange for something else, I'm going to hold up my end of the bargin.  Thus, my ranting and raving about other things.

Now we shall begin...

A month is a long time huh?  I can't even remember what I did 2 days ago, let alone what I did 4 weeks ago!  I'm not even going to try to figure out what went on, I'll just go with the flow.

One thing that happened that was rather pleasant was I happened to see Melissa once again... oh my!  Kinda reminds me of why I went to that store so often in the beginning.

What else, finally did get to see the new Britney video!  All I have to say is she looked ok.  The wait was agonizing enough but the final product is something I could live with.  And I am not a pervert, according to a certain person's father!

Try chocolate soy milk, mighty fine stuff!!  Strawberry is next on my list.

What happened to the Blue Jays?  They're sinking faster than the Titanic did.  And what's the deal with bringing back Pat Borders?  Ok so he hit a homerun today, big deal...the guy sucked when we let him go, so the odds on him still sucking now are 10-9 (and to support that fact, he spent this season in the minors...)

Tomorrow is song and cupcake day...what was I thinking when I made that deal?  Sure I'm fine with doing it but geez, I need to have my head examined.  I just hope the song I get in return is something worth the fall out.

Don't mind the random thoughts here, I have no idea how to tie them all together so they're staying as is.  I'm just trying to get it all done before midnight so I can get my part of the bargin.

Hockey season is just around the corner, rookie camp is going on and the main camp opens in 3 days...where has the summer gone??  I think I need someplace that has summer all year round.  Or maybe not, I'm one of the few people that don't mind winter...minus the blizzards

Who's that woman in the new Ricky Martin video?  (the video would be She's All I Ever Need...or Have?  Ah, makes no difference, she's still one fine looking woman)

If anyone knows, just email me cuz inquiring minds want to know!

Ok, I can't think straight sleep kinda does that to a person, so I'll sign off now and not promise to make another entry before October cuz who knows if it'll happen.  It may, then again, it may not...only time will tell.  So for now, this is Ted Koppel saying ' Nightline'...oh wait, he says that when the show begins right?  Or does that show not exist anymore?  Who is Ted Koppel anyways?  Where am I?

GOODNIGHT!!!!  PEACE OUT!!!!  HANG TEN!!!!  This is sure one Summertime in the Void!!!!