Monday, January 28th, 2002: Another weekend has passed...yup, it sure did pass, didn't it? Mine was uneventful this time around, well in terms of activities of note...away from the house.
So let's recount it, shall we?
OK, Friday was a total write-off because I was dead tired and did nothing but go straight to bed after I got home in the afternoon. I felt so tired that a nap sounded like a Canada Day know, worthy of fireworks and celebrating. So yeah, I slept for a couple of hours, woke up and revived myself with a shower. It helped, but I didn't stay up too late because of that dreaded early Saturday morning wakeup time.
Saturday rolled around and there I was, listening to No Doubt singing in my ear. I almost said "not now Gwen, I'm still tired", but I realized it was the alarm going off. Ugh, the morning sure reached fast!
Out I went, working away like a slave building a ship for the Canadian Navy...hahaha, Canadian Navy! Now there's an oxymoron! Anyways, managed to get through my day, bought a couple of things on my way home, walked in the front door and proceeded straight for my room and my warm bed.
Got undressed, looked at my bed and said "come to papa!"
I slept for a good 2 1/2 hours...well, the first half hour was that usual "fall asleep can do've been tired all day and dreamt of this's finally arrived...close your eyes...say goodnight...da de da da, de DA DA". Sleep came and the world was right once again.
Had dinner later on that evening and settled in for what I hoped was a good hockey game. Turns out it was a dud and my team looked like it was being burned at the stake. My god, I could hear Harold Ballard laughing in his grave right now. You bastard!
So trying to pick up the pieces of yet another wasted evening, I tuned into my favourite renovation show, Trading Spaces. Was disappointed my Amy Wynn wasn't on this episode, but oh well. Went to bed right after it and slept some more...a good 11 hours more! Yea, it's kinda sad, but I look at it this way...someone's gotta do it, why not have it be me!?

Sunday...bloody, not U2, just a quiet one for me. The weather was beautiful. An abnormal +11ºC (51.8ºF for all you nonconformists of the Centigrade system). That's a 14 degree Centigrade difference from our normal temperature for this time of year. People were out, walking their dogs, strolling along the boardwalk, flying kites, eating peanuts like there was no get the idea, lots of outdoorsy stuff (as a side note, we had the same type of day today...abnormally warm at +11ºF again).
I passed on that, only because I didn't have anywhere in particular to go, nor did I really have anyone to go with. Hanging out and doing nothing is fun with someone beside you...hanging out and doing nothing by yourself is like sitting at a street corner, trying to sell homemade hotdogs.
I chose to stay home, flop on my bed, in front of my window, basking in the warm sunshine, reading my just-recently-bought book. I heard lots of good things about it from many people, so I said why not. I cracked it open...oh, it's called Me Talk Pretty One Day by David I began reading...and reading...and reading. If anyone really knew me, reading hasn't been my thing for a long time, especially when you can't read! Funny how this site can get built when I don't know how to read, eh? Ever thought about that? I guess it's just been major luck for me when it comes to building. I would hit the keyboard and remarkably, the letters seem to form words...real words! I wonder if my luck will run out one day and everything will stop making sense. Hmmm, maybe my luck ran out a long time ago because it seems like very little makes sense to me as it is. Ok, I'm getting sidetracked now.
So the book was good. I didn't really want to put it down, but I was forced to by things like eating, the bathroom...even a shower!
All in all, I read 3/4 of it in a few hours. I'm not a speed demon when it comes to books, but it didn't feel like a chore reading this one. I'll finish it off sometime today. Just give me an hour and it'll be done. I'm already looking ahead to the next book I'll read, which, given the fact I liked this one, will be another one by this author.

Monday came around, which I expected from looking at the calendar...still not welcomed, but what can you do, right?
It was just another day, though the highlight, so far, was getting to listen in on a conversation between an old Italian man and what seemed to be his grandson. The kid looked to be around 10 or 11 years old. The conversation reminded me of the book I spent Sunday with...very funny in an innocent way.
Let me see, it went something like this...(setting: TTC train from the Yonge/Bloor station heading west)
Grandfather: so son, what you do this weekend?
Grandson: nothing Papa, watch football yesterday
GF: football? who play?
GS: the Rams and the Eagles
GF: who win?
GS: the Rams, but they stunk in the beginning
GF: stunk? tell me, this Ramas, he stunk?
GS: no Papa, it's Rams, not Ramas
GF: oh, this Rams boy, he not take shower?
GS: what?
GF: this Ramas, he not take shower before game?
GS: no Papa, the Rams is a team. They have showers in the dressing room
GF: so why this Ramas couldn't take one before game?
GS: Papa, what are you talking about?
GF: you say this Ramas smell bad...he could buy cologne for smell too
GS: no Papa, they stunk...means they didn't play good
GF: ohh, so Ramas play bad but play good?
GS: yeah, they won the game
GF: oh, that's good...good for Ramas
GS: yeah
GF: so you do things after Ramas win?
GS: no Papa, it was late and mom wouldn't let me go to Salas' (sounded like he said Salas, though I didn't quite understand it)
GF: oh, is good you don't go out late...always listen to your mama, she know right ting

The conversation ended there, at least for me to hear, as they both got off at the Jane stop.
Ah yes, it got me learn quite a bit from just listening to your surroundings. Half the time it's not so bad and the other 75% of the time it's crazy!

Updated to say I finished off that book 5 minutes ago...Gimme a few hours over the course of 2 days and I'll finish any book of around 300 pages!