Tuesday, December 19th, 2000: Just a quick entry today. I had to respond to a comment made by a friend, Nicole, about Carlos Santana. First off, I didn't mean to make it sound like he isn't a fine musician or anything. In fact, I love the way he plays guitar because he has such a smooth (no pun intended) way of playing that everything seems to flow without much effort. If he didn't get the credit he deserved early in his career, I'm glad he's getting it this time around. All I was trying to say is that some people have complained about him winning awards for an album that was loaded with superstars and therefore shouldn't qualify for the major award catagories.

I've heard people say that if he's allowed to qualify for things like that, then why aren't other cd's, such as compilations and best of the year types or the kinds mixed by DJs, allowed to qualify. They all have someone that plays something throughout each song over the length of the cd, even if it's to blend the songs together, or in the case of DJ mixes, their own music intertwined with mainstream songs. Yet none of them qualify for Album of the Year or Song of the Year or anything like that.

It's a shame all of that negativity has come up surrounding his cd, but I'm sure he was prepared for comments like that well before he released it.

As for his older stuff, I'll give them a listen, though I have heard some before and I do enjoy some of it.