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Alrighty now, looking for free software huh?  Well I don't know if "illegal" copies of software will be promoted on here but you never know!  There are however, a few things you should probably have, if you don't already.  I'll just make it easy for you to find things by providing quick access to them, although you might have to hunt through their sites for the actual software since I can't directly link to them myself.  I could but for some reason they like to change it around so linking directly would only result in an error.  Note:  all images are linked.
So here we go, enjoy...

If you're looking for some Microsoft upgrades (I'm not a fan of Microsoft anymore but have no choice since my computer would be rendered useless since my operating system is a Microsoft product and some other stuff, but not my browser), then this is the place to check out. 
Internet Explorer
It's Microsoft's Homesite (also includes Microsoft's Product Upgrades).  Here you'll find the latest version of Explorer and enhancements for your PC.
But, if you're looking for a better browser, then check out Netscape .  I find it better to use, but that's just my personal preference.  Here you'll find updates as well, including plugins for your browser...can't have too many
plugins now can you!  Sure they slow down page loading time but I think it's worth it, most of the time.
Opera Or, if you don't one of the big name products, try Opera,  it's a nice little browser that works just as well with less bells and whistles and it takes up much less space on your hard drive if that's a concern for you.
If you like to play around with pictures, you can do so with Paint Shop Pro.  It's also a multi-format image viewer incase you feel like using something other than the standard stuff that comes with Windows.
Or, if you've got the mother of all graphics programs, Photoshop, then check out their site for interesting plugins and upgrades.  I don't think creating graphics and altering images could be any more fun than using this program.  But one thing, don't put red circles with a cross through pictures of cute girls using this program ok!!

Download stuff that are zipped?  The best, and easiest, way to unzip these types of files is by using WinZip.  It's quick and easy, all you have to do is just tell it where you want the files extracted to and the program does the rest.  Easy as 1-2-3!

Feeling bored with nothing to do while online?  Well why not chat it up with friends or meet new people online through a little program by Mirabilis called ICQ.  You will now able to communicate with them without having to go through the trouble of logging into a chat room and searching around for them.  Best part is that it's totally FREE!!


If you do a lot of downloading or sharing of files with friends, then aren't you glad you have a virus scanner on your computer!  If you don't have one, then what are you waiting for?  For your computer to have a serious crash on you?  One very good product available is by  called Norton AntiVirus.  Another popular choice is McAfee's Virus Scanner .  Why not make your next downloaded software a good virus scanner (you are required to unzip this file to install).

Have you tried the game Quake yet?  If not, then why not try out the Shareware version available for download.  It's one of the best first person battle games ever made.  If you have tried it, the what about the sequel? Quake II  Give this shareware version a try, if you dare!
Another piece of software I think deserves to be on your PC is WinAmp.  If you've never listened to an MP3 then you don't know what you're missing, especially if all you're use to is RealAudio or WAV files.
Real Audio
Speaking of RealAudio, sometimes you have no choice but to listen to samples of songs in that format so, why not have the software for those occassions?
The Sims

This game is unlike any of the other Sim games made. Once I started playing it, I couldn't stop. I got so involved in guiding my little family, I've now become attached to them. Some have their fun by trying to kill their families, but I'm the opposite, I want my family to succeed and remain as happy and in love as they are right now. Aren't I sappy? Try the game, you'll have hours and hours of fun.